Sacred Loving Tantra Level 1 for Women

Level 1 - The practice of awareness & awakening. GROUP classes for women only.
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Level 1 is designed to focus on:

  • elemental fire meditation
  • compassionate communication
  • open your heart centre
  • expand & extend physical joy
  • yoni yoga for strength & suppleness
  • self-healing body and heart
  • tantra body groove movements

Everyone can attain a sacred loving lifestyle through this 3,000+ year old ancient wisdom of Tantra and Daoist practices. A way of connecting deeper to yourself and others and the divine. The program is a journey that focuses on knowledge and wisdom of sacred sensuality and sexuality, acceptance, self-discovery, awakening, healing, and celebration. Gaining the ability to release the negative bumps in the road of life and monky mind chatter. Engaging all levels of life's expriences with mindful awareness, super sensual embodiment with presence and joy.

The journey focuses on embodied practices, knowledge and wisdom of self-discovery, awakening, healing, and celebration. Weaving science and woo woo with ancient practices of written exercises, practices of meditation, visualization, sound, compassionate communication, practices of movement with your body and energy.

Resulting in clearly defined presence, mindful awareness, relaxation, and focus. Cultivation of confidence, compassion, connection, the holding of sacred space(safety), healing, acceptance, wonder, curiosity, playfulness, passion, love, laughter and joy! 

Here’s what we’ll cover in Level 1


  • Learn what the elements of Tibetan Tantra. Focus on cleaning internally with fire element

  • Practice moving these new elements through your body with meditation

  • Feel the movement of energy through all parts of your body

  • Quiet the monkey mind and oxygenate savvy meditation tools


  • Master your skills in communication with everyone you talk to
  • Learn how to feel your natural energy within your body
  • Discover new breathing techniques to calm, soothe and bring new energy to your body
  • Learn to start loving and accepting yourself and body
  • Understand how we all have our own love languages and how we use these to communicate


  • Discover how to move your body in yoga positions not taught in your typical class
  • Learn to move your body allowing energy to move throughout your system
  • Practice feeling into your feminine (emotional) side and your masculine (protective) side
  • Understand why & how we move our bodies when we are feeling more feminine or masculine
  • Learn how to move the natural energy and tantric elements throughout your body


  • Learn what setting an intention is and how it relates to all aspects in your life
  • Learn how to let go and release guilt, shame and trapped feelings buried deep within you
  • Discover how to have more sensual and sexual pleasure in your life (by yourself and/or with your partner)
  • Learn tips, techniques and tools to enhance your sexual pleasure
  • Learn how to give and receive pleasure unconditionally with your partner
  • Understand how to be there for your partner and others and create a safe space for sharing
  • Discover how to give a tantric yoni and lingam massage

Important note: there is NO nudity. This is a CLOTHES-ON teaching platform with demonstrations performed on silicone models.

Testimonials from program graduates

Pleasantly surprised each week ...

“I was pleasantly surprised every week with a new mind opening experience with the group. I received so much self realization about my own journey through woman hood that my thirst for more exploration grew each week.

Victoria’s teachings awaken an artistic capacity in the physical body to experience a woman’s vibrant energy through various exercises, techniques and meditation.”


Very safe and comfortable environment

“I participated in the 5 week Women Tibetan Tantra program and enjoyed the journey of reconnecting to my core. I have participated in many “Personal Growth” workshops in the past, but this one was unique in terms of bringing body, mind, and spirit together and utilizing it towards self- healing. I learned about the Fire meditation that is very powerful to honor and empower my feminine self. I learned about playful and fun tools that can be employed towards promoting self-love and ultimately ending human suffering.

Victoria created a very safe and comfortable environment for women to share their experience as they explored their inner selves. Many Thanks!”


She delivered life-changing content

“The program attracted a very diverse set of women. Viktoria made everyone feel safe, and she delivered life-changing content. The energy of the room over the weeks turned out to be quite healing.

I believe the benefit of this program to be personal, in the sense that you will get what you need out of it (without even consciously knowing what that is).

The fire breathing exercise was extremely powerful for me. The practise seems to burn away clutter and confusion and what you are left with is a life of truth.”


Here’s what you’ll get in womens level 1

Group classes

  • 5 weeks of group classes in person – Toronto, Ontario
  • Each class is 2 hours including teaching, exercises, dialog and sharing
  • Small class sizes – limited to 5 participants per session


  • Fully supported between classes – contact me anytime during your program by phone or email with any questions you have
  • In class sharing and support with myself and class participants
  • Sacred safe space for sharing, encouragement and guidance
  • Private group forum for participants to ask questions

Guides and materials

  • Awesome homework/homeplay practices
  • Reference guides
  • Journal

Private forum

  • Access to special offers and discounts
  • Access to attend Playful Loving – Tantra Tribe monthly socials

Practice aids (a $250 value)

  • medium jade egg
  • rose quartz ben wa balls
  • lucite crystal wand
  • women’s anatomy of arousal book

Investment – tantra for women level 1

$550 – for your 5 week program (2 hrs/week)

    Cancellation/Refund info:

    • Full refund if you cancel 8 days or more before start date.
    • Full refund if I cancel at anytime.
    • Credit applied to future coaching if you cancel 7 days before start date.

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