Compassionate Communication Skills

Authentic Communication and Conscious Connection with Confidence & Compassion


for Individuals & Couples

Are you struggling to communicate and connect?

😨 Feeling fustrated when you are misunderstood and not heard?

😳 Do you want to have conscious and mutually respectful connection?

😣 Do you want to stop the body tension and contraction of your feelings?

🥺 Feeling disconnected and longing for more connection with your partner?

😣 Do you seek a more fulfilling and deeper connection in your relationships?

You are not alone.

I believe that you can acquire the knowledge and wisdom with supportive guidance. You can learn how to have powerful presence and deeply connect in the bedroom and beyond. Join me to uplevel your conscious communication and connection skills!

Join me and learn how to…

  • Create Safe Space to Speak
  • be Compassionate
  • be Expressive
  • be Confident
  • be Authentic
  • be Attuned
  • Practice


Who is this for?

This is for individuals and couples who feel frustrated, awkward, uncomfortable, shy, stressed, anxious and lack confidence.  People who want to enrich their communication with empathy and emotional intelligence.  Looking to strengthen connection in the bedroom and beyond, so you can live life fully!

What are the BENEFITS?

  • Confidence & Deeper Connection
  • Energy & Emotional Attunement
  • Exceptional Communication Skills
  • Create healthy connection with loved ones
  • Healthy relationships personally & professional
  • Be more loving, kind, and happy
  • Live a joyful life!

My husband and I attended one of your communication workshops a few months back and in just that two hours our relationship shifted into one even more beautiful than we had before.  I’ve been meaning to reach out to tell you just how much your work, your teachings and your ability to hold space meant to us.  Thank you so much. 

K & I

How will you learn?

Step by Step Guidance

  • Handouts
  • Homework
  • Guided practice, practice, practice


  • Role play scenarios 
  • personal writing exercises
  • texting, emailing, etc.

So you can …

Master powerful conscious language and communication skills with a positive impact in the bedroom and beyond.

Release anxiety, stress, tension, and frustration so you can reset your body, mind and emotions to engage fully in life.

Shift your mindset and enjoy healthy and thriving relationships with loved ones.

Authentically express yourself with compassion and ask for what you need and desire.

Have clarity of your boundaries so you can express your feminine and masculine energy.

Join us for this enlightening workshop that will give you the secrets and mind-blowing ecstatic pleasure possibilities.

What's included ?

What is included in my private mentorship?

  • 5 Sessions* of focused mentoring and guidance tailored to you.
  • Sessions In-Person (Toronto) OR OnLine
  • Record the session on your device
  • Support in-between sessions by email/telephone

*5 x 1hr sessions for individuals
*5x 1.5hr sessions for couples

Focused mentorship for your success!  


What will you need?

  • Online Full Love Language Quiz ($35pp)
  • Notebook & pen
  • Water & snacks
  • Open mind and heart
  • Your presence and mindful awareness

Book Today!

Embark on a journey towards vibrant and healthy connections. Our tailored Mentorship Program empowers individuals and couples to communicate with confidence and compassion. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to conscious connections. Learn to create safe spaces for open communication, express yourself authentically, and build emotional attunement. Foster healthy connections with loved ones. Join us and experience a more fulfilling life. Book your mentorship today! Let’s elevate your communication skills together!

$1100 for Individual Mentorship$1500 for Couples Mentorship

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