Compassionate Communication Program

Personal & Professional confident communication skills to connect with clarity, authentically and effectively.
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Compassionate Communication Program


Are you feeling anxiety, stress, tension and a rollercoaster of emotions in your workplace, with friends and loved ones?

Do you find yourself shutting down when the person you are speaking with is trying to fix things instead of listen? Making you feel unheard and not understood.

Do you find yourself in conversations where people speak over you and give you uninvited advise? Making you shut down, feeling raw and hurt, and not able to connect.

Have you noticed that you are not a very good listener and your loved ones and work collegues get frustrated in their attempt to connect with you?

Do you find yourself  in confrontations, or you go quite or feel frustrated with tears of anger.

You are not alone. 

There is a way to conscisously and safely express yourself with compassion. You can learn to communicate with amazing connect and power presence in your personally and professionally.

Compassionate Communication LIVE on-line program gives you the tools, knowledge, wisdom and understanding to connect with powerful presence and compassion. Learning the power of language. sensate and visual ques within your body to allow for an emotional expression. Bring insight to the different ways in which we process and express ourselves. Practice conscious compassionate communication skills with yourself and your fellow program participants and change your life today.

This holistic approach to your communication skills and style touches on all areas of your life to speak with clarity, authenticity and effectively.

  1. Foundational formula of Communication and Social Awareness with the Power of Language.
  2. Role playing scenarios for Relationships & Intimacy conversations.
  3. Role playing life experiences and conversations for Family and children.
  4. Role playing scenarios for professional rapport building with collegues, management and executives.
  5. Role playing scenarios for customer service relations.
  6. Role playing scenarios with yourself.
Family Communication
Family Communication
Family Communication
Family Communication with Daughter

Compassionate Communication for Everyday Life

Compassionate Communication LIVE on-line program is all about the practice, practice, and practice in all formats;

  • conversation
  • texts
  • emails
  • letters
  • website content
  • and more 

You will be guided, supported and mentored to polish and change your communication skills. Fine tune your approach to active listening, share embodied life experiences with depth and connection. Giving you the ability to connect with everyone in your life profoundly and passionately.

The Compassionate Communication LIVE on-line program is created for self-mastery, for the knowledge and wisdom seeking enthusiasts! The curious, the new, the beginners, the intermediate and the advanced. 

What you will get:

Mentoring, Guidance & Support 

Brought to you by the knowledgeable, and skillful guides with 15+ years of coaching experience. Giving you the focused support and care you need and deserve with carefully crafted content for your success.

The guidance to …

  • wield powerful communication skills to connect personally & professionally. 

  • amplify your confidence and compassion for a more fulfilling life.

  • be accountable for your s#@% and nip things in the bud instead of allowing them to become overwhelming and out of control.

  • shift your perspective and mindset towards healthy and thriving relationships.

  • authentically express yourself to meet your needs and live a passionate life.

  • create a balance of mindful and emotional boundaries to be more kind, loving and generous.

Recorded Session Segments

Recorded for you to review at your pace. 


Complimentary 4 Compassionate Communication Practice group workshops to keep you on track.

Your 1-Day Immersive LIVE On-line Program is from 1:00pm – 5:00pm
The program is limited to 8 participants. Save your seat today!

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