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Inspired by my personal journey. An epic odyssey of learning, overcoming challenges, healing and connecting. 

I invite you to close your eyes and imagine what it’s like to be in an understanding, emotionally connected, intellectually present playful loving intimate relationship. Can you picture what its like to feel the love of a partner that meets your physical and medical challenges? How about having a partner that supports you on the deepest levels and makes you feel at ease with expressing your desires and needs?

Okay, now open your eyes. Is this your reality? If it is, I’m so happy for you. If it’s not, then I want you to know you are not alone.

Many people see themselves disconnected, starving or broken in their intimate relationships. They don’t know how to ask for what they want and need, without feeling resentment, awkward silence and the fear of bumbling through trauma triggers. They’re left feeling hurt, lonely and disengaged, robbing themselves of the deep connection and joyful intimacy that is possible.

Let’s take a closer look at the word “Intimacy”. To me it means “into-me-see”. You see, the key to real intimacy is in confidently connecting with yourself and releasing the past hurts and limiting beliefs that hold you back.

When you do that, you can live your life fully — with passion and purpose, awaken your potential in life. You create a life of vibrant intimacy, personally and with a partner.

As a father of young adults with over 24 years of partnered relationship experience. I have had a few heart-breaking hurdles that challenged and changed my life more than once.

One of those life changing moments in my life was when my partner was dealing with significant sexual health challenges of the female body. When this disheartening change happened, it caused a hard-left turn with regards to our level of intimacy.  Our physical intimacy was no longer on the relationship menu.

We had to learn how to stay connected and be intimate in a whole new way. I had to learn how to be a different man. To be vulnerable, strong and gentle in the right moment. To be present, a partner who can touch for her pleasure and learn the skills needed to explore all areas of the body for different ways to unlock desire and express the full range of intimacy. From naughty to sacred and the depth and breath in between.

I realized that the level of intimacy awareness and the toolkit of skills and the depth of connection and confidence needs to be shared with others.

You too can get the vibrant life, love and intimacy you desire. You can, rekindle the embers of desire, bring back the close bond, fun and love in your relationship.

As your intimacy coach, you are invited to join me at a group workshop or book a private session where you will discover ways to add sparks that make relationships fun and connect you and your partner together. Learn how to navigate your partners triggers and tender tears and jumpstart the endorphin rush from sensation play with a bit of theatrics and psychology.  These techniques and skills are premeditated and needed so your relationship is radiating from playful loving experiences that will keep you pumped for days.

Intimacy coaching is a doorway to a whole new way to see and feel your world of intimacy. Think of it like inviting a chef into your kitchen. They will ignite your passion for food in new ways with the tools and ingredients found at your fingertips. When they leave, you will look at your kitchen with a new sense of wonder.

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Your Next Step

Empowering you to get the life, love and intimacy you desire as an individual and or couple.

You are invited to book your complimentary Discovery Session.  Where we will hear your story, challenges, concerns, and curiosities with an open heart. During this call we will share some recommendations you can put in place immediately. You will also gain a better sense of how we can work together and how we can best support you.  Let’s chat.

Our Approach

To be mindfully aware and always within my boundaries of safety, consent and comfort levels with respect, honour and trust with myself, first and foremost and then reciprocally with others.

Empowering your personal and partnered intimacy.

Empowering your intimacy with confidence, joy, and passion for life. That path of honouring myself can be yours as well. A journey with transformational counselling, embodied yoga, ancient wisdom of Daoist and Tantra traditions of healing and empowerment.

Inspired by my journey. I have created a supportive, hand-held odyssey where I walk with you into the dark and back into the light with courage and confidence. Giving you the ability to creatively connect to a vibrant life of self-empowered love and the intimacy you desire.

What does intimacy coaching look like?

The self-empowered intimacy coaching and counselling sessions I engage with you integrate the best aspects of the new age science, psycholgogy and ancient wisdom:

My intimacy coaching has a self-empowerment approach that includes:

    • guidance + support

    • confidence building skills
    • safe space + intention setting

    • healthy boundary setting

    • consent clearly defined verbally and non-verbally
    • self-empowerment practices
    • ancient wisdom + modern science

    • language expression

    • psycho-biology

    • holistic chi kung massage

    • Bondassage or Elysium massage
    • anatomy knowledge + anatomy of arousal

    • reference readings + home work

    • natural personal pleasure practices

    • guided + personal self-healing practices

Along with…

Nourishing, cultivating and empowering your confidence, joy and passion for life, love and intimacy. 
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Education and Training

Photo of Viktoria Kalenteris from Playful Loving - Intimacy coaching and tantra programs

Life Coach – Certified Coaches Federation (CCF)

Holistic Intimacy Certified Coach

Bondassage® and Elysium® Certified Practitioner

Soma Love Bodywork Certified Practitioner

Discovery Method of Teaching Certification

S.A.R. (Sexuality Awareness Reassessment) Certificate

Continuing Education

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