Why adventurous play?

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Creative Play

Why Adventurous play? A good question. Given the fact we are sentient beings of intelligence, depth of emotions, with a range of physical sensations and a spectrum of energy experiences. We seek to be fulfilled and engaged fully within our respective universe of reality. Done within a determined time and safe space with respect, honour and trust. That is reciprocally shared with acceptance, support and full expression. I share with you my 9 reasons for adventurous play.


We innately seek connection with ourselves and with those that we choose to engage in adventurous play. It is a basic human need that is cherished and celebrated. Adventurous play is one of the many pathways to connection.


Intimacy is a physical, emotional and sacred rapport of closeness. A way to show affection and warmth that reveals itself through the physical exchange and emotional affection while sharing an energetic and spiritual bond of adventurous play.


Creativity is an inspirational key ingredient in the realm of adventurous play. The use of the imagination through playful engagements of role play, costumes, erotic scenes and innovative guided journey. Allowing for artistic spontaneity and expression.


The spectrum of variety is like a menu at an international restaurant of your dreams and desires. The possibilities are endless. The combination variance evoking multi-universes of adventurous play.


Sensations are derived from the word sensual. The ability to experience adventurous play through your five senses; site, sound, smell, taste and touch and for some energy. The physical and or energetic experience or perception resulting from something that happens to or comes into contact with the physical form.


We love variety in the way we engage with life. We seek to experience various levels of intensity; from the softness of a summer breeze to the strength of a gail force wind and those that are in between. All experienced through the physical or psychological or energetic adventurous play.


What a great way to relieve tension and stress from your day to day life.  Setting aside time and space to allow for your body, mind, heart and soul to engage in the playful, fun and pleasures of play. You may engage in bodily sensations or cathartic physical challenges, or you may decide to open your heart centre to the guided journey of surrender. Leaving your in a place of clarity and restful repose.


The embodied and emotional state of arousal weaved through the mind of creativity. This is one of the fastest ways to drop into your body. To experience intellectual excitement, vulnerable feelings, energetic rhythms, and heightened senses. All done through the use of your body and or mind as the vehicle. This is one of the vehicles of meditative transformation or transcendence. Allowing you to notice what is revealed about you. You are different from whence you began your Adventurous play. A spectacular evolution of being.


We are bedazzled by the four branches found on the tree of pleasure. Engaging us in Adventurous play and everyday of our lives. Let me introduce you to the four forms of pleasure. Firstly, sensual (physical) pleasures of the body. Secondly, emotional pleasures of connection to another person through your heart centre. Thirdly, spiritual pleasure in the transcendence of your being while observing your connection to the universal life force energies. Lastly, you may or many not choose to engage in sexual pleasure with the intention of a sacred transmutational body, mind, heart and soul experience.

Adventurous is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of travelling.

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