Water+Fire Tantra Singles Weekend Retreat

Calgary, AB, Canada ~ April 26-27-28, 2019
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Water + Fire Tantra Retreat is an exclusive small group 3 day immersive for single men and women who want to embrace a sacred approach to intimacy with PRACTICES of PRESENCE, PASSION and PLAYFULNESS! 

Inviting single men and women. Welcome and be celebrated! 

Does this sound familiar to you? 

  • Looking to practice fearless intimacy with a sacred approach.
  • Are you feeling disconnected from yourself and past partners?
  • Have you lost your playfulness, creativity and fallen into a routine?
  • Have you had bad past experiences with partners that affect your intimacy? 

Join an exclusive small group of like-minded people excited to move towards authentic intimacy through practices and exercises of sacred connection, curiosity, and confidence.    

Limited to 12 individuals with a balance of 6 masculine and 6 feminine polarities. 

My name is Viktoria Kalenteris, intimacy coach for 14+ years and proudly Canadian. As an intimacy coach I take great joy empowering men, women and couples to find their vibrant joy, playfulness, love and connection. I specialize in self-empowerment and holistic sexuality with a focus on intimacy with yourself, first and foremost and then with your partner. 

I am excited to invite you to an intimate, exclusive retreat for singles in the beautiful outskirts of Calgary, Alberta (25min east of Calgary). Space is limited to 12 participants (6 masculine and 6 feminine polarities). 

You will benefit from the shared insights and observations of the small group retreat. You will also see that you are not the only ones with challenges and concerns looking to improve your approach towards intimacy. 

You will get quality time spent consciously connecting and having fun. Exploring with curiosity and wonderment. Relaxing and recharging. Turning up your levels of awareness, confidence, passion and profound presence.  

Guided Practices of


  • Meditation practices of the mind and body
  • Self-awareness and partner awareness practices


  • Learn to read your partner’s body, mind, heart and energy
  • Listen and expand your heart connection with compassionate communication skills
  • Authentically express your desires, intention, boundaries and consent


  • Practice the fusion of breath, sound and body movement
  • Become confidently and consciously aware of your body, mind, heart and energy
  • Share and dive deeper with your intimacy with a SPECIAL ancient ceremony, the puja* 


  • Learn to read your partner’s body, mind, heart and energy
  • Learn how your playful loving energy can ground, nurture and heal
  • Immerse yourselves in the sensate practice of the 6 senses
  • Learn how to express your erotic style; sensual, super sensual, primal, and energetic

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What’s my investment?

  • 3 Day Water & Fire Tantra Singles Program
  • 10+hrs Immersive Group Training
  • 6+hrs practice activities
  • Practices of presence, passion and playfulness
  • $440/person. Deadline to book is April 20


Water + Fire Schedule

Friday, April 26

  • 5:30pm: Arrive/Check-In + Meet and Greet
  • 6:30pm – 9:00pm Water + Fire Retreat activities (2.5hrs)
  • 9:00pm- 10:00pm – homework + intimacy assignment


    • Welcome & Introduction
    • Opening Circle & Intention Setting
    • Practices of Meditation, Connection, Awareness, and Presence

Amazing opportunity to work with an incredible intimacy coach and connect with your significant other on a deeper level.

Viktoria’s insightful wisdom and ability to cut to the chase is exceptional. She is intentional, heartfelt, and genuine. She embodies presence and compassion in each present moment and has the ability to ignite creative expression allowing you and your partner to return to states of innocence and playfulness.

Rebekah, Calgary, AB

Saturday, April 27

  • 8:00am – 10:00am Breakfast + private practice time
  • 10:00am – 1:00pm: Water + Fire Retreat activities (3hrs)
  • 1:00pm – 3:00pm: Lunch + homework practice
  • 3:00pm – 6:00pm: Water + Fire retreat activities (3hrs)
  • 6:00pm – 8:00pm: Dinner (Vietnemese Pho House Menu Selection) + homework practice
  • 8:00pm – 11:00pm: social  + intimacy assignment


  • Practice the fusion of breath, sound and body movement
  • Authentically express your desires, intention, boundaries and consent
  • Learn how you express your elements of intimacy; primal, sensual, energy & super sensual 
  • Become confident and consciously aware of your body, mind, heart and energy
  • Become consciously aware of your partner’s body, mind, heart and energy
  • Learn about the energy that can heal, release and re-sensitize
  • Connection, relaxation and recharge exercises


Thanks Viktoria.

So overall after the 2 days I am very satisfied and happy. I feel much more robust, especially energetically within myself. If I were made of tubes inside it’s as if we took drano and cleared the gunk out, it’s a nice pure flowing feeling. This is obviously a great way to begin the healing/connection you’ve described to my heart and mind, and everything :).

In another way I’m much more optimistic about what I can do with my future, I’m looking forward to my life more than I was before I came to see you, and that’s a very good thing.

Thanks so much. All the best to you.

Chris, Toronto, ON

Sunday, April 29

  • 8:00am – 10:00am Breakfast + intimacy assignment
  • 10:00am- 1:00pm: Water + Fire retreat activities and closing circle (3hrs)


  • What is a Puja? A Puja is an adoration ritual for today’s woman and man. Inviting you to drop the masks and be open and vulnerable to each other. You are seen as the goddess and god in this ancient ceremony.
  • This time honoured ritual offers an opening to receive and learn the art of emotional cultivation. It is a meticulous process which employs ritual, non-verbal communication, and Tantric presence to invoke and stir the soul.
  • The ceremony begins before you even enter the space. It begins with being a Yes to receive. Choosing to participate in a ritual to embody a divine quality. The holding of space to give with your receptivity. Allowing the possibility of receiving without a need to give back, to explain, to minimize or hold off of the emotional experience you have within you. – Kai Karrel, teacher and mentor.



As a returning member of the dating scene I thankfully am grateful for your teachings, support and guidance. You always know the right moment and words to give me. Your coaching is amazing.

John, Mississsauga, ON

Viktoria was very knowledgable with a good amount of theory and interactiveness. Learned to listen from my heart and how I relate with my masculine and feminine polarity.

Helen, Oakville, ON

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Best Western Plus Chestermere Hotel
200 Marina Dr, Chestermere, AB T1X 1N2,

Direct: (587) 349-7444
Toll Free Central Reservations 1(800) 780-7234
Check-In: 3:00 PM Check-Out: 11:00 AM

Accommodations are separate from the Water and Fire Tantra Singles training program. Please BOOK your accommodations directly with the hotel.


There are many options in the area.

Your Confidante, Catalyst and Guide

Viktoria Kalenteris

Viktoria Kalenteris

Intimacy Coach

Do you feel that you are struggling with intimacy in your relationships? Do feelings of shame, guilt, and fear keep you from experiencing a playful and loving intimacy?

You may be experiencing body numbness, discomfort and pain due to past hurts. Or you might feel a drop in desire, vitality and passion.

I want you to know something. You can live your life authentically as an amazing, connected and confident lover.

The answers are not found in any of the suggestions you read about in magazines, like “The 10 Best Ways to Get Your Partner’s Attention.” These tips just scratch the surface, so any results only last a short period of time before things fizzle back to a routine and becomes boring and stagnant.

Let’s take a closer look at the word “Intimacy.” To me, it means “into-me-see.” The path of seeing into yourself. Empowering you to connect with confidence to your intimacy first. When you know how to do that, the rest of life’s intimate moments, experiences and relationships are a piece of cake.

As an intimacy coach I empower men, women and couples to find their vibrant joy and connection. My intimacy coaching specializes in self-empowerment, holistic sexuality, and intimacy with yourself, first and foremost and then with your partner.

Your journey with me may include a healthy amount of science and woo woo, combined with my own special blend of knowledge and wisdom. A journey with transformational counselling, embodied yoga, Daoist and Tantra traditions of healing and empowerment.

Inspired by my own journey. I create a supportive, hand-held, walk with you into the dark and back into the light experience with courage and confidence. Giving you the ability to creatively connect to a vibrant life of self-empowered love and the intimacy you desire.

Viktoria’s course came at just the right time for me. The personal growth I experienced was profound and it opened up my mind and body to new possibilities – not just in terms of intimacy, but in all areas of my life! I started by attending one of Viktoria’s workshops and her facilitation style was so disarming and relaxed that I automatically felt at ease. I love talking about the energetic and spiritual nature of things.

She was also able to teach to the part of me that wants fact or evidence. She’d encourage us to try things to explore our energy and see how they felt if we did them slightly differently. It became an exercise in self-discovery, not right and wrong.
I love Viktoria’s approach to teaching Tantra so much that I keep a stack of her cards in my wallet. I have been recommending her workshops and courses to almost everyone I know, especially women. We can all benefit from learning more self-love and pleasure. Christina

This program has inspired me to go beyond my comfort zone and connect in a deeper way with my body, my soul and with life itself.


Thank you Viktoria for sharing your time, space and wisdom. Insightful and thought provoking! She is an outstanding communicator and brings the group together creating synergy and incredible value! I learned so much from this session both in terms on how to communicate my intentions better and more importantly in the value of using a collaborative approach in co-creating great experiences!

Viktoria created and led a wonderful learning and sharing experience. The group brought a diverse and complimentary range of seekers that made the event special and rewarding. I feel blessed for having had this opportunity and look forward to my next experience with Viktoria. Namaste


Tantra 4 Men was everything I wanted and and both nothing and more than I expected. In addition to ancient tantric practises, Viktoria seamlessly wove in modern scientific findings and emotional and communication techniques.

All of these tools gave me a multitude of ways to better understand and communicate with myself and my partner. I looked forward to every session; my only complaint was that it had to end.



It amazes me how straight-forward talk about sex, sexuality and sensuality cuts through the stereotyping, shaming, and bullshit information we are inundated with in this culture around women’s bodies and women’s sexuality.

The Tantra for Women course helped me get deeper in touch with the sacredness of my sexuality and my body. I gained greater awareness of my body and how she likes to be touched. I learned through experiential exercises how different ways of breathing affects the breadth and depth of pleasure, and most importantly, I found a space where I could simply be.

Viktoria is open, knowledgeable, intense, playful, compassionate and holds a solid, grounding, space for women to heal and explore. There is no “one way” or “right way” in her class – it’s all about exploring and experimenting…and she gives the best homework assignments!


Cancellation Policy

All sales are final.

We know that a lot can happen between now and the retreat. If you are not able to attend, you can transfer your retreat payment towards your choice of another retreat within the same year or private coaching.

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