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2 day immersive training program for a woman's and man's body


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Holistic Healing Massage Programs

learn to give a FULL BODY massage for a male or female body.


Immersive 2 day group training program (4hrs/day)

Saturdays: March 31 + April 07
Toronto, Ontario

Limited to 8 people per program.

Important Note: This is a CLOTHES-ON teaching platform with demonstrations shown on silicone model and a live demonstration on a female body.

How do I participate in this learning platform?
You can participate as a couple or a single person. Some of you may wish to come with a close friend or partner to learn to give or experience how to receive this style of holistic healing massage.

2-day immersive program

Connection, Embodied Aliveness, and Joy!


I believe in empowering you with the knowledge that this approach to healing the feminine body is a complimentary healing process to your other alternative practices and western healing modalities.

Bringing awareness and honouring your blocks from your past or present negative emotional experience(s).  Small, compounded, residual, or acute or something in between experiences. An awakening knowing that over time these negative experiences have become an armour of dormant energy that manifests as pain or numbness or disconnection to self and others and life.

Acquire the transformational toolkit to deepen your connection, heighten your awareness of self and partner. Supportive embodied healing.

This guided full-body, sexual reflexology and de-armouring massage is based from ancient China. Emperors had a secret practice to cultivate sexual health. It employed Chi Kung principles of muscle manipulation and energy pressure points. Chinese masters shared with the emperors how to create intimacy and connection and deepen their sacred spirituality through the ways they connected to their sensual and sexual practices.

More than the physicality of massage. The intention is to release repressed emotion, trauma, anger, shame and guilt. The repressed aspects that make-up our limiting beliefs and are held within our bodies. The study of orgasmic state, flow of chi (life force energy) and transformational healing intention are all combined in this practice.

You will be guided to give a FOUNDATIONAL full body massage to a female body form, inclusive of intersex and trans-gender/transsexual feminine forms. Your holistic healing massage will lead you to experience from the tip of the head to the tip of the toes, front and back. A full body muscle massage, inclusive of the exterior and internal pressure points of the cradle of life.

You can participate as a couple or individual. All are welcome. Some of you may wish to come with a your partner/lover or a close friend to share the learning to give or receive this style of holistic healing massage.

I’m excited to help you work towards creating awareness, awakening and connection to yourself, your partner(s) and life!


The journey to love my body started today…

“Viktoria is amazing. I am a quiet very private person. However I felt very comfortable with her from the moment I met her. My journey to love my body started today. I wish to see her for more body work in the future but unfortunately, I don’t live in Toronto. I recommend Viktoria to any one. Viktoria has Angelica’s hands. Her touch is very healing. Loved every moment.”  ~ Marina

Confidence is da bomb!

“I’m feeling pretty darn good! Thank you for the wonderfully caring, nurturing, safe and unashamed experience!  All weekend I felt great and with good energy and intention. I felt a sense that I was a bit more in control of me, myself and I and that lead to a feeling of contentment. Confidence is da bomb! 

Thanks for checking in! Looking forward to all that and in keeping in touch with you. You’re a cool and very intriguing woman! (I mean super sister!) 😳 Have a wonderful day! .” ~ Wendy

A more passionate understanding of my body…

When I first met Viktoria, I felt a bit shy. She smiled and greeted me with a warm welcome. The studio was so lovely: cozy and tidy with soft relaxing music. When the massage started, my body was gently covered with a soft piece of cloth, and only the part being massaged was uncovered. All these thoughtful details effectively eased my shyness. Very soon, I relaxed and began to enjoy the massage.  

I learned a lot of amazing things that I can never learn elsewhere. I came to Viktoria for a G-Area guidance, which mainly includes massaging the whole body, yoni and G-Region. I gained much more than receiving a massage. Viktoria demonstrated to me the many different possibilities of foreplay and arousal on my body. It was a personalized coaching experience based on her comprehensive knowledge, wonderful skills, and my immediate feedback. It was a much more direct, effective and powerful interactive learning process then that of a book, a video or a speech can ever achieve.

When I found that some unique massage movements were incredibly pleasant, Viktoria repeated them patiently, making sure that I understood and remembered how to do them by myself. She also guided me to feel the sensitive parts of my body that I had always neglected, and discover new fantastic secrets of my own body. The education was intense and great fun. I was learning and enjoying in every minute of it. 

The session I booked with Viktoria was 90 min. Indeed, she was very generous with her time. After soaking me in various great sensations by a more than 90-minute massage, she then spent more than 1 hour answering my questions for free. She showed me her collection of toys and books, explaining the different feelings of textures, demonstrating how to use the toys in multiple gestures and positions, presenting information and pictures of the most recent sexuality researches… —everything that I wanted to know. “The most important thing is that you learn.” She said warmly, patiently and sincerely.  

Before I came to meet Viktoria, I was shy and a bit uncertain. When I left her studio, I felt fully equipped with all kinds of personalized foreplay, arousal and climax tips, expanded knowledge on sexuality and orgasm, and better, deeper, more passionate understanding of my own body. This experience was way beyond my expectations. I want to thank Viktoria for the extraordinary coaching session and her encouragements to me. I told all my close friends, seriously, I recommend them to meet Viktoria. I’m convinced that they will be greatly benefited, just like me.  ~ Jane

Eye-opening and body-opening experience…

I was delighted with my first Chi Kung massage this past weekend. Viktoria is exceptionally knowledgeable, skilled and sensitive. It was an eye-opening and body-opening experience.

Because of the details she provided from the start, I knew what to expect and there was no suspenseful “what if’s”. The entire massage was pleasant, nurturing, light-hearted, sexy and healing.  Every bit of my body felt cared for and that makes this massage stand out. I will definitely go back and get deeper cellular clearing with this method. ~ K.Y.   

What will we cover?

  • Pre-Program Preparation Homework

  • Introduction + Welcome Circle

  • Intention Setting + Entire Body Structure

  • Energy Movement and Theory

  • Conscious Touch + Breathing + Movement

  • Compassionate Communication Skills

  • Collaborative Conversations, Consent + Boundaries

  • Calibration skills for attuning frequency from anxious, stressed, etc.

  • Breastplate and heart meridian healing

  • Psoas + Yoni Mapping: clitoris, g-spot, goddess ejaculation, a-spot, g-spot, p-spot and cervix

  • Holding space for blocks that may appear /de-armouring

  • After-Care + Integration + Self-Reflection

  • Holistic Healing Massage: Sequence by Your Design

  • Sharing Vulnerably + Vulnerably Listening with Empathy

Who is this for?

  • individuals(single) and couples; women and men who love women.  

What is included?

  • Women’s Anatomy of Arousal book

  • Grapeseed Oil (ph balance)

  • pre-program preparation (1hr)

  • 2 day (8-hour immersive)

  • reference material booklet

  • practice homework

  • follow up observational journal

  • certification of participation

How can I attend?

  • private hands-on training (for 2 people) OR
  • group session
  • Scroll down for PRICING

Why Learn From Me?

My training and certification of woo woo and modern science


Why learn from me?

My training and certifications from practitioner to teacher in the ancient wisdom and modern science of:

  • Holistic Chi Kung massage

  • Hatha and Laya Yoga

  • Tibetan, Classical and Neo Tantra

  • Transformational counselling and coaching

  • and my 10+ years of mastering this knowledge

In addition, my personal profound experiences in receiving care and working on myself through these modalities of healing, brings me to my mission: to share this ancient wisdom, of which, modern science is now supporting.

How do I participate in this learning platform?

You can participate as a couple or lovers or two friends. All are welcome. Some of you may wish to come with a your partner/lover or a close friend to learn to give or receive this style of holistic healing massage.

I love choice. I believe you do as well.

Women HHM
Group Training

Holistic Healing Massage
for Woman’s Body:

GROUP HHMfWomansBody
2 Day Training Program
$550/$600 (2 x 4hr days) 

Group Training


Holistic Healing Massage
for Man’s Body:

2 Day Training Program
$550/$600 (2 x 4hr days) 

Man/Woman HHM
Private Training


Holistic Healing Massage
for a Woman’s or Man’s Body:

PRIVATE HHMfMans/WomansBody
2 Day Training Program for two people
$1550 (2 x 4hr days) 

Register: choose your date + location


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