Supercharge Your

Love & Fire
3-Day Retreat

with Viktoria

Invitation to Couples


Join Viktoria for a 3-day weekend retreat where we learn how to recognize and release blocks (trauma, tension, and shame). So, you can overcome the fear, anxiety, and stress that works against you. You will reclaim and deepen your connection as a couple through relating exercises, emotional release practices, and touch techniques to supercharge your relationship.

October 7-8-9, 2022

Friday-4pm to Sunday 4pm

Allow your love to be greater than your fear and begin a deepening of your connection when you register.

Early Bird Registration (wih awesome Bonuses) ends October 3rd

What do connection blocks do?

Blocks create walls and masks that dim the light of passion and authentic connection. Everyone wants lasting love, happiness, and a lifetime of fireworks in the bedroom. Too often, our endlessly busy lives leave us settling for quick pecks and empty conversations. You know, the ones that revolve around weekend chores, back-to-school shopping, or the stresses at work. It’s this settling, this routine, this ‘it’ll fix itself’ belief, that dulls the flames and inevitably kills intimacy. The truth is— it does not fix itself. 

The fix begins when you roll up your sleeves and say “We are doing this together.”










Does this show up in your life?

What do connection blocks look like?

  • Feeling disconnected from your partner
  • Lost your playfulness with each other
  • You have fallen into a routine
  • Living separate lives under the same roof
  • You shut down during physical intimacy
  • Fear of asking for what you desire
  • Lost the passion you once had
  • Want to get off the transactional wheel

You are not alone.


A Supportive Safe Space to Build Connection

My Transformational Approach to Blocks


Recognize the hidden effects of blocks in your  body, mind, heart, and relationship. Be in awareness and overcome the feeling of tension, trauma, and anxiety. Gain a sense of the edge of your blocks before they take over and begin to build confidence. Understand the role of your blocks and how that awareness can help you release and transform.


In a safe and supported space created by Viktoria and you. Together we will help you reclaim and harness your feminine and masculine flow of possibilties.  You will experience simple—yet powerful practices and tools (body movement, emotional expression and guided meditations) that help you release blocks of connection. 


Break out of the blame and shame cycle and show yourself kindness and compassion. Begin to consciously reclaim yourself fully. Apply your new found supportive practices and tools in your everyday life and stay on the feminine flow, power, and possibilities path of joy, acceptance, and healthy connections with yourself, life, and loved ones.


Break out of the blame and shame cycle and show yourself kindness and compassion. Begin to consciously reclaim yourself fully. Apply your new found supportive practices and tools in your everyday life and stay on the feminine flow, power, and possibilities path of joy, acceptance, and healthy connections with yourself, life, and loved ones.

You Are Worthy of Love & Connection as You Are

It’s time to release the shame that keeps your authentic self hidden

Facing shame and its negative patterns on your life may sound uncomfortable, or even scary. And to be honest, it can be.

But there is a powerful, transformational release that comes into play.

You think you are intentionally choosing your emotions. When you block the bad feelings, you block the good as well. By numbing shame, you numb joy.

When you choose to feel your way through shame, you also choose to let in everything good: Love. Wonder. Playfulness. Excitement. Joy. And that’s how you begin to take your feminine flow and power back.

With your heart open and aligned with your body, mind, and energy, you can choose to reframe your narrative. And begin to see your worth.

You can choose to stop hiding and playing small/big. No need to seek approval. Embrace yourself unconditionally and live a fulfilling life with meaningful connections.

You are worthy of love and connection as you are.

It’s possible.
It’s worth fighting for.
And it begins with you


Why do this at a retreat?

Join us and take time away from your usual demands. Let go more easily into the flow of life & deepen self-trust. See your patterns with increased clarity and compassion & use them as a stepping off point for evolution. Gain new perspective, deepen, & align with your feminine flow, power, & possibilities, and create a life of meaning & love.

Come Play with Us!


Why Choose Our Retreat?

We Support YOU to become a Badass Shame Cycle Catalyst

What will you experience with us?

  • Your painful hidden emotions get heard and seen with love and compassion allowing you to release and let go.
  • You get to process your shame in a doubly supportive safe space.
  • You will recognize how shame affects your body, mind, heart, and energy, and the way you create your life.
  • You will be able to take your power back by mastering your inner critic, so you can pull yourself out of the negative self-talk and self-sabotage.
  • You will be able to cultivate self-compassion as a daily healthy habit.
  • You will know how to feel safe in order to allow the flow and magic of your intuition into your life fully.
  • You will feel more confident in letting go of control and allow the flow of creativity to create the life you desire.
  • You will become more resilient and begin to feel a deep sense of confidence in your feminine flow and power.

Expert Intsructors

Meet Your Guides

Viktoria Kalenteris

Holistic Intimacy & Sexual Wellness Specialist

Viktoria is a holistic intimacy, relationship, and sexual wellness coach & counsellor of 15+ years. Mentor and Trainer. An avant-garde provocateur, and radical love agent.

A Transformational Counsellor, Life Coach, and Author. Reiki practitioner, Yoga instructor of Hatha, Laya, and Trauma Sensitive Yoga. Tantra Teacher and Compassionate Communication Facilitator. Trainer of the following massage modalities: Holistic Chi Kung, Bondassage, and Elysium. She is also a T.R.E. (Tension/Trauma Release Exercise) certified provider. Creator and Trainer of Soma Love ®, touch & energy movement massage. And a kinky community member, leader, and Kink teacher, trainer, and mentor for over 15+ years.

She helps women, men and couples struggling with trauma, disconnection, anxiety, frustration, and bedroom boredom with regard to intimacy, communication, confidence building, relationship and sexual wellness with self and partner.

Dedicated to creating safe and nurturing environments to somatically release negative body blocks of emotions, tension, and trauma. Viktoria expertly supports and empowers men, women, and couples to authentically live fully, love deeply, laugh often. And get the confident connection, vibrant, and healthy intimacy they desire through private coaching, programs, mentorship, and training.

“Curiousity creates courage and courage creates confidence.” – V:)

To learn more surf to: 

Diana K Pascos

Emotional Freedom Coaching & Energy Shifter

Let me introduce myself, my name is Diana, and I’m an Emotional Freedom Coach and Energy Shifter, combining a wide range of modalities.

Accredited in EFT / Tapping (EFT International), Multi-Dimensional Energy Shifter, Certified in Beyond Quantum Healing, 5D Breathwork, Reiki & Sound Reiki, & as a Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher.

I will be your guide on your journey to everything being possible. You consciously creating your life and not living by default. Living the life you desire, through emotional freedom.

I have always been intrigued by the human mind, people, and the way we interact in the world. I have found fascination in learning what makes people who they are, the patterns they have created for themselves, how those can be transformed, and how we can learn to live more fulfilled, connected lives.

“Life is NOT about waiting for the storm to pass, it IS about learning to dance in the rain.”

I am a firm believer that there is so much joy and happiness in the world and our lives are full of ENDLESS possibilities, opportunities, and adventures. We are capable of achieving all of our heart’s desires when we know what our blocks are and how we can remove them to live out our purpose.

My goal is to help you fulfill a life full of peace, love, and joy.

To learn more surf to


What People Are Saying

“Viktoria has an incredible energy and ability to really see you for who you are and what you might need. Working with her for eight weeks after the birth of my daughter was pivotal to me coming back to my body and into my relationship in a new and healthier way.

Exploring myself and my intimacy with curiosity, and learning to work with my own energy and power really helped open me up to true connection. I thought that I had left my sexual prime behind me, but now I know that this big change in my life was the beginning of a new, brighter chapter.

Investing in myself through this work made a huge difference in my life and will continue to do so for years to come. Thank you Viktoria.”


“Viktoria was very in-tune with our needs as a couple. She created a positive “no-pressure” atmosphere that helped us grow comfortable very quickly. We learned a lot that we didn’t know before and she gave us plenty of encouragement and support while guiding us through different techniques. It was an eye-opening experience that helped us reach for new levels of intimacy.”

Amanda & Derek

“We learned more in 3 hours at the Love + Fire couples retreat than we did in 6 months of couples therapy. So grateful that we did this retreat!

Ben & Carol

“In busy lives, in complicated lives, too easily intimacy disappears.

Viktoria’s purpose is to bring back that easy relaxing intimacy for people that connects them deeply with themselves initially; and then with their lovers in a way that celebrates and honours our connection with one another.

We can take care of our minds intellectually; our inner selves spiritually; and our bodies through nourishment. Giving ourselves permission to enjoy, celebrate, and love our sensual and sexual ways of being – at all ages and stages – is a priceless gift.

I promise there will be no regrets investing the time in learning with Viktoria.”


“We appreciated the comfortable and safe space you created for us to further deepen our connection. We enjoyed the freedom to move, sit, stand and lay down with each other. The location was amazing. 
Viktoria is a highly skilled workshop facilitator and relationship coach who attends to your comfort and creates a safe place for exploration. Her simple and powerful exercises allowed us to learn how communication beyond words is so important for connection. EVERY couple needs to take a workshop with Viktoria at LEAST once.”
Trish & Paul

‘I really enjoyed getting to know you and I was impressed with your insights and observations.  I find you very intuitive, forthright and understanding.  I very much appreciate this. I feel the session was helpful and a good introduction to helping me get rid of emotional blocks and healing my trauma. It feels like the beginning of something new.  I actually feel different in myself.  It’s hard to explain but perhaps some stuff has already shifted.  Thank you Viktoria.’


‘My lover/partner and I recently attended the Love and Fire couples retreat even though our relationship is sexually quite active, we still felt like we could learn more about how to connect more deeply in lovemaking but also in our communication with each other.  The sessions Viktoria facilitated exceeded our expectations! In fact, we learned a lot about ourselves, our vulnerabilities, our needs. We also learned how great it made us feel to learn how to communicate with love and compassion.  Since that weekend, there is a sense of a deeper loving bond between us. Can’t wait for the sequel! Love and Fire #2!”

Clarisse & Ray


Shame is a sneaky emotion. It hides in plain sight—silencing your self-worth and connection to yourself and loved ones.

Do you hear that nagging voice inside your head that says, I have to be perfect because I don’t want people to figure out that I am not good enough and I don’t know what I am doing?

You unconsciously hide painful emotions that are not seen and heard, and convincing yourself and everyone else, everything is fine (is it?).

You often lash out at your loved ones because you feel so overwhelmed and exhausted? After all, pretending to be perfect is draining and energy sucking. Aaaaah!

And you find yourself letting people walk all over your boundaries to feel a sense of worthiness because of past trauma?

If you said yes to any of the above.

Then this weekend retreat is for you

Shame is an emotion that affects us all and influences the way we show up ad interact with the world and each other. And depending on how we deal with it. shame can shut us down…

or you can choose to transform it to a healthy sense of worthiness, authenticity, and playfulness.

We invite you to join us if you…

  • Often feel like others don’t understand you. You are afraid that they will not accept the authentic you. So, you put on a mask to hide yourself even though you really want to be seen and desire to create more authentic connections.

  • Time and time again you are in people pleasing mode, or perfectionism, or self-criticism mode and wish to set healthy boundaries. So, you can become more self-loving, increase your confidence and be gentle with yourself.

  • Struggle with trusting people and tend to believe you will be judged or disappointed. But you want to get past these beliefs and find safe and loving relationships.

  • Want to learn valuable practices, tools, and simple habits that support your feminine flow and power to bring joy, acceptance, and healthy connections with yourself, life, and loved ones.

The highest form of transformation is curiosity.

Throughout time, retreats have been a precious opportunity for sincere seekers to give themselves more deeply to their reclaiming self-empowerment journey. They provide the supportive environment for transformation, opening us to deeper listening to our body, heart, mind, and energy, and leaving our souls nourished & our lives forever changed.

To feel called to a retreat is to

  • set aside our usual responsibilities in-order-to…
  • give our being a nurturing environment in which you can…
  • relax, release, integrate & be inspired with feminine flow, and in doing so…
  • connect to the simplicity & power of the natural self healing, and…
  • bring forth an ever more evolved version of ourselves so that…
  • we can be authentically, uniquely & meaningfully with self, life and loved ones.

What forms of guided deepening & connection will we experience?

Days are made up of a variety of activities including:

* Opening & Closing Circle

* Elemental Rhythm Breathwork®

* Soma Love Elemental Bodywork®

T.R.E.®(tension/trauma release exercises)

* Emotional Release Exercises

* Adoration Rituals

* Love Languages

* Erotic Pathways

* Fire Element Meditation

* Heart Yoga Body Movement

* Play and Connect Challenges

* Rest & Practice Time

Beyond the carefully designed structure of the retreat. We do our best to allow each gathering enough freedom to unfold within the mystery, trusting that Life wants us our wholeness more than we know and is providing for us every moment.

During breaks from scheduled activities, you are welcome to walk the trails and enjoy a forest bathing, spend time in the gardens, sit by the pond, or relax on our decks and enjoy the stunning views.

Please note that in order to create a container for deepening, most of this retreat will be held without mobile devices during group sessions and encouraged during your chill time, as well.

Nourishing & delicious plant-based meals are served, featuring food from the on-site gardens, and emphasizing organic whole, living & local foods wih an emphasis on living food. All meals are dairy, egg, and gluten free. 

Fragrance Free Space

The Clear Being Retreat Cenre is a fragrance-free environment

Exposure to perfumes and other scented products can trigger very serious health reactions in individuals with asthma, allergies, migraines or multiple chemical sensitivities.

The health effects of fragrances – ranging in severity from mild to debilitating – can include: headaches, migraines, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, shortness of breath and wheezing. For some people, especially those with asthma and other respiratory disorders, exposure to fragrances can trigger the need for emergency medical treatment.

Perfumes and colognes are considered the most concentrated form of fragrance, however fragrances can be found in a wide range of products including soaps, shampoos, deodorants, hairsprays and cosmetics. To protect our community members with chemical sensitivities, we ask for your cooperation in helping to create a ‘scent-free’ environment:

Avoid wearing scented personal care products such as perfume, cologne, aftershave, scented lotions or creams for the body, face or hands. Most brands have fragrance-free products available.


Warm welcome as you approach the retreat centre front door from the parking area.

The Rooms

Each retreat room is beautifully appointed to give you a 4 star feel of luxury.

Private Rooms

There retreat centre has two rooms with private bath. The king and queen bed rooms.

Organic Food

The retreat centre hosts nourishing and delicious Organic plant based whole food and snacks, based on what is seasonal. All meals are dairy, egg, and gluten free.

Great Hall

The retreat centre has a gorgeous group session space named the Great Hall. Originially this space housed a pool. And now it warmly welcomes groups every weekend.


The retreat centre main house is surrounded by Happy Valley forest with a spring pond. And a luscious garden. Enjoy forest bathing at your leisure.

Together You Rise!

Love & Fire
Couples 3-Day Retreat

OCT 7-8-9, 2022



After the Retreat you get supportive group sessions via Zoom.

90 min Sessions 2x a month for 2 months.

($1000 value)


Viktoria’s Bi-weekly LIVE 60 min on-line group sessions on Intimacy Wisdom for Couples for 2 months ($120 value of $60 x 2 mo)


King Room with Ensuite

for 1 couple

$2600/couple tax incl.

or 2 payments of $1325/couple tax incl.

Queen Room with Ensuite

for 1 couple

$2600/couple tax incl.

or 2 payments of $1325/couple tax incl.

Twin Room

5 rooms for 5 couple

$2500/couple tax inclusive

or 2 payments of $1255/couple tax inclusive

Retreat Preparation

You will receive an e-mail reminder 2 and 1 week prior to the Retreat with details regarding how to prepare, what to bring, as well as the retreat schedule.

Cancellation Policy

All sales are final. We know that a lot can happen between now and the program. If you are not able to attend, you can transfer your payment towards your choice of another program within the same year or private coaching.

100% Money Back Gurantee

We stand behind this program with a 100% guarantee. Because we know when you weave the practices into your life, you will be on your way to being a confident beautiful badass feminine power house. 

All you have to do is practice regularly your new and exciting ways of being and transform any block that comes your way. That’s it. After that, if within 30 days, you honestly believe you didn’t get what you signed up for, email us and we will gladly refund your money in exchange for your feedback. That’s how much we believe this program will help you.

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