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Transformational Tantra PROGRAMs

Love + Fire


Tantra Odyssey for Lovers

(8 x 1.5hr sessions)

Passion + Power

Adventurous PROGRAM

Tantra Meets Kink for Lovers

(4 x 2hr sessions, homework, + 1hr follow-up post program)

Celebrating Couples / Partners / Lovers!

Couples craving to…

Become vulnerable with an open your heart, quiet the monkey mind, awaken the senses, ignite your passion, break through blocks to bliss. Your invited to step into a sacred and safe space where you’re encouraged to honour yourself and participate at whatever level is right for you

Experience the foundational practices of self-discovery, self-inquiry and the exploration of diving deeper. Expand your capacity to love and connect with yourself, life, best friend/partner/lover, and life.

For couples who are…

  • Craving deeper connection, communication, and confidence
  • Curious about Tantra and how it applies to your everyday life
  • Looking to get rid of bedroom boredom & transactional intimacy
  • Seeking to heal from past negative experiences (boundary crossing)
  • Experiencing libido challenges and are afraid to ask for what they desire

Dip your toes into Tantra and super charge your connection, intimacy and revolutionize your relationship.

“Viktoria is a thoughtful, caring and nurturing teacher who opens your mind in a supportive, positive and realistic way. She pays attention to you and follows up accordingly with usable insights. I am happy that my partner and I met her and look forward to new teachings together.”

Tony & Vicki

Deepen Connection

Acquire the transformational toolkit to deepen your connection, heighten your awareness of self and each other. Support your partner through their healing journey and secure a healthy, thriving, deeply nourishing long-term relationship. Cultivate and nurture your presence, passion and playfulness TOGETHER!


This immersive clothes-on experiential journey is traveled through theory, practices of breath, meditations, movement, techniques, compassionate communication, homework, reading and journaling. Please note, anatomical demonstration are shown on silicone models.​​

Your Sacred Loving program results in your ability to be vulnerable as a compassionate present partner. Vitality within your physical being. Confidence in your intimate connection. Profoundly transforming your intimacy as erotic allies. Cultivation of wonder, curiosity, acceptance, relaxation, mindful awareness, healing, love, laughter and joy, TOGETHER!


8 sessions of self-discovery, exploration, emotional healing with radical results through the Classical Tantra, Indegenous Tantra, Daoist Tantra, and Tibetan Buddhist Tantra and my own personal teachings.


Now that you have an idea of how I empower you. Schedule your Discovery Session. So I can hear your story, challenges and concerns with an open heart. And I will share some recommendations you can put in place immediately. You will also gain a better sense of how we can work together and how I can best support you.


    Amazing opportunity to work with an incredible intimacy coach and connect with your significant other on a deeper level.

    Viktoria’s insightful wisdom and ability to cut to the chase is exceptional. She is intentional, heartfelt, and genuine. She embodies presence and compassion in each present moment and has the ability to ignite creative expression allowing you and your partner to return to states of innocence and playfulness.

    Becca & Partner

    What will we learn?

    • Learn to confidently connect intimately with yourself, your partner, and your sex life.
    • Understanding emotional intelligence and its power for radical intimacy and deep connection.
    • Successfully fulfill and fire up each other’s erotic playful loving needs.
    • Discover the 4 Core Connection Intentions and the 5 Erotic pathways to connection that can enhance
      (or crush) your sexual health and pleasure possibilities.
    • Learn to map and leverage love languages for orgasmic vitality and best turn-on techniques.
    • Get clear on where to focus your energy and attain mutually empowered erotic fulfillment.
    • Learn skills of aural seduction, and articulate your intimacy needs and desires with confidence.
    • Create a deeper connection and erotic freedom when you learn to heal trauma that holds you back.
    • Expand your bedroom repertoire and supercharge your partner with newfound erotic mastery.
    • Learn what you need to keep your intimacy and sexual connection for a lifetime of passion.

    What else will we receive?

    • Tantra techniques to drop effortlessly into full presence with yourself and your partner
    • Communication and authentic relating skills to expand your experiences together
    • Open to trust and surrender in giving and receiving fully in your respective polarity
    • Deepening of your connection through mind, heart, body, and energy awareness
    • How to express your creativity to expand passion, pleasure, and joy in your life
    • Powerful rituals that make you instantly feel intimately connected
    • Awakened, activated, and vibrant within yourself and in your relationship

    Just wanted to say thank you so so much for yesterdays compassionate communication!! I feel not only did it help me understand and untangle the knots in my own head but it also helped Shahan and myself understand each other better, leave alone ofcourse the changes and benefits that this would bring in our lives going forward!!! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful wonderful energy and knowledge the way that you do and the safe space that you create each week for us to be comfortable and be able to explore and discover ourselves and each other! Sending you so much love and positive energy 💗🌠💫

    Naureen & Shahan


    A Couples Transformational Tantra PROGRAM

    •  8 x 1.5hr bi-weekly/weekly sessions
    • homework assignments/session (1hr appx.)
    • reference material and guides
    • focused attention to your unique needs
    • e-mail/call support mon-fri 10am-6pm EST.
    • BONUS: Private Tango Class for Couple

    Love + Fire 3 Step Journey:

    1) THE PRINCIPLES: Solid Foundational Principles, Language, and Clear Intention

    2) THE PRACTICE: Exercises of Evolution, Curiosity, and Transformation

    3) THE MASTERY: Authentically Connecting Deeply with Presence

    Who is this private program for?

    • Couples craving deeper connection, reconnection, and sexual confidence in the bedroom and beyond.
    • Couples curious about the diversity of choices in intimacy and sex for today’s world.
    • Couples seeking to heal from past negative experiences and trauma.
    • Couples who want to get rid of bedroom boredom and libido challenges.
    • Couples who want to remove fear, shame, and guilt to have a healthy sex life.
    • Couples seeking to take the exhausting guessing game of disatisfaction out of your pleasure.
    • Couples who want to learn how to fulfill your own and partner’s needs and desires.
    • Couples who want to stop having disappointing intimacy & transactional sex.



    Love + Fire 

    A Tantra PROGRAM of Transformational Connection & Sacred Intimacy for Couples

    • Deepen Physical and Emotional Intimacy
    • Practice of Presence and Mindful Awareness
    • Explore your Love Languages and Erotic Style
    • Speak your Truth with Compassionate Communication
    • Enjoy the Benefits of Emotional Healing
    • Releasing Shame, Fear and Trauma
    • Holding Sacred Space for Yourself/Partner
    • Supercharge your Body to be a Kick Ass Lover
    • Deeper Connection with Clarity of Intention
    • The Magic of the Adoration Ritual
    • Body Love Acceptance and Celebration
    • Feminine & Masculine Polarity Dance
    • Sensual & Sexual Awareness, Techniques & Skills
    • Soma Love Energetic Touch Massage Skills
    • Sensual & Sexual Reflexology & De-Armouring Massage
    • Separating Orgasm and Ejaculation
    • Integrating Conscious Connection with self and partner

      Tantra Benefits



      Balance your body, mind, heart and energy. To weave with mindful awareness through visual meditations (yantras), frequency of sound meditations (mantras), energy and body meditations and practices with powerful presence.


      To cultivate curiosity, courage, confidence, compassion, and connection within yourself.  Learn the wisdom of holding sacred space(safety), to activate nurturing and healing, and to nourish your life force energy (vitality). 

      What is Tantra?

      Tantra (/ˈtʌntrə, ˈtæn-/; Sanskrit: तन्त्र, literally "loom, weave, or in the 21st century referred as integration") denotes the esoteric traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism, Daoist, Egyptian and Indegenous ancient wisdom. To weave light (mindfulness), form (physicality), and energy.

      A way of life that allows you to break free of old patters and trauma. Clear, reclaim and reconnect to the best version of yourself. Embrace your sensual and sexual self with wisdom, love, joy and powerful presence!

      More Benefits

      • You will boost your intimacy by leveraging the love languages in and out of the bedroom.
      • You will master Compassionate Communication to share your desires and fears.
      • You will weave Tantra for a deeper emotional, physical, and energetic connection.
      • You will confidently connect physically and emotionally with sensual massage.
      • You will awaken and expand your orgasmic possibilities (11 for her and 7 for him).

      Cancellation Policy

      All sales are final.

      We know that a lot can happen between now and the program/immersive/retreat. If you are not able to attend, you can transfer your payment towards your choice of another program/immersive/retreat/private coaching within a year.


      Passion + Power Program

      PASSION & POWER Program (10+hrs) Includes:

          • 4 x 2hr sessions OR 8 hrs on a weekend plus breaks
          • PLUS your 1hr follow-up session post program.
          • homework assignments weekly (1hr appx.)
          • reference guides and material
          • in-between sessions e-mail/call support
          • focused attention to your unique needs 

      Passion + Play

      Adventurous PROGRAM

      Tantra meets Kink: 
      Transformational Connection & Creative Play for Couples

      (4 x 2hr sessions, homework, + 1hr follow-up post program)

      • Language of Desire + Trust
      • Kinky Power Play Dynamics
      • Boundaries, Consent and Comfort Levels
      • Intention, Presence and Awareness
      • Terms of Engagement and Archeytypes
      • Negotiation by Design and Desire
      • Active and Receptive Polarity Dance
      • Protocol, Service, Worship and Ritual
      • Creating Words of Seduction
      • Super Sensual Sensations
      • Touch and Energy Movements
      • Pain and Pleasure Formula
      • Triggers, Trauma and Healing
      • Transmutation of Power Play Parlay
      • Bound with Love from Sensual to Rough
      • Orgasmic Dance: Expand and Extend Energy
      • Tantra Massage Skills for Her
      • Tantra Massage Skills for Him
      • Aftercare and Debrief Support
      • Dark Tantra Tool Kit

      Discover the 5 Stepping Stones to Deeper Intimacy


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