Adventurous Play

by | May 30, 2017 | Creative Play

Indulge, devour and savour the diverse flavours of creative adventurous erotic play!
Adventurous Play or Not to Play? That is the intrepid question that evokes feelings of anxiety, fear, anticipation and longing. For some it’s a quest, for others a revelation, for the well versed, transcendence and for those adventurously comfortable, a loving embrace. In time, this may become a famous book trilogy or your intriguing memoirs, waiting to become a provocative main stream movie.

We all started somewhere, your kinky guide; Viktoria Kalenteris, a.k.a. Lady Viktoria within the kinky realm, is a passionate avant garde Adventurous Intimacy & Sacred Sexuality ~ empowerment coach & confidante for the knowledge seeking adult. She boldly name’s her area of expertise “Playful Loving” and part of her continuum; “Kinky4Play”

Adventurous play is a veritable creative erotic space that by many names doth taste, smell, touch and feel somewhat different to everyone but creates a broad range of the same sensations; swirling energy exchanges, powerful connections, physical orgasmic intensity and thrilling “mind fucks”, that leave their mark with you for days.

Upon entering the adventurous realm you must be prepared to learn and understand the following ominous titles, which may flow off the tongue in rhythmic percussion or with a sensual sultry whisper; BDSM, Power Exchange, Terms of Engagement, Body Worship, Dominant, submissive, switch, Fetish, Kinky Play, Safe, Sane, Consensual, and Risk Aware.

As a child you dressed up and played Cowboys and Indians with GREAT enthusiasm! You would illicit reactions from your family and friends with your adventurous antics. You enjoyed the company of certain people that you looked up to as mentors. You looked forward to spending time in a certain space or place that evoked fun, laughter and memorable moments in time. What has changed now that you’re an adult?

To shift from your day to day grind into an enhanced erotic space of your choosing. To bring forth a euphoric connection through your heart, mind, and body and set in motion your intention, you will need to mindfully re-program with the following 5 tips:

  1. Prepare ahead of time bathing, dinning and/or play attire and toys.
  2. Build anticipation slowly over a period of time.
  3. Relax your busy mind and body with meditation or a massage.
  4. Ritualize your transition from your day to day grind.
  5. Set the Stage by taking on a service role.
  6. Indulge, devour and savour the diverse flavours of creative adventurous erotic play!
  7. May kinkiness preside within your bedroom and out.

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