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1:1 Training

Holistic Intimacy Coaching Certification


Is your intention to be in service through teaching, guiding, and coaching sacred sexuality, conscious connection for women, men and couples?

Do you prefer 1:1 training where you receive the full attendtion, support, and focus of the teacher instead of a group?

Do you seek to become a certified professional in the field of Holistic Intimacy & Sexual Wellness?

Do you find Viktoria’s teachings and style of teaching in alignment with you?

Do you have a high level of integrity, consistency, discipline and have done and are doing personal work/therapy on yourself?

Are you a professional in the fields of  psychotheryapy, psychology, medical, and social work services and which to expand your knowledge and professional care and receive certification of completion with CEUs?

Then you are at the right place!

Holistic Intimacy Coach Certification

  1. Sacred Loving Tantra for Women 6 Wk Program (Level 1)
  2. Sacred Loving Tantra for Men 6 Wk Program (Level 1)
  3. Sacred Loving Tantra for Couples 8 Wk Program (Level 2)
  4. Soma Love© Bodywork 4 Wk Program (Level 1-2-3)
  5. PLUS: Teacher Training and Coaching Supervision (Level 3)*

Please inquire for specific program certification /CEU

*Teacher Training and Coaching Supervision (Level 3)

  1. Teacher training and coaching supervision for 3 private clients.
  2. Teacher training and coaching supervision for 3 small groups.
  3. Mentorship in creating workshops, presentations, events, etc.
  4. Business consultation; marketing material, brand, web, etc.
  5. Support for 1 year with your coaching and business.
  6. Holistic Intimacy Coach Certificate of Completion.

Pre-requisite: Sacred Loving Tantra Men/Women and Couple Programs. And Soma Love Bodywork Level 1, 2 and 3.

Training Content

1. Redefining Intimacy & Sex

  • Tantra Defined in Todays World
  • White, Red, & Dark Tantra
  • Internal Compass Guide
  • Love Language Mapping
  • Love Language & Erotic Style Mapping
  • Sensate Pleasure Practice for EVERYDAY
  • Shakti Self-Assessment Questionnaire
  • Heart to Heart Energy Hugs

    2. Intimacy & EQ

    • The 4 Intentions of Connection
    • The 5 Erotic Pathways to Connection 
    • Heart Opening Yoga Practice
    • Emotional Release Practice
    • Holding Space for Sexual Trauma
    • Compassionate Communication

      3. Women’s Body Basics

      • Women’s Connection to the Moon Cycle
      • Pelvic Polarity Energy Movement Guide
      • Sensate Pleasure Practice BODY

      4. Men’s Body Basics

      • Men’s Connection to their masculine
      • Multi-Orgasmic Activation
      • Quiting the monkey mind

      Pleasantly surprised each week ...

      “I was pleasantly surprised every week with a new mind opening experience with the group. I received so much self realization about my own journey through woman hood that my thirst for more exploration grew each week.

      Victoria’s teachings awaken an artistic capacity in the physical body to experience a woman’s vibrant energy through various exercises, techniques and meditation.”


      Very safe and comfortable environment

      “I participated in the 5 week Women Tibetan Tantra program and enjoyed the journey of reconnecting to my core. I have participated in many “Personal Growth” workshops in the past, but this one was unique in terms of bringing body, mind, and spirit together and utilizing it towards self- healing. I learned about the Fire meditation that is very powerful to honor and empower my feminine self. I learned about playful and fun tools that can be employed towards promoting self-love and ultimately ending human suffering.

      Victoria created a very safe and comfortable environment for women to share their experience as they explored their inner selves. Many Thanks!”


      She delivered life-changing content

      “The program attracted a very diverse set of women. Viktoria made everyone feel safe, and she delivered life-changing content. The energy of the room over the weeks turned out to be quite healing.

      I believe the benefit of this program to be personal, in the sense that you will get what you need out of it (without even consciously knowing what that is).

      The fire breathing exercise was extremely powerful for me. The practise seems to burn away clutter and confusion and what you are left with is a life of truth.”


      Learn the 3 Steps

      My Transformational 3 Step approach towards Holistic Intimacy Coaching, Guiding, and Teaching:

      1) THE PRINCIPLES: Solid Foundational Principles, Language, and Clear Intention of Safety, Consent, and Comfort Levels Honoured.

      2) THE PRACTICE: Curious Awareness and Attunement  with Transformational Practices and Exercises of Evolution.

      3) THE MASTERY: Coaching Authentically while Connecting with Confidence and Full Presence.

      Learn the Ancient Arts

      • Tantra: Weaving Sound, Light and Form.
      • Practice of Presence, Awareness, Relaxation and Focus
      • Language and Compassionate Communication
      • Pleasure as the Pathway ~ Eliminating Blocks to Bliss
      • Pelvic Core Elemental Embodiment Movements
      • Deep Intimacy with the Art of Adoration Ritual
      • Feminine & Masculine Core & Complimentary Essences
      • Sensual & Sexual Awareness Practices
      • Energetic Movements of Erotic Touch
      • Semen Retention Practice for Vigor/Vitality
      • Orgasmic Pleasure Potential of Lasting Longer
      • Orgasmic Pleasure Potential of being Multi-Orgasmic
      • Sexual Healing with Fire Element Tibetan Tantra Meditation
      • Integration: Conscious Connection with Self and more

      Learn the Language of

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