Passion + Power

(Tantra Meets Kink)

Learn to Deepen your Connection with Adventurous Creative Play
for Couples/Partners or two Friends

Dare to be Adventurous with Empowering Education. For this PROGRAM you will learn through the Energetic Awareness of Tantra, the Creativity of Kink, and dynamic Authentic Relating skills. So you can have a more Fun and Playful Approach to deeper Connection!

Passion + Power

(Tantra Meets Kink)

Beginner to Intermediate Program
with Viktoria 

PRIVATE PROGRAM for Couples /Partners, or 2 Friends
Expertly guided Immersive Hands-On and Clothes-On
@ Toronto West Studio

Training Program:

  • 4 x 2hr sessions OR 8 hrs on a weekend plus breaks
  • PLUS your 1hr follow-up session post program.
  • homework assignments weekly (1hr appx.)
  • reference guides and material
  • in-between sessions e-mail/call support
  • focused attention to your unique needs 

TOTAL: 10+hrs of Learning & Practicing, plus breaks


This an exclusive hands-on immersive learning experience for couples, partners, or 2 Friends. This is a foundational to intermediate level, led and safely held by yours truly, Viktoria (a.k.a. as Lady Viktoria, creative magical mischief maker of fun transformational play in the Kinky realm since 2004).

Who is this for?

People looking to enhance, expand and strengthen your level of connection.

People looking to bring creativity, fun, and play into their approach to intimacy.

People who get excited about exploring how to best integrate energetic connection with power dynamics and sensation play.

What will we learn?

  • How to be Creative & Playful in the bedroom and beyond.
  • Power Dynamics to grow your ability to skillfully dominate
  • Power Dynamics to grow your ability to skillfully surrender
  • Clear Self-Awareness of your Consent & Comfort Levels
  • Terms of Engagement with the Tantra-Kink Play Formula
  • Find your kinky groove: Service, Protocol, Worship, & Ritual

About  Viktoria

Viktoria is a Holistic Intimacy Specialist (Coach, Counsellor, and Mentor) with a diverse transformational toolkit that includes Compassionate Communication, Kink, Tantra, and Somatic De-armouring Bodywork for 20 years. Viktoria is also an avant-garde author, artist, and authentic-relating game creator.

A Transformational Counsellor, Life Coach, Tantra Teacher, Tibetan Meditation teacher, Reiki practitioner and Conscious and compassionate Communication Facilitator extraordinaire. Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Facilitator. Yoga instructor of Hatha, Laya, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, and Shaking Meditation with T.R.E.® (Tension /Trauma Release Exercises) certified provider.

Teacher and Trainer of the following bodywork modalities: Holistic Chi Kung Massage (De-Armouring Somatic Healing of Emotional Energy and Bodywork), Bondassage® and Creator and Trainer of Soma Love® Massage (Tantra healing massage).

Lady Viktoria, kinky magical mischief maker and mentor of all things playful loving. Kinky community member and leader, kinky event host, and event play/dungeon monitor trainer for 15+ years.

Helping individuals and couples struggling with trauma, anxiety, disconnection, reconnection, and bedroom boredom. All done through transformational learning dynamics, self-empowering praxis (practices), healthy boundary setting, communication skills, authentic relating, and confidence building skills weaved with practical guidelines for success and much more.

Viktoria’s Life Philosophy: “Always within your boundaries of safety, consent, and comfort with respect, honour and trust with yourself first. Then with others.”  

When Viktoria is not coaching, counselling or training. New tools are being learned to deepen and expand the professional craft. Along with a penchant for gourmet cooking, Tango, bellydancing, and ancient wisdom.

Helping you Heal and Live a Passionate Life of Authentic Connection, Love, and Joy!


What are the Benefits?

  • Clearly communicate your boundaries
  • Create safely held fun adult playtime
  • Enjoy amazing and healthy intimacy
  • Remove the boredom in the bedroom
  • Release unexpressed emotions
  • Stoke the fires of passion creatively
  • Learn to overcome past negative experiences
  • Learn Relationshiop Repair & Healing approaches.
  • Empowered embodied connection
  • and more


with 30% learning and 70% praxis (practice).

  • Language, Philosophy, Rules, and Guidelines
  • Boundaries & Limits: Where I End, and You Begin with Attunement
  • Awareness of Triggers and Recovery and What to do
  • How to find your Inner Dominant and submissive
  • Weave Tantra Practices of Energy Connection
  • Play & Connect Challenge Practices


with 30% learning and 70% praxis (practice).

  • The Art of Seduction: Energetic Frequency of Voice
  • Bound with Love: Rope Ties of Energetic Connection
  • Power Dynamics of Masculine & Feminine
  • Body Lix: Rhythmic Percussion Play & Energy Connection
  • Creating Energetic Connection Scenarios

What will be provided:

  1. Tantra & Kink Beginners Kit
  2. Use of Percussive Toys
  3. Use of Yoga Mat
  4. Use of Blanket
  5. Use of Pillow(s)
  6. Journal/Notebook & pen
  7. Snacks! (fresh vegies) & lemon water



Please do the following quizzes and bring the results:

  1. Click Link: Love Language Quiz ($35pp)
  2. Click Link: Erotic Blueprint Quiz ($17pp)


Book Today!

Tax Inclusive(13%) via cash, etransfer,
or by cc (please add 4% for cc fee).

Need a payment plan, please inquire.

You have read a few books, looked at some videos, bought some toys, and  had a few conversations with little action.

How do you initiate energetic connection & adventurous play time?

How do you know what your partner wants?

How do you know if you are doing it right?

The answers are to learn from a well experienced teacher and mentor, since 2004 (20 yrs).

So you can have more connection, more confidence, and more play can be yours!

Viktoria was an amazing kink guide for us as a couple. The way she translated our love languages to our sexual preferences was pretty eye-opening. She created a safe space for us to learn, practice and explore many different elements. After our session, we felt like we entered a whole new world of possibilities and are excited to explore our intimacy as a couple through so many new ways.

Best, Sonya



Viktoria’s Tantra & Kink Fusion workshop is delivered with respect and consideration for her audience and the content is both playful and profound! Highly recommended!

Magical Unicorn

Viktoria brings her groundedness, deep presence, wisdom and immense experience to this class.

She created a safe container where I felt really comfortable to open up and explore. There was great flow throughout the day and she guided the energy for everyone with love and focus.

I feel that I received the most important fundamentals about energy, sensuality, sexuality and kink, that I can now work with on my own and combine in my own ways. It gave me the confidence to experiment on my own. I also came away with a new awareness of my own capacity as a sensual and sexual being. With the tools from this class I can deepen my connection with my own sexuality and continue my evolution as a sexual being.

M +C

My partner and I attended two of Viktoria’s workshops recently, a tantra and the tantra & kink fusion. Both were fun and informative. Viktoria presents things simply, concisely and engages participation safely and in a way that everyone can access some of what she’s talking about! 


I loved the Tantra & Kink Fusion workshop with Viktoria! She definitely created a space for me to be comfortable, vulnerable and willing to share my experiences. I am new to the kink space and have been wanting to get into it for a VERY long time. I like that I got a taste of what that is like. I’m even getting a first hand try at it with the field trip. I love that aspect! At the workshop I became more in tune with my body. I felt new sensations and discovered new areas of pleasure that I thought were “blah” before. I was also able to feel energy coarse through my body which was nice. I liked the amount of practice so much I didn’t wan to stop after the course. I can’t wait to attend the 2.0 version of her workshop and deepen my connection with myself and Tantra. Thanks Viktoria!


Viktoria’s workshop was a great intro to the fundamentals of kink and tantra fusion. The small group environment and hands on teaching created a safe space to ask questions as someone without much experience. All the other attendees were wonderful and the vibe was fun and exciting. Recommend for anyone curious or seeking a refresher on fundamentals.

Becca + Partner

Amazing opportunity to work with an incredible intimacy coach and connect with your significant other on a deeper level.

Viktoria’s insightful wisdom and ability to cut to the chase is exceptional. She is intentional, heartfelt, and genuine. She embodies presence and compassion in each present moment and has the ability to ignite creative expression allowing you and your partner to return to states of innocence and playfulness.

Kat Erina

Thank-you Viktoria for the amazing experience I received recently when I attended The Tantra Kink Fusion Workshop you facilitated.

 I showed up without Expectation & entered the glorious Space on a very cold Winters afternoon.
 The Love offered, safety & freedom to BE was immediate as this is a foundational requirement for me to comfortably ground & flow into Highest Genuine Expression of Self.
 My Heart warmed & opened as I learned & leaned into deeper layers of my Self …Body & Soul.
 I look forward to the next installment & the Field Trip.”


I met Viktoria in 2012 and have been weaving tantra into my daily life ever since. I have attended many of her workshops on tantra, intimacy and relationships. She lives what she teaches, which is what I value highly. She has a way of allowing me to be curious. Even when inside, I want to run away.

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