Workshop: Fountain of the Goddess

Female ejaculation is also known as the fountain of the goddess. Join us and learn where its found.
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$40 per person

(PLEASE NOTE: There are limited seats and in fairness to everyone, your spot is guaranteed once paid for. Because of this, all sales on workshops are FINAL.)

Important note: there is NO nudity. This is a CLOTHES-ON teaching platform with demonstrations performed on silicone models.


Female ejaculation is also known as the fountain of the goddess. Join us and learn where its found.

  • How it is created?
  • Where does it pour forth from?
  • What is the fountain of the goddess?
  • How does one activate the secrets of female pleasures and arousal to engage in resounding release and a showering climax?

Who can attend?

OPEN to ALL! Singles/solo/individuals, couples and friends ~ people who are label free and people who identify as beautiful shiny human beings. Welcome and be Celebrated!

I warmly welcome and love working with men, women, and couples also known as beings of feminine and masculine form, single/solo persons, couples, and small groups. People of all orientations and backgrounds, gender identity, lifestyles, and those free of labels. I see you as a shiny, beautiful being of energy and form.

You may be single or newly single and looking forward to connecting with yourself. You may be looking forward to being with a partner, or you may be in relationship of thirty years, or you may be newly-partnered or newlyweds and anyone in between. The invitation is to travel a transformational self-empowerment journey with me, as your guide.


Each workshop, a different playful loving topic is explored to awaken the curious and explorer within you. 

The topic is shared through scientific theory and anatomy, ancient wisdom, covering skills, techniques, and tips and video clip. Self-Inquiry, self-reflection, Q & A, reference materials, and optional suggested “Homework/Home Play Work”.

Each playshop offers a different tantalizing topic and opportunity to play and connect with yourself, your partner and or with others. This is experienced with mindful awareness and always within boundaries of safety, consent, and comfort levels with respect, honour, and trust being built with yourself FIRST and reciprocally with others.

Check out the workshop FAQ’s and Contact me if you have any questions!

Where are the workshops?

I teach at three locations in the Toronto area. Please check the location when registering.

  • OCTCM – Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Good for Her
  • Private Playful Loving Studio in NW Toronto.

View photos of the various workshop locations.

Register: choose your date + location

Important notes

All our classes are Fragrance Free Zones as we are in a group space to warmly welcome those with  physical sensitivities.

This means no colognes or perfumes please, however dabs of essential oils are fine. 

~ Thank you for supporting our community of beautiful shiny beings.

What to bring

Please bring your own yoga mat if you have one as the studio has a limited amount of yoga mats and blankets.

A closed water bottle, and paper and pen for the notation person in you. An open mind, body and heart. 

Bring anything else that makes you comfortable.

What to wear

This is a CLOTHES-ON class.

Wearing clothing that resembles yoga or work-out clothing is recommended as we are sitting on yoga mats and may also be incorporating some warm up yoga movements.

Layers of clothing are also a great idea to maintain a comfortable temperature for you. 


Please arrive at least 15min prior to the start of class start to give you time to adjust and transition into a relaxed state of awareness.

You may need to change your work clothes to the clothing recommended.

Post workshop

Your invited to continue to savour the Playful Loving journey of enlightenment you have embarked upon with self-reflective empowerment.
Inquiring Mind, Body and Heart ~ Feel at ease to reach out to me to ask your questions or share your thoughts.

Claim your seat! Register today.

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