Carpe Diem Sex

by | May 30, 2017 | Creative Play, Woowoo and Science

On my own, I find inspiration with a carpe diem approach to sex. The elements of presence, awareness and intimacy. I welcome the passion for life and embrace the wisdom of love with self-confidence and a sense of humour, while nurturing the knowledge of self-empowerment.

The question arises. Where does Sex start? Sex starts, internally, and moves from within me. This all begins in the mind’s eye, which then transcends into the heart and soul. To bring it to my mind’s attention the seeds can be sown with a look, or a tender touch, or a sweet caress, or maybe a soft whisper, or possibly just a smile, then again it could be intimate laughter. Electrical pulses of arousal are sparked within the mind as it conjures up erotic images, which feed the craving of charged anticipation.

The ebb and flow of bodies’ entwined, long deep breaths of energy are exchanged as the primal heart connection is made enhancing the bonding chemicals of our natural love drug within our physical form.

In the carnal fashion; lips meet mouths; tongues lick, teeth nibble, fingers and hands discover and explore the mounds of throbbing flesh and the moist wet crevices with the intention of pleasing and being pleased. Soft moonlight plays with the shadows to highlight supple curves, flexing muscles and curved bodies creating a visually dynamic ‘art in motion’.

Adventurous Intimacy & Sacred Sexuality
~ empowerment coach & confidante
Creating Passionate Playful Conscious Self-Empowerment,
Sexual Awakening & Connection to Self (and Partner)

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Photo of Viktoria Kalenteris - Playful Loving


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