Tibetan vs Classical Hindu Tantra

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Tibetan Tantra

In Tibetan Tantra the 4 pillars; Meditation, Movement, Connection, and Pleasure.

Each pillar creates a pathway though the layers of ignorance, trauma, and cultural conditioning in the body/mind/spirit, reconnecting you with the core of your life essence- that spark of infinite, Divine consciousness, that we all are!

The 4 Pillars of Tibetan Tantra are some of the most authentic and powerful Tantric teachings available today, catalyzing profound healing and transformation in the areas of sexuality, spirituality, and personal growth.



Classical Hindu Tantra

In Classical Hindu Tantra the balance and flow of the feminine and masculine streams along with the Sushumna (central) channel are known as Ida Nadi (feminine) and Pingula Nadi (masculine).

The word Nadi is referred to as the nerve pathway or energy stream/flow.

The Ida Nadi: the parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest/feed & breed).
The Pingula Nadi: the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight).
Lastly, the Sushumna channel: the central nervous system.

All contributing to your Ojas: the balance of life force energy and vitality/vigor..

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