Program: Sacred Loving Tantra Level 1 for Men

Level 1 - The practice of awareness & awakening. GROUP classes taught seperately - women and mens only classes.

5 week program – level 1 details

Important note: there is NO nudity. This is a CLOTHES-ON teaching platform with demonstrations performed on silicone models.

Get the confident intimacy (into-me-see) you desire in a playful loving way with surround sound and techni-colour and watch it ripple into all areas of your life!

Cultivate your intimacy (into-me-see) in a playful loving way with conscious self-empowerment through awareness, awakening, healing, and presence. It’s time to break out of the conditioned scripts, limiting beliefs, avoidance, pain and traumatic experiences. Learn to awaken your body, heart, mind and energy!

Welcome to your feminine intimacy empowerment zone.

I'm Viktoria. Your playful, tantric, Daoist and a little bit of science geek intimacy sexpert. I am here to guide you on a journey of self exploration and discovery.

Do you find yourself looking to upgrade and deepen your intimacy levels with yourself and with your partner? Perhaps you're seeking to learn more about what your body and mind can fully experience and express.

I'm here to help. Through my own journey of exploration, learning and my 15+ years of teaching, I've come to discover the amazing capabilities that the feminine body can express and experience.

I too was stuck and blocked. Seeking to move beyond the inner dialogue of questions, trauma and limiting beliefs that held me back.

This was my path. Can you relate to any of these?

  • feeling stuck and afraid to admit to myself what I desire
  • feeling stuck and afraid to tell my partner what I want
  • past relationship hurt is still there and I want to move on
  • I am self-conscious of my body and how I keep putting myself last
  • not sure how to start with self-care and self-pleasure
  • you know there is more to sex, but have never had the space to ask those 'embarassing' questions

I have some FANTASTIC news for you! You are not alone. The majority of the women I work with start with these challenges as did I at one time.

I'd love to share how you can overcome these fears, hurts, and insecurities and to answer your burning questions. Let's go!

Sacred Loving: Tantra for Men Level 1 Program Topics



  • Learn what the elements of Tibetan Tantra. Focus on cleaning internally with fire element

  • Practice moving these new elements through your body with meditation

  • Feel the movement of energy through all parts of your body

  • Quiet the monkey mind and oxygenate savvy meditation tools


  • Master your skills in communication with everyone you talk to
  • Learn how to feel your natural energy within your body
  • Discover new breathing techniques to calm, soothe and bring new energy to your body
  • Learn to start loving and accepting yourself and body
  • Understand how we all have our own love languages and how we use these to communicate


  • Discover how to move your body in yoga positions not taught in your typical class
  • Learn to move your body allowing energy to move throughout your system
  • Practice feeling into your feminine (emotional) side and your masculine (protective) side
  • Understand why & how we move our bodies when we are feeling more feminine or masculine
  • Learn how to move the natural energy and tantric elements throughout your body


  • Learn what setting an intention is and how it relates to all aspects in your life
  • Learn how to let go and release guilt, shame and trapped feelings buried deep within you
  • Discover how to have more sensual and sexual pleasure in your life (by yourself and/or with your partner)
  • Learn tips, techniques and tools to enhance your sexual pleasure
  • Learn how to give and receive pleasure unconditionally with your partner
  • Understand how to be there for your partner and others and create a safe space for sharing
  • Discover how to give a tantric yoni and lingam massage

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Who is this for?

OPEN to ALL! Singles/solo/individuals, couples and friends ~ people who are label free and people who identify as beautiful shiny human beings. Welcome and be Celebrated!


$550 - for your 5 week program (2 hrs/week)

Cancellation/Refund info:

  • Full refund if you cancel 8 days or more before start date.
  • Full refund if I cancel at anytime.
  • Credit applied to future coaching if you cancel 7 days before start date.

What’s included in Men’s Level 1?

GROUP classes

  • 5 ~2 hour GROUP classes in person
  • group support by email or telephone
  • super supportive group coaching
  • Facebook secret group
  • special offers on workshops
  • special offers on programs

Guides & reference info

  • awesome reference materials
  • women’s anatomy of arousal book
  • homework practices
  • journal

Practice aids (a $250 value)

  • ultimate guide to prostate pleasure book
  • women’s anatomy of arousal book
  • lucite crystal wand
  • fun factory toy
  • organic silicone lube

Register – Level 1 for Men

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