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TESTIMONIALS: Wods of Gratitude from Students & Clients.


You curate insight, arousal, play and growth.
Thank you for my inner experience.


My husband and I attended one of your communication workshops a few months back and in just that two hours our relationship shifted into one even more beautiful than we had before.  I’ve been meaning to reach out to tell you just how much your work, your teachings and your ability to hold space meant to us.  Thank you so much. 

K & I

I loved the Tantralicious workshop.  The exercises were safe and creative, not to mention fun and connecting.  Viktoria is a great facilitator and living example of what Tantra is all about.  Thank you for the delicious experience!





Amy xo


Sarah 💖




Hi Viktoria,

Just wanted to say thank you so so much for yesterdays compassionate communication!! I feel not only did it help me understand and untangle the knots in my own head but it also helped Shahan and myself understand each other better, leave alone ofcourse the changes and benefits that this would bring in our lives going forward!!! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful wonderful energy and knowledge the way that you do and the safe space that you create each week for us to be comfortable and be able to explore and discover ourselves and each other!

Sending you so much love and positive energy 💗🌠💫

Naureen & Shahan

Viktoria is a true Healer 🙂 in only one session with her, she managed to  create a space for me to be heard and most  importantly heal and bring light to parts of me I had put away for time


Leaving me feeling rejuvenated and back in touch with myself


Not only that, Viktoria also went above and beyond to make sure I had all the tools I needed to reconnect to myself and  successfully move onwards as well


I left my session with Viktoria with a true sense of optimism like I never felt before. I am forever grateful for all Viktoria has done for me and I thoroughly look forward for what’s to come


If you’re  on the fence about embarking on this journey, I suggest taking the Leap 🙂


You will only find more of  home in you .


Thank you again for all Viktoria and look forward for all that is to come”


I signed up for the Sacred Loving Tantra Men’s ​5-Week Program. It was a great investment in myself. Viktoria is a kind, knowledgable and non-judgmental teacher who gave me a much better understanding of how tantra can help me embrace my sexual energy and feel a greater sense of control and calmness. I would recommend her program for men looking to get to know themselves better and become more confident, generous lovers. I also appreciated how she customized some of the lessons to my own situation. It didn’t feel like a cookie-cutter class where the instructor speaks to you for an hour and a half. She personalized a lot of the discussions based on my needs and left me feeling more empowered after every class. Thank you Viktoria.
Best, Mike
Mike S

Working with Viktoria has been a pleasure from the first day we sat down together.

Seemingly without effort, she immediately created an atmosphere of welcoming, safety and trust. I felt like I had known her for years, even though we’d only just met. I quickly felt at home and comfortable talking about my deepest shame, which was one of the 2 main reasons I wanted to connect with her. I felt seen and understood and never judged.

Viktoria is a powerful observer and she has professional level listening skills. She is intuitive and very much a master of her self and her world. Viktoria is also fun, playful and patient. I’m happy to now consider her a good friend.

Viktoria will not baby you. If you want to learn something from her, all you need do is ask. By being open and honest in our sessions, I have learned a great deal about myself. I’ve learned about who I was, who I am now and who I can be if I choose. Viktoria walked by my side along the path I asked for. She pushed me in ways I wasn’t expecting and I loved it. I’ve learned more about the kink realm in a few hours with Viktoria, than I’d learned in my entire life up to that point.

Viktoria is a strong woman with many skills and deep knowledge of human behaviour. She is warm and very accessible. She has great integrity and is an excellent ally. If you cross paths with Viktoria, consider it a blessing and take the opportunity to learn and grow with her.


It was an amazing evening. I discovered new interesting things about my receiver side. I had so much fun with ties. I am looking forward to going to the next workshop, so I could learn more things about myself and how to connect with others. I highly recommend this workshop to others. Learning through play is the best learning experience.



Hi Viktoria, Thank you for leading us in discussion and opening us to new ideas for exploration in intimacy. Loved that you attended to all participants in the maserclass drawing them in with questions and supporting their responses.  Also appreciated that you did not “overschedule” with content, allowing plenty of time for questions and answers. Would love to participate in experiential components in future classes since some of us learn best by seeing and doing, especially in intimacy. Keep us in the loop for future opportunities.


E & D

I am incredibly grateful for my experience with Viktoria. Words truly cannot express how much her program has added to my life. I have experienced an increase in confidence, exploring my inner power and feminine, honouring my boundaries without guilt, self-awareness of my menstrual cycle to a whole new level, how to fulfill myself, how to enjoy my sexuality and the power it holds….the list goes on….!

I believe this is something we needed to have been taught from young, both women and men. I have started sharing my experience and new found knowledge with my daughter, so that she has the knowledge, confidence and awareness of her own inner power. If we all grew up knowing what Viktoria has taught me, I truly believe life will not have had so many struggles, and women and men will have a much healthier relationship with each other, standing strong, together and on their own. Thank you Viktoria from the depth of my heart ❤️



Viktoria has an incredible energy and ability to really see you for who you are and what you might need. Working with her for eight weeks after the birth of my daughter was pivotal to me coming back to my body and into my relationship in a new and healthier way.

Exploring myself and my intimacy with curiosity, and learning to work with my own energy and power really helped open me up to true connection. I thought that I had left my sexual prime behind me, but now I know that this big change in my life was the beginning of a new, brighter chapter.

Investing in myself through this work made a huge difference in my life and will continue to do so for years to come. Thank you Viktoria.


At one point, I was where you are right now, reading testimonials on Viktoria’s website, thinking, “well this looks nice, but I’m not sure it has anything to do with me.” I took the plunge and contacted her and I am so grateful that I did. I brought Viktoria my laundry list of issues: physical; emotional; and relational. She listened carefully and then immediately set to helping me work through them in a way that felt tailored to exactly what I needed. As my situation and my needs changed, so did Viktoria’s approach. As a result, I am stronger, wiser, more compassionate, and more confident to face the world as an enlightened and empowered 21st Century man. If you’re still sitting on the fence like I was back then, I can only encourage you to do yourself an enormous favour and reach out to Viktoria. You will not regret it.


I have just had two TRE sessions with Viktoria and highly recommend this system as I was able to release tension, stress and trauma that has been in my body for years.

Viktoria personalized a series of simple exercises to help  fatigue my muscle groups. Not an easy feat as I am over 50 years of age. She made me feel at ease and comfortable throughout the process. She showed her understanding and knowledge of how our sytem includes the body, mind, emotions and spirit. And to be aware of when you are releasing negative energies as well.

I felt the shaking /tremoring in mostly my legs effortlessly and very natural as I was encouraged to have self-agency knowing I can control my experience through pause, stop and rest.

Right after experiencing TRE, I felt very very relaxed and this continued throughout the next day. This quietness was present in my body, mind and spirit. What is wonderful is that I learned to do this for myself in the privacy of my own home.

Feeling blessed to have one more tool on my toolbelt for achieving better health! 


Daniela R

I met Viktoria in 2012 and have been weaving tantra into my daily life ever since. I have attended many of her workshops on tantra, intimacy and relationships. She lives what she teaches, which is what I value highly. She has a way of allowing me to be curious. Even when inside, I want to run away.


Viktoria was the first dominant I got to know after the predator who tried to groom me into the kink scene community. She invited me to one of the best run (semi public) fetish nights and workshops I’ve been to and made my journey into kink much safer. Thank you.


Hi Viktoria, I wanted to tell you it was great and eventful to have the chance to meet you at your Compassionate Communication class. Your personality emanates strong vibrations of self awareness and self consciousness. Your sight is deep and profound. Your presence makes me feel safe and in peace. I totally admire you. 


I really enjoyed getting to know you and I was impressed with your insights and observations.  I find you very intuitive, forthright and understanding.  I very much appreciate this. I feel the session was helpful and a good introduction to helping me get rid of emotional blocks and healing my trauma. It feels like the beginning of something new.  I actually feel different in myself.  It’s hard to explain but perhaps some stuff has already shifted.  Thank you.


Just wanted to say thank you so so much for yesterdays compassionate communication!! I feel not only did it help me understand and untangle the knots in my own head but it also helped Sean and myself understand each other better, leave alone of course the changes and benefits that this would bring in our lives going forward!!! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful wonderful energy and knowledge the way that you do and the safe space that you create each week for us to be comfortable and be able to explore and discover ourselves and each other!

Sending you so much love and positive energy.

Maureen & Sean

The TRE session was interesting. I enjoyed it. I had technical issues so did not do the first few movements until the lying down part then I was 100% in.
Here’s some feedback-
I was 100% in where my mind silenced ( a rarety)
The flow of tears and release of emotion shocked me as wasn’t expecting it.
Voice direction was soothing and calming.
Watching you do the exercises was easy to follow.
The community of people sharing was warm.
Physically, surprised the pain wasn’t as present.
I am left wanting/needing to understand and explore the connection between physical movement and emotion.
Will be creating a quiet space in my home so, will be back for a few more classes.

I’m wordy, I know… that’s how I flow. Hugs & sunshine.


As Viktoria guided me to learn about myself, instead of others, her focus is on the here and now. What do YOU need NOW?!

Trapped in the past, Viktoria pulled me into the Now with gentle firm focus and helped me to discover a joyful playful Future. In the same way that the Grand Unified Theory pulls all forms of energy together in Science, Viktoria’s approach is to provide a unifying framework for all kinds of Loving that is approachable and makes sense even to a tech savvy sceptic like me.  

Do you find you’re stuck in patterns that keep repeating? Do you want to learn about a kink or practise items on your checklist forever?

 I recommend you seek out Viktoria’s extensive knowledge & wisdom.   I am glad I contacted Viktoria and grateful for her invaluable counsel on living a sexier, more joyful life. 

Sincerely, A.  

I found the experience to be eye opening. Knowing that there are different types of tantra along with the way to experience it with yourself lit a fire under me to find out more. Thank you for putting on the event. 


Viktoria, good morning! My arm is so much better thanks to your techniques. My soul is in a healing process too. You have this kind of kindness that makes people going into their deepness and heal their injuries. Lucky to meet you. My arm is so much better. you deserved those words of gratitude, you gained them. You gave part of your time and soul to me. I realize and recognize that. Thank you for everything. 


After a peaceful sleep(and after very powerful and self created orgasm and many fantasies about what it would be like with a tantric partner), woke this morning very energized and “on fire”(great for a busy day with many new things to manifest). Have embraced other energy practices, yet had not be been exposed to this specific one and will now use consistently.  

When engaging with people find have a evolved perspective when look at them, especially males. The “eye gaze” has served to open a new perception portal. See the “soft first” in males and through the macho bravado hard masks. My gaze is met more then before with a softer response. My libido is strong(as always) and find appreciate the sexuality in all the women that cross my path, no matter age etc;(have for some time, though now more so) and they are responding positively(quick smiles, multiple longer glances, open direct facing body language).
For this gift wanted to say thank you.

Amazing opportunity to work with an incredible intimacy coach and connect with your significant other on a deeper level.

Viktoria’s insightful wisdom and ability to cut to the chase is exceptional. She is intentional, heartfelt, and genuine. She embodies presence and compassion in each present moment and has the ability to ignite creative expression allowing you and your partner to return to states of innocence and playfulness.

Becca & Partner

The Tantra Womens Program was a once in a lifetime journey. Viktoria keeps the space sacred, safe, compassionate and fun. I enjoyed her adaptability to our needs, requests and queries. I left feeling I received enough material and information to explore for months to come. I did not feel overwhelmed. Everyone’s needs were met before we moved on to the next topic. No pressure or agendas were imposed. The input from other women participants was encouraged and was indeed helpful. There is a sense of continuance of receiving further information and exchange of ideas if we choose to.
Let me know if you need anything further. Much love,

Viktoria’s course came at just the right time for me. The personal growth I experienced was profound and it opened up my mind and body to new possibilities – not just in terms of intimacy, but in all areas of my life! I started by attending one of Viktoria’s workshops and her facilitation style was so disarming and relaxed that I automatically felt at ease. I love talking about the energetic and spiritual nature of things.

She was also able to teach to the part of me that wants fact or evidence. She’d encourage us to try things to explore our energy and see how they felt if we did them slightly differently. It became an exercise in self-discovery, not right and wrong.

I love Viktoria’s approach to teaching Tantra so much that I keep a stack of her cards in my wallet. I have been recommending her workshops and courses to almost everyone I know, especially women. We can all benefit from learning more self-love and pleasure.


Hi Viktoria, I wanted to tell you it was great and eventful to have the change to meet you at your Compassionate Communication workshop. Your personality emanates strong vibrations of self awareness and self consciousness. Your sight is deep and profound. Your presence makes me feel safe and in peace. I totally admire you. 


Thank you so very much for sharing your passion with us. I love your teaching style and your openness. I can’t wait to learn so much more from you.

Looking forward to next time.

Debi & Jeremy

The workshop had an easy pace and I was able to follow along with great practice time. I learned steps to compassionate communication, how the masculine and feminine polarities work in communication styles and the huggy technique.


Dear Viktoria, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the 3 sessions of tantric workshop in May.

You are a great teacher and know how to present this fascinating material in a structured way while leaving room for questions and surprises.


It amazes me how straight-forward talk about sex, sexuality and sensuality cuts through the stereotyping, shaming, and bullshit information we are inundated with in this culture around women’s bodies and women’s sexuality.

The Tantra for Women course helped  me get deeper in touch with the sacredness of my sexuality and my body. I gained greater awareness of my body and how she likes to be touched. I learned through experiential exercises how different ways of breathing affects the breadth and depth of pleasure, and most importantly, I found a space where I could simply be.

Viktoria is open, knowledgeable, intense, playful, compassionate and holds a solid, grounding, space for women to heal and explore. There is no “one way” or “right way” in her class – it’s all about exploring and experimenting…and she gives the best homework assignments!


The instructor was very good, patient and informative. Really enjoyed learning the tips and tricks on how to communicate with empathy and how to connect with people physically with presence. 


My fellow Tantrika … and wonderful teacher and coach! I learn so much every time we are together. I love you and all you stand for! You are an amazing person and fabulous woman …one I’m proud to call my friend.

In busy lives, in complicated lives, too easily intimacy disappears.

Viktoria’s purpose is to bring back that easy relaxing intimacy for people that connects them deeply with themselves initially; and then with their lovers in a way that celebrates and honours our connection with one another.

We can take care of our minds intellectually; our inner selves spiritually; and our bodies through nourishment. Giving ourselves permission to enjoy, celebrate, and love our sensual and sexual ways of being – at all ages and stages – is a priceless gift.

I promise there will be no regrets investing the time in learning with Viktoria.


Viktoria! Viktoria! Viktoria! Your willingness to always be a beginner f#@{ing rocks! You remind me daily anything is possible inside and out.

There is no one quite like you, who brings such patience, play, compassion, wisdom and creativity to a space than you.

Teaching me how to open my mind broader than I thought it can go! I am so glad we were able to stretch a little more together the past 3 months. Love


I was pleasantly surprised every week with a new mind opening experience with the group. I received so much self realization about my own journey through woman hood that my thirst for more exploration grew each week.

Victoria’s teachings awaken an artistic capacity in the physical body to experience a woman’s vibrant energy through various exercises, techniques and meditation.


I really loved the exercises, whiteboard formula’s and poster on what is empathy vs what is not empathy. I learned the compassionate communication model and to give the most connected hug. Big Thank you to Viktoria!


Thanks Viktoria.

So overall after the 2 days I am very satisfied and happy. I feel much more robust, especially energetically within myself. If I were made of tubes inside it’s as if we took drano and cleared the gunk out, it’s a nice pure flowing feeling. This is obviously a great way to begin the healing/connection you’ve described to my heart and mind, and everything :).

In another way I’m much more optimistic about what I can do with my future, I’m looking forward to my life more than I was before I came to see you, and that’s a very good thing.

Thanks so much. All the best to you.


Viktoria was very knowledgable with a good amount of theory and interactiveness. Learned to listen from my heart and how I relate with my masculine and feminine polarity.


Whether you are partway through your understanding of Tantra or just dipping your toes into the vastness of this practice, Viktoria has the wisdom, compassion, and intuition to guide you along your journey.

My 4-week one-on-one Tantra coaching with her was a truly enriching experience.

While I had some knowledge of tantric practices, Viktoria opened me up to a much deeper connection to my own sensual vitality, energetic flow and voice. From breathwork and meditation to self-pleasuring and conscious communication, we dove into a range of topics and practices.

Through it all, Viktoria was always very present and open. She took the time to answer my questions and even intuitively adapted sessions as she got to know me better. This made me feel safe, heard, and connected.

And while I received so much valuable information and counsel from Viktoria, I also had a lot of good laughs and fun with her too.

I am immensely grateful for connecting with this beautiful and wise teacher; and I can assure you—when you gift yourself a Tantra coaching session with Viktoria, you will be too.

Kelly B

My husband and I participated in a private Tantra course with Viktoria and it was an invaluable and enlightening experience. Viktoria was a very connected, open and authentic teacher who was very knowledgeable and creative in her instruction. She was patient with us and was able to customize our learning to suit our needs. She went above and beyond her outlined instruction and what was expected of her during our learning journey.

It is clear that she is passionate about her teaching and fully invests herself in helping others.  We look forward to continuing our learning with Viktoria and expand on the knowledge that she has provided through the tantra teachings.

Lori & Laurent

I have gone to Viktoria for relationship and career coaching. She is a valuable resource in both realms.

She is able to pinpoint issues beneath my mind’s clutter and uncertainty, guiding me to move forward with clarity and intention.

She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to relationships, intimacy and self-care and I have found coaching with Viktoria to be beneficial to both my relationship with my partner as well as with myself.”



Viktoria was very in-tune with our needs as a couple and she created a positive, “no pressure” atmosphere that helped us grow comfortable very quickly. We learned a lot that we didn’t know before and she gave us plenty of encouragement and support while guiding us through different techniques. It was an eye-opening experience that helped us reach for new levels of intimacy. Thank you again. we are still smiling all through today.

Amanda & Derek

As a returning member of the dating scene I thankfully am grateful for your teachings, support and guidance. You always know the right moment and words to give me. Your coaching is amazing.


Tantra 4 Men was everything I wanted and and both nothing and more than I expected. In addition to ancient tantric practises, Viktoria seamlessly wove in modern scientific findings and emotional and communication techniques.

All of these tools gave me a multitude of ways to better understand and communicate with myself and my partner. I looked forward to every session; my only complaint was that it had to end.


I had a massage today with Viktoria. She is amazing. I am a quiet very private person. However I felt very comfortable with her from the moment I met her. My journey to love my body started today.

I wish I could see her for more body work in the future but unfortunately I don’t live here. I would recommend Viktoria to any one. Viktoria has Angelica’s hands. Her touching is very healing. Love every moment.


Your care, support and guidance were greatly received with eagerness and appreciation. Enjoyed practicing my homework assignments with myself and with intimate partners.


Thank You Viktoria!

I had the great pleasure of having sessions with Viktoria.   ‎She was wonderful and intuitive as she guided me through these experiences. I am curious and open to pushing my boundaries and she‎ was balanced, encouraging, very open and focused on me and my journey without expectations.

She has a beautiful physical space for sessions that she adapts to match the theme.   She also creates a safe emotional space that allows you to fully commit to the journey without being reserved.  To top it all off, she is smart, beautiful, caring and damm sexy!   I can’t wait to continue the journey!


I participated in the 5 week Women Tibetan Tantra program and enjoyed the journey of reconnecting to my core. I have participated in many “Personal Growth” workshops in the past, but this one was unique in terms of bringing body, mind, and spirit together and utilizing it towards self- healing. I learned about the Fire meditation that is very powerful to honor and empower my feminine self. I learned about playful and fun tools that can be employed towards promoting self-love and ultimately ending human suffering.

Victoria created a very safe and comfortable environment for women to share their experience as they explored their inner selves. Many Thanks!


The program attracted a very diverse set of women. Viktoria made everyone feel safe, and she delivered life-changing content. The energy of the room over the weeks turned out to be quite healing.

I believe the benefit of this program to be personal, in the sense that you will get what you need out of it (without even consciously knowing what that is).

The fire breathing exercise was extremely powerful for me. The practise seems to burn away clutter and confusion and what you are left with is a life of truth.


Thank you for your awesome coaching and guidance, the Tantra for Men program exceeded my expectation and I took from it a treasure trove of information enabling me to better understand myself and my surrounding. I can positively say that once I started to incorporate the practice into my daily routine, I am a much calmer and tuned in person than what I was before.

Your style of coaching was easy to understand and fun. Keep up the good work, we need people like you.

Once again thank you so much for creating this group.


I’m not entirely sure what I expected to learn going into the Tantra for Women program, I guess I was looking for a way to mesh my spirituality and sexuality together, at the least I hoped to walk away some sexy new tips. What I got was a completely transformational heart opening experience.

Beautiful sacred space was created for women to come together to learn, share, heal and celebrate. We were taught ways to honour ourselves and others, connect with our own divinity, find and speak our truth and to tap into our incredible feminine power.

I am forever changed from having taken this course, I feel called to continue to follow the path of tantra and now have a community of sister goddesses to walk it with me. with deep gratitude.


Viktoria’s approach is not traditional talk therapy, but a more holistic approach that includes a deep, underlying spiritual view of healing; faith in our core goodness and wholeness as human beings; faith that that wholeness is always there and is always an available source of healing, no matter how much pain or confusion may be on top of it. This belief helped me not to feel broken, but rather, simply working with the things that interfere with the full expression of my wholeness as an individual.  Creating a deeper connection with self.


Thank you Viktoria for sharing your time, space and wisdom. Insightful and thought provoking! She is an outstanding communicator and brings the group together creating synergy and incredible value! I learned so much from this session both in terms on how to communicate my intentions better and more importantly in the value of using a collaborative approach in co-creating great experiences!

Viktoria created and led a wonderful learning and sharing experience. The group brought a diverse and complimentary range of seekers that made the event special and rewarding. I feel blessed for having had this opportunity and look forward to my next experience with Viktoria. Namaste


I would say that this workshop gave me effective methods of being more comfortable in my own skin-in my relationships with other people and with my way of living in the world. Some of these methods included the safety meditation, meditation to identify one’s intuitive/authentic choices and the positive reasons to say ‘no’, ‘yes’ and ‘I reserve the option of changing my mind.’

During the six week period of the workshops I found myself being less anxious, more grounded in my feelings and intentions and even slept better. Wow! Awaiting our next sacred circle.


Participating in Tantra for Women(TfW) gave me the opportunity to further explore my deepest connection with myself.  It provided a number of tools that were fun, playful, and sensual in the journey towards self-knowing and self-love.

TfW allowed me to grow more curiosity around my communication skills, my eating patterns and the ways in which I want to do intimacy in my life.

Since beginning TfW, I have gained confidence in discussing my sexuality and sexual desires with lovers.  I have become more curious about the experiences and sensations of others, and more adventurous with experimenting. I have been able to more fully embrace play and exploration as ways of being in the world, and in this body.

I have also noticed a greater capacity for acceptance and non-judgement of myself and others.


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