Program: Sacred Loving Tantra Level 2 for Men

Level 1 - The practice of awareness & awakening. GROUP classes taught seperately - women and mens only classes.

5 week program – level 2 details

Important note: there is NO nudity. This is a CLOTHES-ON teaching platform with demonstrations performed on silicone models.

Sacred Loving: Tantra Level 2

Your Level 2 dives deeper into awareness of yourself with your compassionate communication skills, physical and energy movement of joy with your sexual creative life force and de-armouring of your past negative history with holistic full body massage. 

Your level 2 journey includes an awareness and confidence to know when to choose to invite, share time and space, witness and unconditionally receive vs give. Emotional and physical healing tools of sexual reflexology & de-armouring of past history with holistic healing full body massage. An upgrade on your elemental meditation with all the elements and their respective harmony and frequency. Along with more in depth sexual and sensual practices.

Pre-requisite: Sacred Loving: Tantra Level 1

Tantra for Men – Level 2 program topics


  • Learn the Advanced Fire Element
  • Learn the other four Elements
  • Practice Running all the Elements


  • Expand Your Tools and Rituals of Intimacy and Connection
  • Clearly define your Intention and Boundaries
  • Master Compassionate Communication
  • Practice Awareness of yuur Love Languages
  • Tap into the Energy Body with Breath
  • Continue to Embrace your Body with Grace
  • Connect to unconditional surrender
  • Connect to unconditional giving


  • Get Your Groove-On with Pelvic Movements
  • Engage with your Complimentary Polarity
  • Sexual Reflexology & De-Armouring Massage 


  • Practice Setting Intention & Creating Sacred Space
  • Engage in Conscious Sensual Awareness
  • Release Blocks and Heal Sexual Trauma
  • Continue Lasting Longer to Heal and Deepen Intimacy
  • Learn to receive and give unconditionally
  • Engage Directly, Indirectly and Energetically

What’s included in Men’s Level 2?

GROUP classes

  • 5 ~2 hour GROUP classes in person
  • group support by email or telephone
  • super supportive group coaching
  • awesome reference materials
  • homework practices

Level 2 Focus

  • advanced elemental meditations
  • compassioante communication
  • emotional intelligence mastery
  • sexual reflexology & de-armouring
  • physical & energetic mastery

Private Facebook group

  • group support
  • discussions
  • first dibs on new programs and workshops

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Program details:
Sacred Loving Tantra – Level 2 for Men


Register today to claim your seat.

Register - Tantra for Men Level 2
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