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Introduction to Holistic Chi Kung Massage (HCKM)
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What will I/we learn?

Learn All About this ancient holistic chinese De-Armouring Massage for Woman’s and Man’s Body workshop.

This OBSERVATION learning and live demo workshop brings an awareness and honouring to your emotional body blocks. Whether, from past or present negative emotional experience(s). Whether they be small, compounded, residual, or acute or something in between. An awareness of knowing that over time these negative experiences have become an armour of dormant energy that manifests as pain or numbness or disconnection in your body, yourself, partner(s) and life.

The 4-hour immersive OBSERVATIONAL Demonstration workshop! I will be speaking on the amazing benefits and healing of this massage and then I will demonstrate on a live model.

You are invited to attend to learn with your notebook and ask questions and see and hear about the affects of this massage from the person who has volunteered to receive. Lucky woman!.

Please Note: This massage with manual is included in the Sacred Loving Level 2 Tantra programs (separately taught to Men and Women). Also, offered in a group or private setting as a hands-on workshop.

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I believe in empowering women and men with the knowledge of this approach to healing the feminine and masculine body. Making the embodied experience a complimentary healing process to your alternative practices and western healing modalities. To connect to the joy of your creative life force energy that extends and expands, touching every area of your life.

This full-body HCKM (holistic chi kung massage), a holistic de-armouring massage is from ancient China. Emperors had a secret practice to cultivate sexual health. It employed Chi Kung principles of muscle manipulation and energy pressure points. Chinese masters shared with the emperors how to create intimacy and connection and deepen their sacred spirituality through the ways they connected to their sensual and sexual practices.

More than the physicality of massage. The intention is to release repressed emotion, trauma, anger, shame and guilt. The repressed aspects that make-up our limiting beliefs and are held within our bodies. The study of orgasmic state, flow of chi (life force energy) and transformational healing intention are all combined in this practice.

This massage style will result in a confidence, understanding and clearly defined knowing and listening to your body and your partner’s body. An emotional release through the physical and energy body. Learning an approach that honours and holds sacred space for a release and transformation to happen. Empowering experience with respect, honour and trust. Connecting and embracing yourself, your partner(s) embodied aliveness and joy!

My intention is to help you connect with your entire body. Learn to self-heal and be healed by someone you trust. Shift, release and move towards living fully!

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Who is this for?

All are welcome. Some of you may wish to come with a your partner/lover or a close friend to learn to give or receive this style of holistic healing massage.

What to Bring + Prepare:

  • comfortable clothing to move in.
  • closed water bottle

Frequently asked Questions

How do I participate in this learning platform?

The topic is shared through scientific theory and anatomy, ancient wisdom, covering skills, techniques, and tips and video clip. Self-Inquiry, self-reflection, Q & A, reference materials, and optional suggested “Homework/Home Play Work”.

This is experienced with mindful awareness and always within boundaries of safety, consent, and comfort levels with respect, honour, and trust being built with yourself FIRST and reciprocally with others.

Do we need to arrive early? 

Yes! Please arrive at 12:45pm to get comfortable. We begin at 1:00pm sharp.

How much does the workshop cost?

Your investment:

  • $125 per person/4 hour workshop

Do we need to register?

Yes! Registration is required as space is limited to 20 people.

Check out the workshop FAQ’s and Contact me if you have any questions!

Reviews & Testimonials

“Amazing, powerful day. Think I will need some time to let it all sink in. I feel blessed to have experienced today with such love and acceptance all around me.” – Libby

“Phenomenal. Finally, a massage that incorporates the entire body!!! Thank you” – Robert

How do I speak about what is beyond words! I can only encourage you to experience this yourself. I will give a gift of this massage to my dearest and closest.

“I’m feeling pretty darn good! Thank you for the wonderfully caring, nurturing, safe and unashamed experience!

All weekend I felt great and with good energy and intention. I felt a sense that I was a bit more in control of me, myself and I and that lead to a feeling of contentment. Confidence is da bomb! Thanks for checking in! Looking forward to all that and in keeping in touch with you. You’re a cool and very intriguing woman! (I mean super sister!) 😳 Have a wonderful day!” – Wendy

“I was delighted with my first Chi Kung massage this past weekend. Viktoria is exceptionally knowledgeable, skilled and sensitive. It was an eye-opening and body-opening experience.

Because of the details she provided from the start, I knew what to expect and there was no suspenseful “what if’s”. The entire massage was pleasant, nurturing, light-hearted, sexy and healing. Every bit of my body felt cared for and that makes this massage stand out. I will definitely go back and get deeper cellular clearing with this method.” – K.Y.

“I had a massage today withViktoria. She is amazing. I am a quiet very private person. However I felt very comfortable with her from the moment I met her. My journey to love my body started today. I wish I could see her for more body work in the future but unfortunately I don’t live here. I would recommend Viktoria to any one. Viktoria has Angelica’s hands. Her touching is very healing. Love every moment. – Marina”

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