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Have you hit a brick wall and realized that your intimacy with yourself is empty, numb, limited and unsatisfying. Do you ask yourself why do other women and men have amazing intimacy and you are not? Do you have blocks of fear, guilt and shame that hold you back from fully living the intimacy you desire? You want to deepen your emotional connection and pleasure potential with your body with yourself and for couples, with your partner’s body. Looking to upgrade your intimacy to an adventurous, sacred and playful loving level with yourself and your partner. You see your passion in the bedroom currently and in past relationships disconnected, obligatory, routine and your not confident in asking for what you want. As you look to fix your intimacy blocks and confidence you are finding empty results with the various magazines giving you quick fix advise and things to buy to bring sizzle in your life and your relationship. Bringing more awkward moments, and self-sabotage with feelings of resentmet and contempt for yourself and in a relationship with your partner.

I have been in your shoes and made the conscious decision to change and empower myself. Find my fun, adventurous, sacred, connected and loving intimacy. And now life my life with wonder and curiousity in surround sound and techni-colour. I believe you too can attain a sacred playful loving intimacy as I have with a guided intimacy coaching journey with me.

The Sacred Loving journey I offer is based on 3,000+ year old ancient wisdom (woo woo) of Tantra, Daoist/Taoist practices and modern science. Giving you a way of connecting deeper to yourself and your partner. The journey focuses on knowledge and wisdom of sacred sensuality and sexuality, acceptance, self-discovery, awakening, healing, and celebration. Resulting in releasing blocks, monky mind chatter and being more authentic with your expression. Engaging in a vibrant full bodied intimacy that ripples into all areas of you life.

Your journey focuses on embodied practices, knowledge and wisdom of self-discovery, awakening, healing, and celebration. Weaving science and woo woo with ancient practices of written exercises, practices of meditation, visualization, sound, compassionate communication, massage techniques, practices of movement with your body and energy, and much more.

for the divine feminine

Private Programs:
Optional to do 1:1 privately OR
Group Tantra Program

for the divine masculine

Private Programs:
Optional to do 1:1 privately OR
Group Tantra Program

for the divine couple

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