Dare to be Adventurous

Play & Connect Challenge Event for SINGLES & PARTNERS

The Ultimate Play & Connect Challenge Event

through fun relating & communication skills practices.

What is the Dare to be Adventurous: Play & Connect Challenge Event?

The Dare to be Adventurous: The Ultimate Play & Connection Challenge for everyone are dynamic learning  events that raise the bar in relating and communication training! Improving your conscious connection skills to a higher level with fun, quick, and enlightening learning practices.​

Inspired and created by

Viktoria the founder and CEO of www.playfulloving.com. Viktoria is a Holistic Intimacy Specialist: Communication, Intimacy, Relationship & Sexual Wellness Coach, Counsellor & Confidante. For 15+ years, Viktoria has guided, trained and mentored individuals and couples. She is dedicated to creating safe and nurturing spaces for transformation, fun learning experiences, and practical guidelines for your success.

This is a creative new style of conscious relating. Using guided learning practices that help you quickly improve relationship and communication skills, through safe and playful exercises that support participants to be their best and most genuine selves.

Teaching you

Teaching you self-awareness tools, conscious language, and you get boundary-setting practice time which supports you, to love you. Your  invitation is to always approach the exercises with curiosity and wonder. So, you can cultivate a healthy balance of confidence and courage.

The Benefits:

  • You are more self-aware and present.

  • You become a better friend and partner.

  • You are more compassionate and kind.

  • You have a better sense of empathy.

  • You take better care of yourself.

  • You are less stressed.

  • You are a better communicator. 

  • You learn how to say “no.”

  • You start trusting people more.

  • You are less angry and resentful.

  • You are clear about your “yes.”

  • You do things you actually want to do.

  • You become a more understanding person.

  • You build confidence to deeply connect with a partner.
  • You build great connection skills in a playful fun format.
  • You learn how to support a partner at their pace and comfort.
  • You strengthen your awareness of what you enjoy.
  • You strengthen your awareness of what your partner enjoys

Giving you the confidence and comfort levels to have interesting, respectful and colourful conversations within your everyday life.

My Approach

“You are invited to integrate my approach which is based on being curious, mindfully self-aware, and to honour, respect and trust yourself first and foremost. This way you are always within your boundaries of safety, consent and comfort in all areas of your life.”

What does a Dare to be Adventurous event look like?​

You will be guided step-by-step into a wide range of diverse exercises that engage you in a safe and playful way through the use of various connection and relating practices that include:

  • Yoga (mindful awareness)
  • Tantra (Dark, Red and White)
  • improv (creative collaboration)
  • compassionate communication
  • dance movement
  • masculine & feminine polarity play
  • energetic polarity awareness
  • kinky play scenarios
  • storytelling creation
  • role play improv
  • dynamic power exchange
  • words of affirmation
  • predicament scenarios
  • touch sensation
  • and more

This is designed to bring you into full presence with yourself (your mind, body, heart, and energy). IMPORTANT NOTE: For the duration of the event you are asked to choose the Giver or Receiver role. Also known in Tantra as Active or Receptive polarity position.


“Just an amazing experience that allowed me to learn a lot about myself in a fun and dynamic way.” – Lisa M

“I was surprised by the wild card option. I was in teacher/student mode and you popped me out of it. I loved that it twisted my brain into being more present. I loved the pace of the evening. Great facilitation. ” – Clive

You will experience expanded possibilities for relating to another person in a more profound way. You come away with greater confidence in your ability to know and express yourself. Shift your perspective on what a healthy and playful relationship can feel and look like. Dare to be Adventurous in your learning!​

Enjoy a worthwhile, dynamic, fun and playful event that will leave you feeling nourished, open-hearted and excited to be in connection with life!

Who is this for?

Singles and couples/partners who attend Dare to be Adventurous events are curious and seeking to become more self-aware while enjoying new and familiar faces in a conscious community. Socialize and grow at the same time!

Participants say that these events have improved their communication skills, giving them confidence to move away from previous challenges and the awkwardness that can be experienced meeting and connecting with people.​

* Our events are inclusive of everyone. Warm Welcome!

Partners/CouplesDare to be Adventurous learning event is for people looking to have a date night as a way to get closer or to stay closer – intimate, connected, bring back that spark, but seriously how? 

This is why the Dare to be Adventurous events are here! A cost appropriate outing where you will have something to talk about for years. You will be inspired with new ideas to spark your relationship. Including a space where challenging moments in a relationship have support and you can practice communication.

Singles: Dare to be Adventurous learning events are the perfect way to discover, explore and practice your intimacy skills before you meet the right person. Single and just want something to do?

Not looking for a relationship but want to get out and meet people. Join us and learn how to review and vet suitors, connect and build relating and communication skills! Bonus!

How many people attend?

Limited to 16-20 participants based on venue size. Our current venue is Alternity Elixir Bar & Lounge, 333 Bloor St. W. (Spadina subway), which has a capacity of 50, so that means lots of space for our event attendees.

​Arrival and check-In

You are invited to arrive at 7pm so you can enjoy a nourishing elixir and check-in at least 15min before our 7:30pm event start time.

​What to wear?

​Online/InPerson: Dress to impress and express yourself with colourful and textured attire, like socks, scarf, jewellery, shirt, pants, lipstick hue, etc.  Wear comfortable clothing with layers as we cannot control the room temperature for everyone. Please note we sometimes sit on yoga mats.

Super Important Note: This is a fragrance-free event due to people’s sensitivities and allergies. No synthetic strong aromatic colognes, perfumes, moisturizers, deodorant, detergent, fabric softner, etc. You are welcome to put on a “dab” of essential oil. Please note you will be respectfully asked to leave if you have a strong scent and sadly, your ticket will not be refunded.

What to bring?

  • You are always invited to bring an open heart and mind.
  • Your choice of breath freshner; candy, spray, etc.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

We know a lot can happen between now and the event. When you cancel 48 hours prior to the event date by email or telephone you will be refunded the full amount. This graciously invites someone on the waitlist to attend. Sadly, we are not able to refund your ticket under 48 hours cancellation due to space rental costs.


Whatever nerves I had about trying a [Dare to be Adventurous event] were quickly alleviated by Viktoria’s skillful facilitation of this event. She was thoughtful and engaging and created a safe space for the group to really dive in. Just an amazing experience that allowed me to learn alot about myself in a fun and dynamic way. I can’t wait to engage in more beautiful and healing workshop experiences. Thank you for a delicious experience, see you soon.

Lisa M

Viktoria has created a beautiful and safe experience for people to explore the world of tantra in a loving and playful environment. 

We were able to connect with others within our own comfort zones through engagement or by simply discussing different topics. This event allowed us to reconnect with our natural loving state and to play within our boundaries.

I was able to experience feelings of love, empathy and laughter with strangers who offered the same level of respect and curiosity towards myself.

Thank you! You are creating important community!


A safe and fun environment was created where we were guided through an evening of really enjoyable dark tantra exercises similar to speed dates.  Before starting each exercise, you and your partner set personal limits and boundaries.  This allowed you to make a real connection with your partner. The evening was an enjoyable way to meet new people.

Thank you for hosting such an enjoyable evening. Looking forward to future events.
Heart to heart hugs.

Jim B

Easy activities that were modifiable with different energetic bodies – thumbs up!

Just overall good fun


I truly enjoyed the event.

Usually I am a [giver] but opted to be a [receiver] during the exercises. A safe environment was provided that allowed me to be open to explore this side of myself. Each activity had us check in with our partner ensuring we were grounded and ready to engage, modify or discuss the activity as well as check each other’s boundaries.

The exercises progressed from vanilla to grey over the evening. You know it was good fun when 2 hours felt like 15 minutes. By the end of the exercises my emotional and energy levels were way up.

Looking forward to  Level 2.


Loved meeting different people and had the opportunity to discuss and experience level 1 [exercises of relating] with various personalities. With each new partner and activity, the anticipation was as tantalizing as the act of doing them. I learned much about myself and was able to breakthrough my comfort zone and discovered my boundaries. Thank you 


Thank you for a wonderful event. It was good to see you again. Loved the learning. I feel more confident in asking for what I want in a relationship as well as in intimate play.

Until next time! Gracefully,


I liked that I could experiment in a safe regulated space it felt nice to have someone other than my lover run a feather over my face and not feel like I am being unfaithful.  It was good to know I can feel pleasure with some one else.


Viktoria created an incredibly safe environment. She does a great deal of work to make everyone involved have a safe and good environment. I will happily return.

Thank you for a wonderful experience last night!


A great way for me to identify my role in intimate relationship dynamics, all done in a fun, friendly and safe environment. Two thumbs up!  Look forward to the next one.


It was good practice to honestly verbalize what I wanted, and I can see how important that is to intimacy. 


I enjoyed connecting with lots of different people, feeling their energy and interacting with them.  It was a safe, yet interesting and stimulating environment.

Thanks Viktoria!


Bring on level 2!! 

I was pleasantly surprised by your event – I like how it made me feel vulnerable, actually!

Thank You!


About  the Creation of Dare to be Adventurous

The Dare to be Adventurous: The Ultimate Play & Connect Challenge is a passionate project that came together through the creative expression of the dynamic playfulloving team (Viktoria and associates).

Recognizing and identifying with clients, and personal experience that people are in: emotional pain; struggling; challenged by awkward social relating and lack of communication skills; and most importantly, unable to be fully present. Technology has not necessarily contributed to greater intimacy. It is the opposite. It has created distance and contraction within. You are not alone.​

From this great need for deeper intimacy and genuine connection, the inspirational spark for learning events with a safe and fun container to support you and people like you. To show up fully, authentically, and be consciously present. We know that everyone has the ability to have the vibrant, healthy, and playful loving intimacy they desire.

This passion for greater intimacy helped in designing simple, quick and playful learning events. To help you integrate new relating and communication skills into your heart, body and mind in a deliciously fun way!​

​Looking forward to guiding you!
Wondrous delights abound,

Photo of Viktoria Kalenteris - Playful Loving


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