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Lets collaborate on a workshop topic and focus for your group.
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Choose your time frame for your group workshop: 1hr, 1.5hr, 2hr, 2.5hr, 3hr and 4hr.

Booking Details

Invite me to lead a group workshop or for a talk to your group. Custom Playful Loving workshops or Talk time frames range from 1.5hrs up to a full day.

We collaborate together to choose your topic and focus for your group workshop. 

Location Choices

1. Central downtown Toronto, Spadina Avenue and Dundas Street West
2. NW Toronto home studio
3. Your space

Rental Fee for the two spaces is separate from the workshop fee.
Workshop Fee is paid at time of booking ($50×8=$400).



    Who is this for?

    Welcoming beings of feminine form, single/solo persons, couples/pairs, and group of friends.

    Those who are looking forward to being with a partner, those in relationships of twenty + years; those newly-partnered or newlyweds and anyone in between.

    People of all orientations and backgrounds, feminine form, lifestyles, and those free of labels. I call, shiny, beautiful beings of curiosity and wonder, are invited and welcome.

    Frequently asked questions

    Each workshop, a different playful loving topic is explored to awaken the curious and explorer within you.

    The topic is shared through scientific theory and anatomy, ancient wisdom, covering skills, techniques, and tips and video clip. Self-Inquiry, self-reflection, Q & A, reference materials, and optional suggested “Homework/Home Play Work”.

    Each playshop offers a different tantalizing topic and opportunity to play and connect with yourself, your partner and or with others. This is experienced with mindful awareness and always within boundaries of safety, consent, and comfort levels with respect, honour, and trust being built with yourself FIRST and reciprocally with others.

    Check out the workshop FAQ’s and Contact me if you have any questions!


    This is a CLOTHES-ON (no nudity) workshop. All anatomical  demonstrations will be shown on silicone models.

    $50 per person
    8 people or less

    Contact me to book your group workshop

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    Pleasure to meet you.

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