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Why adventurous play?

Tantra PathCreative PlayWoowoo & ScienceWhy Adventurous play? A good question. Given the fact we are sentient beings of intelligence, depth of emotions, with a range of physical sensations and a spectrum of energy experiences. We seek to be fulfilled and engaged fully...

Adventurous Play

Tantra PathCreative PlayWoowoo & ScienceIndulge, devour and savour the diverse flavours of creative adventurous erotic play! Adventurous Play or Not to Play? That is the intrepid question that evokes feelings of anxiety, fear, anticipation and longing. For some it’s a...

Carpe Diem Sex

Tantra PathCreative PlayWoowoo & ScienceOn my own, I find inspiration with a carpe diem approach to sex. The elements of presence, awareness and intimacy. I welcome the passion for life and embrace the wisdom of love with self-confidence and a sense of humour, while...

Adventurous Play in the Media

Tantra PathCreative PlayWoowoo & ScienceProvocative, Instructional and Inspirational Media Exit to Eden (1994) comedy/adventure | directed by Gary Marshall Plot: Elliot is going to the Eden, a four «resort) to live out his fantasies, but inadvertently photographs...

Playpen Time

Tantra PathCreative PlayWoowoo & ScienceWhat is playpen time? Its booked quality time that you set aside with your partner or yourself to discover, explore and experiment something new or different in a relaxed, open minded, non judgemental atmosphere. Travel the...

Adventurous books

Tantra PathCreative PlayWoowoo & ScienceInstructional and /or Inspirational Reading ADVENTUROUS BOOKS Come Hither by Gloria Brame Different Loving by Gloria Brame Exit to Eden by Anne Rampling (Anne Rice) Female Domination Series by Elise Sutton ​Female Domination The...

Adventurous play – key terms

Tantra PathCreative PlayWoowoo & ScienceThe beginning is a very delicate time. Know then, that you are entering a realm that requires some foundational language and basic key terms.  Just like with any new hobby or sport or a country you choose to visit. A little...

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