Tantra Touch & Energy Massage Skills PROGRAM for Couples /Partners or 2 Friends
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Soma Love®

for Deeper Connection & Passion


Practice SomaLove® Touch & Energy Massage Skills


Confidently master touch & energy techniques


Tantra Touch & Energy Massage (full-body)
Private Program for Couples /Partners or 2 Friends
with Viktoria

Expertly guided Immersive @ Toronto West Studio

Training Program is Booked as follows:

  • 3 x 2hr sessions OR 6 hrs plus breaks
  • PLUS your 2hr follow up session booked for a separate day.

TOTAL of 8hrs plus breaks

This is an exclusive hands-on immersive learning experience for couples, partners, or 2 Friends. This is a beginner to intermediate level, led and safely held by yours truly, Viktoria a.k.a. creative magical mischief maker of fun and personal guide to helping your heal yourself and others.

Looking to learn how to enhance and expand your full-body touch techniques and massage skills?

Looking to learn how to create safety for nurturing and healing to happen physically & emotionally?

Want to learn through a hands-on guided enlightening, fun and dynamic approach?

Then the SomaLove® private learning experience is for you.

What will we learn?

  • Learn to massage the full-body at your comfort.
  • Profound touch & energy techniques and tips.
  • How to create a safe space to receive touch.
  • How to confidently & consciously give touch.
  • How to communicate your desires and needs.


What are the Benefits?

  • You will deepen connection.
  • You will be seen and understood.
  • You will heal and nuture each other.

This is an epic gift of touch and connection that will keep on giving.

SomaLove® is for people who are ?

  • Seeking to reconnect /re-ignite your love & fire?
  • Excited to share connection practices to expand and deepen your connection?
  • Curious about Tantra (ancient energy & connection practices) and how it can improve, strengthen, and enhance your life?
  • Looking for an epic game changer in the way you consciously touch?
  • Are you seeking to master massage skills while listening to what the body needs as the receiver and giver?

You are in the right place!

I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop! Having you put together techniques that I have already been using was definetly my “Ah-ha” moment.  This helped me learn to come into the moment and not be selfish in my wants. Your intstructions were clear and well taught. Thank you for this!!

Joe & K

How will we learn?

  • Format: 30% content & 70% practice (full-body)
  • On a massage table
  • Practice giving and receiving
  • Tantra exercises for deeper connection
  • Exercises of centering/grounding
  • Practice movement to remove tension
  • Practice safe body positioning for the “receiver”
  • Practice safe body positioning for the “giver”
  • Practice moving elemental energy with touch
  • Practice awareness & sharing (feedback)
  • Practice emotional & body attunement
  • Talk: Benefits of orgasmic healing energy vs climax
  • Talk: Orgasmic areas for male(7+) & female(11+)

A lot of concrete learnings. The importance of setting your intention was my “ah ha” moment! Thanks!

I appreciate the structure around the approach. Specifically the elements and how they can be used to change and move energy.  I’m looking forward to applying them and creating an intentional path to our time together.

Lesley & G

What is included?

  1. notebook & pen to write your profound observations
  2. reference guide to take home
  3. massage table
  4. blankets & sheets
  5. towel warmer
  6. organic grapeseed oil
  7. flip flops & robe
  8. light snacks (vegies)
  9. BONUS: 2 x 30min follow up support sessiononline/telephone (value of $300)

What to Wear:

When you are in the “GIVING” role, please wear clothing that is comfortable for both movement and temperature because you will get warm giving a massage.

When you are in the “RECEIVING” role, please wear swimwear /under wear.  You will have your sheet and/or blanket to keep warm.

How to Prepare:

  • Please eat a light meal at least 2hrs prior to your workshop
  • Please think about your intention:
    a) personally and b) as a couple
  • Have an open mind and heart to learn
  • HOMEWORK: please do the online Love Language Quiz and send me the results.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  the workshop space is a fragrance free zone. PLEASE Do Not wear synthetic fragrances (cologne, perfume, etc.) Instead you are welcome to use natural essential oil dabs.

Tax Inclusive(13%) via cash, etransfer,
or by cc (please add 8% for cc fee).
Payment Plan is available, please inquire.

Felt real deep relaxation and healing. The techniques that were tauth were beautiful on how to connect and communicate as well. Thank you.


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