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My mission is to inspire curiousity, courage and confidence so you can have the vibrant and healthy intimacy you desire.  Through fun and empowering self-awareness, knowledge and wisdom practices that help you release blocks, overcome trauma, become an amazing lover and partner, and attract the right partner.  Because when you feel confident and amazing anything is possible. 

Live fully, Love deeply and Laugh often

Do you feel that your struggling with intimacy in your relationships? Do feelings of shame, guilt and fear keep you from experiencing a vibrant, healthy, passionate and playful loving intimacy?

You may be experiencing body numbness, discomfort and pain due to past hurts. Or you might feel a drop in desire, vitality and passion.

I want you to know something. You can, live your life authentically as an amazing, connected and confident lover and partner.

And the answers don’t lie in any of the suggestions you read about in magazines, like, “The 10 Best Ways to Get Your Partner’s Attention”. These tips just scratch the surface, so any results only last a short period of time before things fizzle back to the routine and boring intimacy.

Let’s take a closer look at the word “Intimacy”. To me, it means “into-me-see”. The path of seeing into yourself. Empowering you to connect with confidence to your intimacy first. When you know how to do that, the rest of life’s intimate moments, experiences and relationships are a piece of cake.

As an intimacy coach I empower men, women and couples to find their vibrant joy and connection. My style of intimacy coaching specializes in self-empowerment, holistic sexuality, and intimacy with yourself first and foremost and then with your loved one(s).

Your journey with me may include a healthy amount of science and woo woo, combined with my own special blend of knowledge and wisdom.

My path as intimacy coach began in 2003. Over the years I continued to master my specialization with a variety of teachings and professional development that helped me create my empowered private coaching journeys, group programs and workshops. To read more about my list of education and accredation please surf to my About: Viktoria page.

It is my honour to inspire wonder, curiosity, acceptance and authentic communication through holistic wisdom of well-being and healing. In order to do this, we need to cultivate the appropriate conditions for you to obtain your comfort levels of self-awareness and awakening. Giving you the ability to nourish and connect you to your true essence, playfulness, purpose, passion and joy!

Awaken Activate Connect


AWAKEN with mindful awareness and learn to listen to your body and heart. Nurture and release blocks that hold you back.  Awaken your confidence, powerful presence and passion in your everyday.


ACTIVATE your authenticity, courage and curiosity. Fiercely nourish your desires and needs so you can live fully, laugh often and love deeply with ease and flow in every area of your life.


CONNECT to yourself more profoundly and discover how to become more adventurous, sacred, curious, playful and loving.  Become connected and in tune with your sense/xuality and open to life’s vibrant moments and amazing possibilities.

The intimacy coaching process includes:

Empowering your intimacy with confidence, joy, and passion for life. That path of honouring myself can be yours as well. A journey with transformational counselling, embodied yoga, ancient wisdom of Daoist and Tantra traditions of healing and empowerment.

Inspired by my journey. I have created a supportive, hand-held odyssey where I walk with you into the dark and back into the light with courage and confidence. Giving you the ability to creatively connect to a vibrant life of self-empowered love and the intimacy you desire.

The self-empowered intimacy coaching and counselling process is a series of sessions that  integrate the best aspects of the new age science, psycholgogy and ancient wisdom:

My intimacy coaching has a self-empowerment approach that includes:

  • guidance + support

  • confidence building skills
  • safe space + intention setting

  • healthy boundary setting

  • self-empowerment practices
  • ancient wisdom + modern science

  • language expression

  • psycho-biology

  • holistic chi kung massage

  • Bondassage or Elysium massage
  • anatomy knowledge + anatomy of arousal

  • reference readings + home work

  • natural personal pleasure practices

  • guided + personal self-healing practices

Along with…

  • compassionate communication

  • emotional connection skills

  • body touch awareness + skills

  • naughty to sacred and the depths in between skills

    Nourishing, cultivating and empowering your confidence, joy and passion for life, love and intimacy.
    Still curious? Read what previous clients say: testimonials.

Next Step

Schedule your Discovery Session, so I can hear your story, challenges and concerns with an open heart ans where I can best support you.

In our call, I will also share some recommendations you can put in place immediately.  You will also gain a better sense of what it looks like to work together.

Click the button below and schedule your complimentary 15 minute Discovery Session. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

How I work with you

In person, phone or video chat sessions

What’s included

Each session you will engage in theory, dialogue, exercises and home practices. Supportive guidance in between sessions and reference material.

All inclusive coaching for women, men and couples.

I warmly welcome and love working with men, women, and couples also known as beings of feminine and masculine form, single/solo persons, couples, and small groups. People of all orientations and backgrounds, gender identity, lifestyles, and those free of labels. I see you as a beautiful beings of energy and form.

You may be single or newly single and looking forward to connecting with yourself. You may be looking forward to being with a partner. You may be in relationship of thirty years. You may be newly-partnered or newlyweds and anyone in between. The invitation is to travel a transformational self-empowerment journey to release blocks, gain confidence, connect to yourself and partner or future partner. Get the vibrant and healthy life, love and intimacy you desire!

Next Step!

Client Love

Transformational heart opening experience

“I’m not entirely sure what I expected to learn going into the Tantra for Women program, I guess I was looking for a way to mesh my spirituality and sexuality together, at the least I hoped to walk away some sexy new tips. What I got was a completely transformational heart opening experience.

Beautiful sacred space was created for women to come together to learn, share, heal and celebrate. We were taught ways to honour ourselves and others, connect with our own divinity, find and speak our truth and to tap into our incredible feminine power.

I am forever changed from having taken this course, I feel called to continue to follow the path of tantra and now have a community of sister goddesses to walk it with me. with deep gratitude.”


Not traditional talk therapy

“Viktoria’s approach is not traditional talk therapy, but a more holistic approach that includes a deep, underlying spiritual view of healing; faith in our core goodness and wholeness as human beings; faith that that wholeness is always there and is always an available source of healing, no matter how much pain or confusion may be on top of it.

This belief helped me not to feel broken, but rather, simply working with the things that interfere with the full expression of my wholeness as an individual.  Creating a deeper connection with self.” 


Pleasantly surprised each week ...

“I was pleasantly surprised every week with a new mind opening experience with the group. I received so much self realization about my own journey through woman hood that my thirst for more exploration grew each week.

Victoria’s teachings awaken an artistic capacity in the physical body to experience a woman’s vibrant energy through various exercises, techniques and meditation.”


Very safe and comfortable environment

“I participated in the 5 week Women Tibetan Tantra program and enjoyed the journey of reconnecting to my core. I have participated in many “Personal Growth” workshops in the past, but this one was unique in terms of bringing body, mind, and spirit together and utilizing it towards self- healing. I learned about the Fire meditation that is very powerful to honor and empower my feminine self. I learned about playful and fun tools that can be employed towards promoting self-love and ultimately ending human suffering.

Victoria created a very safe and comfortable environment for women to share their experience as they explored their inner selves. Many Thanks!”


She delivered life-changing content

“The program attracted a very diverse set of women. Viktoria made everyone feel safe, and she delivered life-changing content. The energy of the room over the weeks turned out to be quite healing.

I believe the benefit of this program to be personal, in the sense that you will get what you need out of it (without even consciously knowing what that is).

The fire breathing exercise was extremely powerful for me. The practise seems to burn away clutter and confusion and what you are left with is a life of truth.”


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