Desire+Trust Retreat for Men and Women

Calgary, AB, Canada ~ January 24-25, 2020
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Desire and Trust for men and women is a 2-day exlusive program. This program will help you define intimacy to attract a partner with meaningful connection, and sustain a fulfilling healthy relationship. 

Helping men and women…

  • redefine your desires and how to trust by identifying your intimacy needs with confidence, curiosity and clarity.
  • fine tune your relating skills to honour yourself and ask for what you desire.
  • master your body, heart and mind with touch awareness and energy movement skills.
  • be more passionate and playful to get the vibrant intimacy you desire, at any stage in your life.

    Join an exclusive small group of like-minded people excited to move towards authentic intimacy through practices and exercises of self-awareness, connection, and curiosity. 

    You want intimacy in which you feel awakened, alive, and activated.

    Intimacy that is not stagnant and mundane in your everyday but allows you to feel bodacious and confident; intimacy that you and a partner can craft into an adventurous journey of connection and desire. 

    So many people see themselves feeling stuck and in need of inspirational guidance. Some experience differences in desire with others. And some have different style of desire that is difficult to communicate. Others struggle with past negative experiences that create a disconnect to their intimacy with themselves and a partner. Most people have challenges on where to begin.

    “Desire + Trust” retreat can help you experience the connection and passion you crave and need.

    Our immersive program will help you deal with feelings of negative self-awareness, the fear of being pushed away, and routine. You will receive clarity on your intimacy needs and desires and better understand your personal intimacy formula.

    “Great lovers are not born, they are made.” – Peggy Kleinplatz, Ph.D.

    This 2-day immersive program will give you the language, understanding and exercises to discover and explore your desires and become more comfortable and intentional with your intimacy needs. We teach you self-awareness tools, conscious language, and you get boundary-setting practice time which is all about having the courage to love yourself.

    ​Our years of intimacy coaching has shown us many benefits of improving your boundary-setting ability as follows:

    • ​You are more self-aware and present.
    • You become a better friend and partner.
    • You are more compassionate and kind.
    • You have a better sense of empathy.
    • You take better care of yourself.
    • You are less stressed.
    • You are a better communicator.
    • You start trusting people more.
    • You are less angry and resentful.
    • You learn how to confidently say “no.
    • You are clear and confident about your “yes.”
    • You do things you actually want to do.
    • You become a more understanding person.

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    What’s my investment?

    • 2 Day Desire + Trust Singles Program
    • 10+hrs Immersive Group Training
    • 6+hrs practice activities
    • Practices of presence, passion and playfulness
    • $440/person. Deadline to book is January 22

    We have designed this immersive program with real time demonstrations, exercises, practices, knowledge and the wisdom for you to use immediately. Our mission is to help you attain the intimacy you desire with love, curiosity and passion.

    Desire + Trust for singles is a rare, self-empowerment exclusive small group experience. Its intimate, enlightening, inspirational and a fantastic healthy upgrade for your intimacy in the 21st century.

    Our mission

    Our mission is to help you build and upgrade your personal tools and get the intimacy you desire that makes you feel passionate, playful and alive within yourself and within a relationship.

    We have spent over 10+ years helping men and women work through their relational challenges. Many of our clients are in different stages when they show up at our door.

    • Those people who notice the little things that can have a bigger ripple effect unchecked and want to nip things in the bud.
    • Those people who show up when things get out of proportion and become serious that they require collateral damage control and crisis management.
    • Those people who want to start on the right foot with the best tools, skills, and language to keep the love and fire of passion alive.
    • Those that want to break the patterns of past unfulfilling relationships

    Redefining Desire is an excellent foundation to sustain and maintain any relationship.

    Amazing opportunity to work with an incredible intimacy coach and connect with your significant other on a deeper level.

    Viktoria’s insightful wisdom and ability to cut to the chase is exceptional. She is intentional, heartfelt, and genuine. She embodies presence and compassion in each present moment and has the ability to ignite creative expression allowing you and your partner to return to states of innocence and playfulness.

    Rebekah, Calgary, AB

    How does Desire + Trust retreat for singles work?

    nce you sign up for Redefining Desire retreat, you will receive a welcome email with details to prepare you with what to bring, location and pre-program homework with an intake form. 

    • Session 1: Understanding Your Erotic MakeUp
    • Session 2: Learn Intimacy Communication Skills
    • Session 3: Discover and Explore Intimacy Styles
    • Session 4: Master Confident Emotional Vulnerability 

    The 2-day immersive program is set to be an exclusive group of 5 men and 5 women. We will guide everyone together and separate the women from the men at various points and giving you ample custom guidance in an inclusive learning and self-empowerment journey.

    You will receive a journal to write in, a binder with reference material, exercises to practice and other material for your practices.

    Desire + Trust will teach you to:

    • Learn and Understand Your Needs – Engage in a guided process of self-awareness, self-reflection and exploration to connect with your intimacy needs.
    • Communicate Compassionately and Effectively – Learn strategies to successfully communicate your intimacy styles, and openly speak your truth, share past trauma and heartfelt fears.
    • Supercharge Your Level of Intimacy with Curiosity – Discover and engage in exciting new intimacy approaches and inspiration to change things up from past complacency and the mundane and redefine and refresh your intimacy with success.

    Desire + Trust is a rare, self-empowerment exclusive small group self-development experience. Its intimate, enlightening, inspirational and a fantastic healthy upgrade to your intimacy in the 21st century.

    Thanks Viktoria.

    So overall after the 2 days I am very satisfied and happy. I feel much more robust, especially energetically within myself. If I were made of tubes inside it’s as if we took drano and cleared the gunk out, it’s a nice pure flowing feeling. This is obviously a great way to begin the healing/connection you’ve described to my heart and mind, and everything :).

    In another way I’m much more optimistic about what I can do with my future, I’m looking forward to my life more than I was before I came to see you, and that’s a very good thing.

    Thanks so much. All the best to you.

    Chris, Toronto, ON

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    Best Western Plus Chestermere Hotel
    200 Marina Dr, Chestermere, AB T1X 1N2,

    Direct: (587) 349-7444
    Toll Free Central Reservations 1(800) 780-7234
    Check-In: 3:00 PM Check-Out: 11:00 AM

    Accommodations are separate from the Redefining Desire Retreat singles program. Please BOOK your accommodations directly with the hotel or your choice of a local Air BnB.


    It amazes me how straight-forward talk about sex, sexuality and sensuality cuts through the stereotyping, shaming, and bullshit information we are inundated with in this culture around women’s bodies and women’s sexuality.

    The Tantra for Women course helped me get deeper in touch with the sacredness of my sexuality and my body. I gained greater awareness of my body and how she likes to be touched. I learned through experiential exercises how different ways of breathing affects the breadth and depth of pleasure, and most importantly, I found a space where I could simply be.

    Viktoria is open, knowledgeable, intense, playful, compassionate and holds a solid, grounding, space for women to heal and explore. There is no “one way” or “right way” in her class – it’s all about exploring and experimenting…and she gives the best homework assignments!


    Cancellation Policy

    All sales are final.

    We know that a lot can happen between now and the retreat. If you are not able to attend, you can transfer your retreat payment towards your choice of another retreat within the same year or private coaching.

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