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REVIEWS of the just (fall 2011) released coffee table book: Vulva 101 by Hylton Coxwell and moi writing the Foreward

“As a sex educator, I find myself empowering women with the appropriate knowledge that makes them wiser, more confident and self-assured—what I refer to as a “sexy balance in life.” Vulva 101 expresses the visual beauty and enhances the understanding that each uniquely wonderful woman/vulva should be revered with respect and honour. It’s about time!”  – Viktoria Kalenteris

“Vulva 101 is a great resource for anyone who wants to honour the female sex organ. After 40 years of teaching women about orgasm, vulva appreciation in the first step in her sexual healing.” – Betty Dodson, PhD sexologist

“A fascinating photographic exploration of a part of the female body that is so desired, so complex and so discussed—but so very rarely considered. Each page is as unique invitation to learn and experience more.” – Jon Pressick, Managing Editor, Sex Life Canada

Vulva 101 Foreword By Viktoria Kalenteris

Finally! It’s about time someone made the connection between the academic, anatomical medical diagrams to the “up close” and personally intimate visual presence of a woman’s genitalia: a specific focus on the uniqueness of each woman’s vulva.

You will view the external beauty of 101 brave women of all ages. All the participants, including myself, consciously made the decision to help make a difference by exhibiting their physical attributes along with thoughts, experiences, comments, emotions and feelings of empowerment as a compliment to the visual art of the Vulva 101 first edition.

Knowledge is power. Being a sex educator, I was extremely pleased to hear that someone decided to take thought into action and assist in giving back to each woman and man who wants to become more self-aware, have a healthy approach to sexual well-being and nurture sexual confidence. Now that we are constantly bombarded with images and information in the 21st century of cyberspace, here comes a very real and well thought-out relevant piece of information that will be part of each individual’s rite of passage in becoming in becoming a mature, loving human being. The Vulva 101 book is a pioneer of informative sexual and arousing reference material that will be the talk of our time.

Many women I have met and worked with have mentioned repeatedly that they are self-conscious and uncertain of their genital image, let alone their entire body image. The question “Am I normal?” has been asked by many. The answer, yes, you are. Reassuring each woman they are normal and that the anatomical physique and the external visual appeal is different but exquisite, as is each individual snowflake mother nature created.

Hylton has taken the torch in an innovative direction; lighting the way for everyone who seeks understanding, validation and confidence. I am honoured to be part of this project. Thank you!

Warm Empowering Hugs,

Viktoria Kalenteris
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~ empowerment coach, counsellor & confidante

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