Women's Sacred Healing Journey Workshop

FREE LIVE Virtual Workshop for Women's Wisdom and Knowledge

Welcome to the Women’s Sacred Healing Journey WORKSHOP
💕Free LIVE virtual workshop💕

In this time of transition between masculine vs feminine imbalance, connecting to our feminine nature is more challenging than ever. We continue to question how we show up everyday, how we honour our femininity and how to connect authentically to self, loved ones and life.

In our fast-paced world, we find ourselves masking our pain, anxiety, and stress in order to move forward and meet daily blocks and challenges. On the flip side, to allow for greater possibilities and to tap into our creative feminine power, we must make space. It is this space that helps to heal stress, anxiety, loss and trauma.

The Women’s Sacred Healing workshop is designed to empower women with a higher level of consciousness for all walks of life, with practical tools for holistic well-being, self-awareness and profound presence and passion rooted in the knowledge and wisdom from Carla, Marisol and Viktoria.

In this workshop, you will release, reawaken, reconnect, and remember who you are with love and joy in your heart. You will experience transformational tools and techniques of healing for the mind, heart, body and soul.

⭐ Woman’s Sacredness of the Moon Cycle with the Internal Compass and Intuition.
⭐EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique to release shame stories and negative self-talk.
⭐ Sound & Vibrational Attunement to release blocks and rebalance your body and energy.

When you participate in the Women’s Sacred Healing workshop you will experience many benefits:

💕 Develop skills to release body shame and build confidence.

💕 Explore and reclaim your potential for feeling beautiful, desirable and worthy.

💕 Heal your relationship with your intimate self.

💕 Embrace your sacredness as a woman and listen to your body.

💕 Reconnect to and reactivate your power centres and create deeper
connections with loved ones and life.

💕Learn to integrate the Women’s
Sacred Healing Wisdom into your every day to create positive personal and life changes.

Join us at our FREE Women’s Sacred Healing Journey workshop and bring a friend to share in the wisdom and wealth of feminine knowledge.


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will be sent the day before or on the day of the event to registered participants. Please LOOK to your JUNK folder for the zoom link email and add me to your contact list so future emails go into your inbox.

👉IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS IS A CAMERA-ON EVENT and Closed Caption friendly. Please message if you are physically impaired or have other camera challenges to see how we can best support you. Our perspective is that during our workshop you get to see our lovely personalities. And as teachers, we, in turn, love to see everyone in attendance so we can hold space and support you fully. This also allows us to hold space for each other as a group and community. And besides, our world needs more support, care, and compassion, and this starts with each and everyone of us! Share the love.

💖 We look forward to seeing you!
Wondrous Sacred Healing Delights,
Carla, Marisol & Viktoria



👩 CARLA is a Holistic Mindset, Empowerment & Energy Coach and is the Founder of Awaken Harmony Wellness. Carla is also a Certified Trainer & Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping), TIME Techniques, as well as Reiki & Crystal Healing.
Creating supportive and nurturing relationships with clients, helping them to find balance and peace within their body, mind and soul.
Her objective when working with clients is to heal and integrate their mind, body and soul. Working to release negative emotions, limiting beliefs and remove blockages that are holding you back. Reconnect to self and re-align to your higher purpose.
To learn more about Carla surf to: https://www.awakenharmony.ca/

👧 MARISOL is a Feminine Care & Intimacy Wellness Advocate. She is a Holistic Practitioner, a Certified Reiki practitioner and Practitioner of Holistic Chi Kung Massage. 

She is on a mission to assist women to reawaken, honour and reconnect to their authentic and divine feminine nature. Using an array of holistic transformative techniques that integrate mind, body heart and soul, she assists them in their healing journey to release blockages, trauma and pain.
By creating a loving, nurturing and safe space for women to be held, healed and re-born, she supports them to experience life again from their powerful yet gentle, fluid and sacred feminine essence.
To learn more about Marisol surf to: https://www.facebook.com/mysacredplace1

👩🏻 VIKTORIA is a Holistic Intimacy and Relationship Coach of 15 years. She is an avant-garde provocateur, and change agent. A Transformational Counsellor, Life & Wellness Coach, Tantra Teacher, Practitioner and Trainer of Holistic Chi Kung Massage, Bondassage & Elysium massage.

Empowering women, men and couples to authentically live, love, laugh and get the vibrant healthy intimacy they desire.
Creating a safe, transformational and nurturing environment to somatically release negative emotions, trauma, anxiety and tension. To reconnect with yourself and partner with confidence, presence and passion. All done with playful learning dynamics and practical guidelines for success.
To learn more about Viktoria and what she is up to, surf to https://www.playfulloving.com/ 


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