Tantra Sex …Squirrel!

by | Feb 27, 2017 | Tantra

Tantra Sex …visions of entwined bodies in ecstasy.

Feeding upon each others energetic being. Burning passion residing, riding, acquiescing. Table for two. Please and thank, you. Perceived misconception of what is envisioned, seduced by this bright shiny object of lustful positions… squirrel!


There are a few versions of what Tantra Sex is.

One version in the Western world describes this dynamic “word duo” as incredible mind blowing, long lasting, firm sex. The kind of sex that is known as epic-euphoric! The ability to become multi-orgasmic. A carved-out time and space where you experience rolling waves of passionate physical pleasure, that last for hours.

The other version describes Tantra Sex as a spiritual oneness, sex as medicine, a healing modality, designed to transform human consciousness, to remove the veils of suffering, to become enlightened, a lifestyle path of yoga, the ability to weave light, sound, with form. Mindful awareness within a relaxed focus of your energy and physical body as one. Choosing to create conscious sacred sensual and sexual connection with yourself, another, and the universe.

Is one right and the other wrong?


The answer is, YES to the two versions described.

There is a catch. They are part of the same coin.

Taught individually to each person; masculine and feminine formed bodies. Each one mastering their mindful awareness, learning to weave light, sound, and form together on their own with meditation, movement of form; breath, energy, and pleasure. This in turn allows for you to make magic happen on your own first and then you are ready to jam and make different magic with another.

It’s the 21st century and we continue to be conditioned by certain models of sex; The first version of Tantra played up to entice and seduce you into the quick fix. Leaving you, feeling empty and alone, playing out “the never satisfied” loop.

Be inquisitive, curious, have the spirit of wonder and seek out the right Tantra for you. It must resonate with your sense of who you are and where you want to be.

I lean towards the entire package of Tantra as the benefits out way one side of the coin versus the other.


Do you want to be open to the possibilities of having your cake and eating too?

Break through blocks to bliss and enjoy a more ecstatic orgasmic state of being. Learn to remove blocks to your bliss. Cultivate sexual energy to expand your health, connection, and intimacy with self and other. Nourish your life force energy and consciously embody your heart and mind.

Experience more pleasure, presence, and passion in all areas of your life. Tap into your sexual healing energy. Release and transmute that which does not serve you. Become a more confident lover. Improve the quality of intimacy with yourself and partner. Weave the sensual, sexual and sacred into your everyday. Feel more connected to yourself, other and life itself in Techni-colour and surround sound.

Welcome and be celebrated on your Tantra path.

Viktoria of Playfulloving.com
Self-Empowerment Coach & Sacred Sensuality Tantra Teacher

About Viktoria - Self-empowerment and intimacy coach

Conceived in Greece and cultivated in Toronto, Canada.  I am a coach and counsellor. I love helping women, men and couples become self-empowered. To live, love and laugh passionately!

My understanding of a holistic approach encompasses all our senses and levels of being; physically, intellectually, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. This is reflected in Tantra –weaving light, sound and form with relaxation, presence, focus and mindful awareness.

Experiencing the connection between body, heart, mind and energy, fueled my studies to become a guide, a counsellor, a self-empowerment coach.

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