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by | May 30, 2017 | Tantra

Tantra, traditionally, is taught to individuals first before they are ready for practices with another. The Tantric principles of this yoga lifestyle and practice is all about practicing self-inquiry, self-awareness, self-healing, enlightenment, mindfulness, relaxed focus, and presence of your mind, heart, energy and body to a level of mastery within yourself first.

This holistic journey is always travelled within boundaries of your comfort levels with respect, honour and support. Awakening the greatness (Goddess and God) within.  Creating lasting change with your transformational Tantric tool kit, lean into your edges, boldly go where you have not gone before through a series of embodied (mind, heart, body, energy and spirit) practices. Philosophy, theory, communication skills, clothes-on experiential practices and techniques; pranayama (energy breath channeling), meditation, physical movement, and sangha (community group exchange/sharing/connecting) and journaling.

Please Note: All the genital techniques will be demonstrated upon an anatomical silicone model.

About Viktoria - Self-empowerment and intimacy coach

Conceived in Greece and cultivated in Toronto, Canada.  I am a coach and counsellor. I love helping women, men and couples become self-empowered. To live, love and laugh passionately!

My understanding of a holistic approach encompasses all our senses and levels of being; physically, intellectually, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. This is reflected in Tantra –weaving light, sound and form with relaxation, presence, focus and mindful awareness.

Experiencing the connection between body, heart, mind and energy, fueled my studies to become a guide, a counsellor, a self-empowerment coach.

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