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The key to greater intimacy is to look within in a playful way. Intimacy DEFINED: into me see
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Do you feel that your struggling with intimacy in your relationship, or its been a pattern throughout your relationships?

Feeling lonely and depressed with and without a partner. The rabbit hole of frustration, awkwardness, and discomfort with any level of intimacy with yourself is challenging. Not clear on how to ask for what you desire without feelings of fear, guilt and shame.

You see yourself living, loving and sharing intimacy in a numb and disconnected with a partner and with yourself. Your heart has too many protective coping mechanisms that you are unsure of how to live a techni-colour textured and surround sound life. A life of vibrant intimacy with or without a partner.

A closer look at the word “Intimacy”. To me it means “into me see”. The path of seeing into yourself. Empowering you to connect with confidence to your intimacy first. Then the rest of life’s intimate moments, experiences and relationships are a piece of cake.

Empowering men, women and couples find their joy, connection and compassion to self. My intimacy coaching specializes in self-empowerment, sexuality, and intimacy with yourself, first and foremost and then with your partner (if applicable). Your journey with me may include a healthy amount of science and woo woo and my own blend of knowledge and wisdom.

Its my honour to inspire wonder, curiosity, acceptance and authentic communication through holistic wisdom of well-being and healing, cultivating the appropriate conditions for you to obtain your comfort levels of self-awareness and awakening. Cultivating, nourishing and connecting you to your natural power, your true essence, your playfulness, your purpose and your joy!

Walking with you on your journey to get the life, love and intimacy you desire by your design. View testimonials from my clients.

How I work with you

In person, phone or video chat sessions

What’s included

Each session you will engage in theory, dialogue, exercises and home practices. Support and guidance during your program.

I warmly welcome and love working with men, women, and couples also known as beings of feminine and masculine form, single/solo persons, couples, and small groups. People of all orientations and backgrounds, gender identity, lifestyles, and those free of labels. I see you as a shiny, beautiful being of energy and form.

You may be single or newly single and looking forward to connecting with yourself. You may be looking forward to being with a partner. You may be in relationship of thirty years. You may be newly-partnered or newlyweds and anyone in between. The invitation is to travel a transformational self-empowerment journey to release blocks, gain confidence, connect to yourself and partner or future partner. Get the life, love and intimacy you desire!

Packages + Sessions

get the life, love + intimacy you desire

For Individuals

All private coaching packages include: a 15 minute strategy session, supportive email exchange and coaching tailored to YOU!

Packages for individuals

  • Individual Package 1: includes 6/ 1:1 1hr sessions: $1100 
  • Individual Package 2: includes 4/ 1:1 1hr sessions: $800

Sessions for individual

  • 1.5 hr individual session: $350
  • 1 hr individual session: $300

For Couples

All private coaching sessions include: a 15 minute strategy session, supportive email exchange and coaching tailored to YOU!

Packages for couples

  • Couple Package 1: includes 6/1.5hr sessions: $2000
  • Couple Package 2: includes 4/1.5hr sessions: $1500

Sessions for couple

  • 2hr couple session: $400
  • 1.5hr couple session: $350

Curious to know how....

Intimacy Coaching is unique to you? Begin with a free 15 minute telephone consultation. Revealing your intimacy coaching journey.


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