Inspired by my personal journey. An epic odyssey. A journey into darkness and back into the light with courage and confidence. Empowering and supportive movement towards having the life, love and laughter I always wanted and get the vibrant healthy intimacy I desired. Your invited to scroll down to learn more about me.

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P.I invite you to close your eyes and imagine what it’s like to be in a warm, playful loving, intimate relationship. Can you picture what it’s like to feel totally at ease with expressing your desires and needs. To feel supported and connected at the deepest levels?

Okay, now open your eyes. Is this your reality? If it is, I’m so happy for you. If it’s not, then I want you to know you’re not alone.

So many people feel awkward and uncomfortable in their intimate relationships with themselves, loved ones and day to day life. They don’t know how to ask for what they need and want without feeling a myriad of negative feelings like; fear, anger, sadness, guilt, and shame. They’re left feeling lonely and disconnected, robbing themselves of joyful intimacy.

Let’s take a closer look at the word “Intimacy” through my lens. To me the word intimacy means “into-me-see”. Its about connecting with yourself. Its about getting up close and personal with all aspects of you. Its about connecting with loved ones and life. Its about knowing, understanding and practicing.

My 5 Step Approach to Awesome Intimacy:

  1. Self-awareness of your “now” with accountability and no judgement/critic
  2. Confidently and authentically connect with self, loved ones and life.
  3. Release past hurts, tendencies, conditioning and limiting beliefs.
  4. Look at new possibilities of connection and growth with curiosity.
  5. Practice new possibilities and be in awareness of what is revealed for you.

When you do the above, you can live your life in authentic technicolour and surround sound — with passion and purpose and meaning and magic. You get to create a life of vibrant intimacy, personally, partnered, and for life.

My journey has elements of ugly to awesome. Growing up in a strict Greek orthodox family I was disciplined in the art of heightened awareness and self-sacrificing service.

As a result, I left myself on the back burner, putting others before me. I basically took on my mothers narrative of surviving in a loveless marriage. I was forced into an arranged marriage at the age of 18, and never really got to know who I was. At the same time, I experienced a variety of physical abusive and emotional traumas at the hands of close people and a variety of misguided partners. I felt incredibly alone and disconnected.


To survive, my coping mechanism led me to create a protective armour around my heart. And in an effort to feel safe, my warrior side emerged and I became more masculine. I went through life feeling numb and disconnected. Unable to feel myself, not knowing how to seek self-care and not allowing anyone into my heart left me feeling isolated.

Years passed, and I felt lost and tired of holding up my protective shield. My heart felt heavy and numb. My mind was angry and frustrated and struggling with the words; Why did this happen to me?

I felt the need to breathe deeply with a burning desire to live life fully and authentically. Pushing through the words of upset I decided to begin my empowering healing journey.

During my epic odyssey of personal healing, it hit me, like a brick to the head. I realized my body, heart and mind must heal as a holistic system. I learned how to feel connected and empowered with myself and my environment. I nourished and began to remember how to cultivate my authentic confidence. Bringing forward my passion, curiosity, creativity, love of life, joy of laughter and playful loving intimacy.

You too can get the vibrant and healthy life, love and intimacy you desire. You can bring back the balance of playfulness, curiosity, and fun!

Celebrating 15+ years of empowering education, guidance, teaching, counselling and coaching for women, men, and couples. By creating a safe and nurturing environment to somatically release negative emotions, trauma, anxiety and tension. To reconnect to yourself with confidence, presence and passion, /and partner. All done through playful loving transfromational learning dynamics and practical guidelines for success.

You can choose to take your journey of empowerment through personal coaching, group programs/immersives, workshops and retreats. 

My gentle and firm guidance is standing by and ready to walk with you on your personal and partnered journey.

Choose to take the first and make a difference in your life today by scheduling your complimentary Discovery Session. I’ll hear your story, challenges and concerns with an open mind and heart. I will share some recommendations you can put in place immediately. You will also gain a better sense of how we can work together and how I can best support you.

Wondrous playful loving delights,
Viktoria, Holistic Intimacy, Communication and Relationship Specialist

When I am not coaching, I am probably in training learning new tools for my craft, tango dancing, crafting digital art, enjoying the outdoors (especially the mediterranean sea), and going on new adventures that peek my interest.


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My Approach

To be mindfully aware and always within my boundaries of safety, consent and comfort levels with respect, honour and trust with myself, first and foremost and then reciprocally with others.

Empowering your personal and partnered intimacy.

Empowering your intimacy with confidence, joy, and passion for life. That path of honouring myself can be yours as well. A journey with transformational counselling, embodied yoga, ancient wisdom of Daoist and Tantra traditions of healing and empowerment.

Inspired by my journey. I have created a supportive, hand-held odyssey where I walk with you into the dark and back into the light with courage and confidence. Giving you the ability to creatively connect to a vibrant life of self-empowered love and the intimacy you desire.

What does intimacy coaching look like?

The self-empowered intimacy coaching and counselling sessions I engage with you integrate the best aspects of the new age science, psycholgogy and ancient wisdom:

My intimacy coaching has a self-empowerment approach that includes:

  • guidance + support

  • confidence building skills
  • safe space + intention setting

  • healthy boundary setting

  • self-empowerment practices
  • ancient wisdom + modern science

  • language expression

  • psycho-biology

  • holistic chi kung massage

  • Bondassage or Elysium massage
  • anatomy knowledge + anatomy of arousal

  • reference readings + home work

  • natural personal pleasure practices

  • guided + personal self-healing practices

Along with…

  • compassionate communication

  • emotional connection skills

  • body touch awareness + skills

  • naughty to sacred and the depths in between skills

    Nourishing, cultivating and empowering your confidence, joy and passion for life, love and intimacy. 
    Read more through some of the testimonials from clients.

Education and Training


Lifespace Transformational Counselling

Life Coach – Certified Coaches Federation (CCF)

TRE® Practitioner in Training.
TRE® is muscular to neurogenic (nervous system) releasing of tension, stress, anxiety and trauma.

Reiki Level 1 & 2 Healing Practitioner -Reiki Results

Hatha & Laya Yoga Teacher RYT200
Yoga Alliance Member

Tantra Teacher {Vajrayana} Buddhist
Lama Tashi, Kauai Dharma Centre

Bondassage and Elysium Practitioner /Teacher /Trainer

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training,
Brendon Abram + Living in the Self

Discovery Method of Teaching Certification

Human Relations Major & Psychology Minor, Concordia U

Psycho~Biological Approach to Couple Therapy (PACT)

Sex Therapy Intensive Certificate, U of Guelph

Photo of Viktoria Kalenteris from Playful Loving - Intimacy coaching and tantra programs

Mentors and Colleagues


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Get the healthy and vibrant intimacy you desire and authentically live fully, love deeply, and laugh often . Expeirence empowering and transformational Personal Coaching, programs, retreats and workshops for Men, Women and Couples. Globally available online from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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