Sacred Loving: Tantra for Couples

Celebrating two’s; pair of close friends, partners, couples and lovers!
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Couples craving to…

open your heart, quiet your mind, awaken your senses, ignite your energy, break through your blocks to bliss. Your invited to step into a sacred and safe space where you’re encouraged to honour yourself and participate at whatever level is right for you

Experience the foundational practices of self-discovery, self-inquiry and the exploration of diving deeper. Expand your capacity to love and connect with yourself, best friend/partner/lover, and life.

Acquire the transformational toolkit to deepen your connection, heighten your awareness of self and each other. Support your partner with their healing and release. Cultivate and nurture your presence, passion and playfulness TOGETHER!

This immersive clothes-on experiential journey is traveled through theory, practices of breath, meditations, movement, techniques, compassionate communication, homework, reading and journaling. Please note, anatomical demonstration are shown on silicone models.​

Your Sacred Loving program results in your ability to be vulnerable as a compassionate present partner. Vitality within your physical being. Confidence in your intimate connection. Profoundly transforming your intimacy as erotic allies. Cultivation of wonder, curiosity, acceptance, relaxation, mindful awareness, healing, love, laughter and joy, TOGETHER!

Taken over a weekend immersive or spread out over 4 weeks of self-discovery through the Classical Tantra, Neo (21st century) Tantra, Daoist Tantra, and Tibetan Tantra.

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Sacred Loving: Couples craving to...

deepen physical and emotional intimacy.

Learn the Ancient Arts

  • Tantra: Weaving Light, Sound, and Form
  • Practice of Presence, Awareness, Relaxation and Focus
  • Language and Compassionate Communication
  • Pleasure as the Pathway to Eliminating Blocks to Bliss
  • Pelvic Groove Embodiment Movements
  • Deep Intimacy with the Art of Adoration Ritual
  • Deeper Sensual Sexual Spiritual Connection
  • Desire to Accept and Love our Body
  • Feminine & Masculine Core & Complimentary Essences
  • Sensual & Sexual Awareness, Techniques & Skills
  • Energetic Movements of Erotic Touch
  • Sexual Reflexology & De-Armouring Massage
  • Semen Retention Practice for Vigor/Vitality
  • Orgasmic Pleasure Potential of Expanding & Extending
  • Orgasmic Pleasure Potential of being Multi-Orgasmic
  • Sexual Healing with Fire Element Tibetan Tantra Meditation
  • Integration: Conscious Connection with Self and more

    Benefits of Sacred Loving Tantra

    To weave light, sound and form (visualization, frequency, and body) with mindful awareness, presence, and relaxed focus. Nourish and cultivate confidence, compassion, connection, holding of sacred space(safety), healing, acceptance, wonder, curiosity, playfulness, sensual and sexual passion, love and joy!



    Confidently connect to your truth, reclaim your power, remember who you truly are. Authentically express, live, love and laugh passsionately!


    Empowered conscious awakening with love and joy in your body, mind and heart. Rippling into all areas of your life on your terms by your design.


    Break free of the conditioned scripts, limiting beliefs, past imprinting, and traumatic experiences. Experience life fully with all your senses!

    4 week program or/ weekend immersive

    Sacred Loving:
    Tantra Couples Package

    for couples

    • Couples Package 1: includes 6/ 1.5hr sessions – $2200
    • Couples Package 2: includes 4/ 1.5hr sessions – $1700


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