Playpen Time

by | May 20, 2017 | Creative Play

What is playpen time? Its booked quality time that you set aside with your partner or yourself to discover, explore and experiment something new or different in a relaxed, open minded, non judgemental atmosphere.

Travel the sensual realm of intimacy as a precursor to your sexual cravings. Take a bath together, light some candles, listen to soothing sexy music, light the fireplace, send the kids to a movie or away for the night and lay about on your favourite sensations (fresh cotton, silky satin, smooth leather, shiny latex or soft fur or the coolness or warmth of a breath).

Playpen time may be about a new position, skill, technique, discussing turn on’s, role playing, toys, new adventures, costumes, fantasies or just exchanging about past or present experiences. This way you can bypass the awkward feelings of rejection or dissatisfaction or an interruption in the energy of a really good sex play session. Instead you will find out how things work best for each other or yourself. Enhancing your body awareness and heightening anticipation. Communicating what works along with your likes and dislikes. This type of activity will definitely enhance your spontaneous play time. So why not set aside quality Playpen Time with your partner today or twice a week. Keep in mind this is a time to be silly, laugh and enjoy playful loving.

Adventurous Intimacy & Sacred Sexuality
~ empowerment coach & confidante
Creating Passionate Playful Conscious Self-Empowerment,
Sexual Awakening & Connection to Self (and Partner)

About Viktoria - Self-empowerment and intimacy coach

Conceived in Greece and cultivated in Toronto, Canada.  I am a coach and counsellor. I love helping women, men and couples become self-empowered. To live, love and laugh passionately!

My understanding of a holistic approach encompasses all our senses and levels of being; physically, intellectually, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. This is reflected in Tantra –weaving light, sound and form with relaxation, presence, focus and mindful awareness.

Experiencing the connection between body, heart, mind and energy, fueled my studies to become a guide, a counsellor, a self-empowerment coach.

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