Tantra Talk  + Social

Tantra Talk and Social is created for ALL Tantra enthusiasts! The curious, the new, the beginners, the intermediate and the advanced that seek community with like minded Tantra peeps.

At the talk & social, you will have an opportunity to meet beautiul beings from my Tantra Tribe Toronto closed Facebook group, previous participants of my workshops, programs, private coaching and other Tantra fun led events.

What will I learn?

*Sangha:/ˈsäNG(ɡ)ə/Sanskrit meaning “community”

Tantra Talk & Social Sangha*
*Sangha:/ˈsäNG(ɡ)ə/Sanskrit meaning “community”
Tantra Talk and Social is created for ALL Tantra enthusiasts! The curious, the new, the beginners, the intermediate and the advanced that seek community with like minded Tantra peeps.  Also, for those  that I have cultivated and nurtured from my coaching programs, workshops and Tantra Tribe Toronto closed FB group. Those that have travelled other Tantra pathways and Also INVITING NEW people who are excited and seek to unveil the mystery of  Tantra.
At the Tantra Talk & Social you have the opportunity to expand your practice with fellow seekers and practitioners of Tantra. Meet diverse fellow Tantra lifestyle enthusiasts of various degrees and levels. Enjoy mingling and having lively Tantra conscious conversations.
The Sangha Social consists of socializing through personal Tantra shares, some guided practices pending group enthusiasm and ask the Tantra teacher questions. Followed by more social time as a supportive loving and compassionate sangha!
You may choose to observe or practice. Allowing yourself to weave Tantra teachings from your various learnings.
Who can attend?
Open to solo beings of feminine or masculine polarities, couples, friends, all orientations, genders identity, lifestyles, and those free of labels. Welcome and be Celebrated!
Here is a list of some of the guided practices you may experience:
– Intention
– Mindful Awareness
– Presence
– Relaxed Focus
– Meditation
– Movement
– Connection
– Sensual
– Playful
– Puja
After the guided Tantra practice(s) we will dedicate the merit (karmic energy) we created with our practice. Sending it out from our hearts to all beings for their benefit. To help remove their suffering, so that they may know harmony, love and compassion.
What to wear?
Please wear attire that expresses your sensual self and that you can sit on a yoga mat. Sensual expression is about what colours of clothing, textures, jewellery and your choice of make-up that make you feel confident and all around feel good.

What to bring?
Virtually: Sit comfortably in a chair or yoga mat with your cushion. Have your water nearby and if you are up to it, set up a mini alter in your personal space.
In-Person Venue: Bring a yoga mat and your chosen cushion of comfort as we have a limited amount of yoga mats in the studio. Closed water bottle. Optional, something for the altar.
Temple Nourishment?
Virtually: Place a healthy food item on your mini alter.
In-Person Venue: Optional invitation to bring a healthy food or beverage to share with your sangha. Food size suggestion is a small dinner plate full of your chosen sharing as others will bring something as well.
Temple Alter?
Place your special something on the temple alter area for the evening to be charged with the karmic energy we create as a sangha.
Energy Exchange: $0pp (register for free)
You are INVITED to JOIN our Tantra Tribe Toronto closed FB group

    Who is this for?

    Workshops/Socials are open to everyone and at times to specific groups of people. Everyone includes beings of feminine and masculine form and polarity, single/solo persons, couples/pairs, and group of friends.

    Those who are single and newly single, those looking forward to being with a partner, those in relationships of twenty + years; those newly-partnered and anyone in between.

    Workshops/Socials can also be for specific groups of people. Examples; for couples, or for single people, or for women or for men. Otherwise, as mentioned above the workshops are for everyone.

    People of all orientations and backgrounds, gender identity, lifestyles, and those free of labels. I call, shiny, beautiful beings of curiosity and wonder, are invited, welcomed and celebrated!

    Frequently asked questions

    Each workshop, a different playful loving topic is explored to awaken the curious and explorer within you.

    The topic may be shared through scientific theory and anatomy, ancient wisdom, covering skills, techniques, and tips and video clips. Self-Inquiry, self-reflection, Q & A, reference materials, and optional suggested “Homework/Home Play Work”.

    Each workshop (playshop) offers a different tantalizing topic and opportunity to play and connect with yourself, your partner and or with others. This is experienced with mindful awareness and always within boundaries of safety, consent, and comfort levels with respect, honour, and trust being built with yourself FIRST and reciprocally with others.

    Check out the workshop FAQ’s and Contact me if you have any questions!


    Testimonials from past attendees …

    • “Dear Viktoria, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the 3 sessions of tantric workshop in May. You are a great teacher and know how to present this fascinating material in a structured way while leaving room for questions and surprises.” ~ Flo
    • “Viktoria created and led a wonderful learning and sharing experience. The group brought a diverse and complimentary range of seekers that made the event special and rewarding. I feel blessed for having had this opportunity and look forward to my next experience with Viktoria. Namaste” – Marc
      Sangha is an amazing opportunity to relax and connect with others in a nurturing, sacred and safe way. I love the fact that I can take some time to do some beautiful practices that so many times I put aside, and specially to be able to share with like minded awesome beings ???-Marisol
    • Connection with soul, pure love, good vibe,open minded. It excite me to connect with tantra bro and sis, sharing there experiences ?????-Rosie
    • Great opportunity to meet other Tantra seekers who have chosen to integrate Tantra into their lifestyle. Another way to find other people to learn and grow as a community.-Clive
    • Grateful for the opportunity to create positive energy and connection with fellow Tantra enthusiasts.-Robert
    • The energy Viktoria establishes during her workshops and events is beautiful, peaceful and enticing. It’s foundation is based on feelings of being open, secure and inviting. I’m so grateful to be able to experience tantra and have the opportunity to delve into this world with other like-minded brothers and sisters. ?-Ashleigh
    • Viktoria lead an amazing workshop that created a safe space for everyone let go of any inhibitions and be their true self through fun exercises including a unique tarot card reading! – Viren
    • I loved attending the Sangha Social and found Viktoria’s way of facilitating a group and holding space to be incredibly disarming. The Tantric practices were facilitated in a way that made me feel very comfortable and able to settle in to the energy of the space, as well as meet new people. I felt both relaxed and energized by the end of the Sangha and encouraged in knowing there is a community to connect with.- ?Audra


    What's next AFTER this workshop?

    Take the Sangha Social to the next level by signing up for …

      This is a CLOTHES-ON (no nudity) workshop. 

      Register: choose your date + location

      Don’t see a date scheduled below? Contact me to book your private workshop (8 or more people required). 

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