Adventurous play – key terms

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The beginning is a very delicate time. Know then, that you are entering a realm that requires some foundational language and basic key terms. 

Just like with any new hobby or sport or a country you choose to visit. A little research and study of the ways of that culture is a great approach to optimizing your engagements.

Welcome to the realm of Adventurous Play. A place of adult erotic role play scenes that are derived by respective desires in creative playful and fun via solo or shared time and space. 

Adventurous Play: Describes the adult erotic play of a creativity; embodied or intellectual or energetic or meditative state of being. The use of props, costume, and skill for a respective adventure. A time and space agreed upon to enact a fantasy or desire for self or with another.  We are consentually playing in a theatre where you can experience and engage in your respective desires, pleasures, transmutations and transcendence with yourself or another.

BDSM: Acronym for Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism (S&M, SM or S/M, Kink or Leather) and sub sets of the roles of Dominant, submissive and switch as explained below. Think of it as a menu where you choose all components or used alone or in any variety of combinations to enhance an erotic, sensual and/or sexual exchange between consenting adults.

  • Bondage: Restraints that may be physical or psychological. Physically it is used as an Anchor Point. A point of resistance that allows for the person restrained to express and surrender to their physical responses while holding on or being held in place. Psychological bondage refers to someone who is advise to keep their physical form in a certain position, no matter what happens.

  • Discipline: A form of direction and punishment that is a characteristic trait of a Dominant role.

  • Sadism: A Dominant or submissive that gives to another or themselves intense sensations. Relative to each person’s level of tolerance.

  • Masochism: A submissive that receives by a dominant or themselves intense sensations. Relative to each person’s level of tolerance.

  • Dominant
    Lead role (GIVER, active, director, guide, coach, etc.). Dominant titles that may be used by individuals identifying as a dominant: Top, Mistress, MiLady, Queen, Goddess, Inquisitor, Domina, Master, Daddy, Sir, Captain, etc.,

  • Submissive
    Opposite Lead role (RECEIVER, receptive, surrender, service, follow, etc.) and the dominant’s support. Submissive titles that may be used by individuals identifying as a submissive: bottom, slave, boi, butler, maid, student, employee, prisoner, pet, captive etc.,

  • Switch
    Someone who identifies as both Dominant and submissive. This person has the ability to play both a submissive and dominant role.

Erotic Exchange of Power or Power Dynamics: Consenting adults agree to take on roles of dominant and submissive within a erotic theatre scene of their creative choosing.

Fetish: A fixation, fascination or focus on a particular object, body part, sensation and/or activity of desire, sex style or fashion. A devotion or commitment to a particular thing/object/person. An inanimate object worshiped for its supposed magical powers or because it is considered to be inhabited by a spirit (juju, talisman, charm, amulet, totem, idol, image, effigy..)


1: a short tight twist or curl caused by doubling or winding of something upon itself; 

2A: a mental or physical peculiarity: eccentricity or quirk. 

2B: colloquial term relating to, having, or appealing to the creative and unconventional tastes in an erotic context. Emphasis on arousal and eroticizing physical, enegertic and emotional sensations consensually. Thus creating an erotic space.

Pervertibles /Toys: Everyday items that are used with an erotic intention of giving/receiving sensations of sensual, sexual and playful ways. This may include hand held items and furniture.

Play Activities: The spectrum of play activities varies from beginner, to intermediate to advanced. Examples; foot fetish worship, flogging, interrogation, spanking,  fire play, medical play, genital teasing, arousal and denial, sexual service, cross dressing, rope bondage, etc.

Play Monitor / Dungeon Monitor (DM): People who volunteer to support and enforce the guidelines and rules of a play party.

Play Party: An event where you attend in a pre-determined dress code for the purpose engaging in play scenes in a public setting of fellow adventurous enthusiasts. The event will usually house adult play stations.

Play Scene: A pre-negotiated time and space for safe, sane, consensual and risk aware adult erotic role play.

Play Stations: Furniture that is used for a play scene. Example furniture pieces; spanking bench, horse, x-cross, suspension points, chairs, massage table, cage, etc.

Protocol: An agreed upon behavior that will be experienced during your play scene or power dynamics.

Ritual: The making of the mundane everyday action or intention into something special.

Safety Words: A set of words used to keep the energy flow of a play scene without causing awkwardness.  Example of universal safety word system: RED for stop and check in to see what is needed, YELLOW to slow down, GREEN  good to go, and BLUE for boring – change it up.

Sensory Deprivation: Taking away one or more of the five senses causing the rest of the senses to become heightened.

Service: The role of serving in the submissive or dominant (service top) role.


A reference for people who do not engage in creative erotic play.

Worship: The act of adoring someone through various forms of expression; verbal, written, action

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