What does Tantra give you?

by | May 30, 2018 | Tantra

Quench the craving to open your heart, quiet your mind, awaken your senses, ignite your energy, break through your blocks to bliss … all invited within a sacred and safe space where you’re encouraged to honour yourself and participate at whatever level is right for you.

Ramp up your awareness with a relaxed focus. Learn about the Tantra pathway to healing.through non-sexual and sexual practices. Become empowered and bring yourself to a place of remembering your true essence, whatever that may be for you. Become mindfully aware of the moment and observe oneself to the degree of a deeper knowing and connection to the universal life force.

Experience the foundational practices of self-discovery, self-inquiry and the exploration of diving deeper as you expand your capacity to love and connect with yourself, friend/partner/lover, and life.

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