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  • Personalized Sessions
  • Transformational Programs
  • Insightful Workshops
  • Empowering Training
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Are you struggling with intimacy?

  • Do you feel that you are struggling with intimacy and connection in your relationship, or its been a pattern throughout your relationships?
  • Do you feel anxiety and tension when expressing your needs, desires, and boundaries or meeting a partners needs and desires?
  • Do you feel frustrated because you long for a sense of aliveness; purpose, passion, and happiness?
  • Do you feel disempowered because of past negative experiences that block you from living life fully?
  • Do you self sabotage in connecting confidently with yourself and partners; past, present, and future?

You are not alone.

I believe that you can discover the vibrant and healthy life, love, and intimacy you crave. Through personalized sessions, transformational programs, empowering training, and insightful workshops. I guide you on a journey of authentic connection, passion, and joy.

Whether you are looking to improve and deepen your self-awareness, uplevel your authentic relating skills, enrich emotional depth, master physical intimacy, shed shame and insecurities, expand your mindful approach, or enhance your relationships,  I am here to support you every step of the way.

Together, let’s create a life that’s full of purpose, passion, and happiness!

    Supporting you through:

    • Authentic Relating Skills
    • Body Language Attunement
    • Conscious Connection Practices
    • Self-Awareness Practices
    • Enriching Communication Skills
    • Empowering Erotic Pathways
      (Energy, Adventurous, Primal, Sensual, or combination thereof)
    • Love Language Awareness
    • SomaLove® Massage Skills of Touch, Energy, & Connection
    • Healing Tools and Practices
    • Shaking Meditation with T.R.E.®
    • Somatic De-Armouring Massage (HCKM) 

        In-Person (Toronto West) or On-Line:

        • Discovery Call (20min free consult)
        • Sessions
        • Programs
        • Training
        • Workshops

        Are you interested in hosting a transformational and enlightening Workshop or Program or Training for your group? Please inquire!


        Male & Female Communication Skills Workshop for Singles & Couples

        Master polarity awareness with conscious and compassionate communication for men and women.

        Mystic Moon Magic Workshop for Women

        Join us to Renew your Connection to the Sacred Alchemy of Womanhood. Reclaiming ancient knowledge for a modern world.

        Tantralicious for Singles & Couples

        Guided Authentic & Conscious Speed Relating Fun! Meet, Play, Learn, & Connect with like minded people.

        Shaking Meditation with T.R.E.®

        Shake, Shimmy, & Breathe out stress & tension, trauma, & anxiety that you have been taking-on daily, weekly, and over time. Monthly Group Session (90min). Space is limited. Save your spot!



        Viktoria | Playful Loving

        Women’s Tantra Program

        Imagine having the vibrant and healthy intimacy you desire. So you can be a confident lover, amazing partner and attract the right partner. Learn More

        Viktoria | Playful Loving

        Men’s Tantra Program

        Imagine having the vibrant and healthy intimacy you desire in and out of the bedroom. So you can be an confident lover, amazing partner. Learn More…

        Viktoria | Playful Loving

        Couples Tantra Program

        Dip your toes into Tantra & supercharge your connection, intimacy, and revolutionize your relationship. Learn More


        Hello!  I’m Viktoria

        I am the founder of Playful Loving, a holistic love initiative.

        A little about me…  My heart felt heavy and numb. Years passed with the realization that I felt lost and tired of holding up my protective shielding.  I was feeling angry, frustrated and alone. Struggling with various levels of sexual trauma, the same question kept coming up in my mind: Why did this happen to me?

        My need to breathe deeply and burning desire to authentically live life fully, motivated me to begin my empowering journey towards self-discovery, recovery, and healing.

        During my odyssey of healing, it hit me.  I came to understand that my body, heart and mind must heal together, holistically. This helped re-awaken and re-activate my joy, my confidence, my passion for life, my curiosity and creativity. Empowering me to reclaim my joy, feminine flow, and playful loving nature.


        Client Love

        “Viktoria’s course came at just the right time for me. The personal growth I experienced was profound and it opened up my mind and body to new possibilities – not just in terms of intimacy, but in all areas of my life! I started by attending one of Viktoria’s workshops and her facilitation style was so disarming and relaxed that I automatically felt at ease. I love talking about the energetic and spiritual nature of things.

        She was also able to teach to the part of me that wants fact or evidence. She’d encourage us to try things to explore our energy and see how they felt if we did them slightly differently. It became an exercise in self-discovery, not right and wrong.

        I love Viktoria’s approach to teaching Tantra so much that I keep a stack of her cards in my wallet. I have been recommending her workshops and courses to almost everyone I know, especially women. We can all benefit from learning more self-love and pleasure.”




        Tantra 4 Men was everything I wanted and and both nothing and more than I expected. In addition to ancient tantric practises, Viktoria seamlessly wove in modern scientific findings and emotional and communication techniques.

        All of these tools gave me a multitude of ways to better understand and communicate with myself and my partner. I looked forward to every session; my only complaint was that it had to end.”


        “Whether you are partway through your understanding of Tantra or just dipping your toes into the vastness of this practice, Viktoria has the wisdom, compassion, and intuition to guide you along your journey.

        My 4-week one-on-one Tantra coaching with her was a truly enriching experience.

        While I had some knowledge of tantric practices, Viktoria opened me up to a much deeper connection to my own sensual vitality, energetic flow and voice. From breathwork and meditation to self-pleasuring and conscious communication, we dove into a range of topics and practices.

        Through it all, Viktoria was always very present and open. She took the time to answer my questions and even intuitively adapted sessions as she got to know me better. This made me feel safe, heard, and connected.

        And while I received so much valuable information and counsel from Viktoria, I also had a lot of good laughs and fun with her too.

        I am immensely grateful for connecting with this beautiful and wise teacher; and I can assure you—when you gift yourself a Tantra coaching session with Viktoria, you will be too.”

        Kelly B

        Viktoria was very in-tune with our needs as a couple and she created a positive, “no pressure” atmosphere that helped us grow comfortable very quickly. We learned a lot that we didn’t know before and she gave us plenty of encouragement and support while guiding us through different techniques. It was an eye-opening experience that helped us reach for new levels of intimacy. Thank you again. we are still smiling all through today.”

        Amanda & Derek

        Ready to…

        • Release blocks/trauma towards living life fully.
        • Dive into supportive mind, body, and heart healing. 
        • Learn new approaches towards life, love, and intimacy. 
        • Create the happy, healthy, and vibrant life you desire.

        Helping you enhance your embodiment of love, intimacy, and JOY!

        How do you work?

        Your sessions may be about your challenges, concerns or curiosities or certain topics or themes or things you want to learn more about and improve on, or you may feel lost and unsure of what you need in order to grow and improve yourself and your relationships. You may choose a specific program or we collaborate to tailor a program for you.  Whichever it is, we will reflect on it all, walk down memory lane, explore your perspectives about sex, intimacy and relationships and begin your empowerment journey in an organic and flowing way. Please keep in mind that you are always in choice and agency to move at your comfort level and lead your experience, personal development and growth. 

        Viktoria | Playful Loving


        Sessions are 90 min. One session or package of sessions. You can book week day, evenings and weekends.

        Viktoria | Playful Loving


        Toronto West for In-person. Also, by telephone and online.

        Viktoria | Playful Loving


        With a goal in mind or you want to grow with the flow. Sessions are about empowering your love life and sex life.

        Viktoria | Playful Loving


        Yes, you read this right. This homework is fun and enlightening and is part of your personal growth experience. 

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        Get your FREE Joyful Intimacy Guide

        One more step, to get your FREE joyful intimacy guide AND be added to my visually dynamic email list to keep you up to date. 

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