The Active Vagina


A deep dive activation to your body pleasure & connection to your feminine power.


This is a deep dive for serious personal growth

with Master Level Teachers, Viktoria & Atia with over 20 years experience.


Is this you?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed with fear, anxiety, and frustration from past trauma?
  • Do you fear intimacy because you are disconnected from your body and heart?
  • Do you feel that you are faking your intimacy and not living fully?
  • Do you seek to turn on your feminine confidence in and out of the bedroom?

You are not alone.

Join us and learn to master the embodied pleasure possibilities of healing your body, heart, mind, and spirit through The Active Vagina Mastery program for women. Step into your femininne power possibilities through the mastery of your body’s pleasure.

Program dates are mutually agreed upon to respect mutual schedules.

This program is for Beautiful Badass Women.

Single and partnered women at different stages and ages. Women feeling the need to reconnect to their feminine body, its pleasure power capabilities of healing, grounding, nurturing, etc. Women seeking authentic knowledge and womb wisdom so you can live authentically, love deeply, and laugh often. 

This is is a guided and supportive, empowering experientially safe journey of mastery.

You will travel at your pace and at your comfort level.  You are always in choice. So, you can have the confidence to live authentically and fully in your body. Connect to your feminine polarity of sensual radiance and enjoy the vibrant and healthy intimacy you desire.

This is an EXCLUSIVE immersive program for 4 beautiful badass women serious about personal growth and development.

This is for women who are ready to embark on their own healing path of pleasure, power, purpose and deep connection with yourself, your body, your life, and your sex life. And those you choose to share your feminine groove!

INCLUDES Mastery Kit ($700 value):

  • Email Support in-between sessions
  • The Active Vagina Guide to Female Ejaculation book
  • Organic Grapeseed or Coconut Oil
  • Speculum and Gloves
  • Jade Egg (medium)
  • Crystal Wand
  • Hand Mirror

4 Week Immersive Program

In-Person (Toronto) Respecting COVID protocols
3hr/day (12hrs + *Bonus) + homework time

  • Session 1: 3hrs
  • Session 2: 3hrs
  • Session 3: 3hrs
  • Session 4: 3hrs

Private Program dates are mutually agreed upon.


Content, Practices, Exercises and Homework:

  • Setting a Safe Space & Agreements
  • Boundaries, Consent, & Intention
  • Tantric Lens of Orgasmic Healing
  • T.R.E.® Tension/Trauma Release Exercises
  • Trauma and Healing Awareness
  • Body Mapping, Awareness & Intuition
  • Menstruation & Menopause Cycle
  • Yoni Fitness with Jade Egg
  • Pelvic Polarity Energy Movements
  • Devotion and Honouring Rituals
  • Women’s Anatomy of Arousal Awareness
  • Female Ejaculation homework
  • Solo Pleasure Practice homework
  • Yoni Devotion Ritual

About your Master Level Teachers:

Viktoria is a holistic intimacy, relationship, and sexual wellness coach & counsellor of 15+ years. An avant-garde provocateur & radical love agent. 

She helps women, men and couples struggling with disconnection, anxiety, frustration, trauma, and bedroom boredom with regard to intimacy, communication, relationship and sexual wellness with self and partner.

Offering dynamic, fun and playful programs, masterclasses and training.

A Transformational Counsellor, Life Coach, and Author. Reiki practitioner, Yoga instructor of Hatha, Laya, and Trauma Sensitive Yoga. Tantra Teacher and Compassionate Communication Facilitator.

Trainer of the following massage modalities: Holistic Chi Kung massage and Bondassage, and Elysium. She is also a T.R.E. (Tension/Trauma Release Exercise) certified provider. Creator and Trainer of Soma Love ®, healing touch & energy massage.  

Viktoria is dedicated in creating safe and nurturing environments to somatically release negative emotions, trauma, anxiety, and tension. She expertly supports and empowers you to authentically live fully, love deeply, laugh often, and get the vibrant healthy intimacy they desire.  

  • Helping you reconnect with presence & passion.
  • Helping you to become an amazing partner and lover.
  • Helping you build confidence in and out of the bedroom. 
  • Helping you learn what works for you and your sex life.

All done through self empoweering transformational learning practices, healthy boundary setting, mindful awareness, compassionate communication, confidence building with practical guidelines for success and much more. 

She resonates with powerful presence and a mischeivous sparkle in her eyes. Always inspiring your curiosity and creativity to flow fully into your life. Always moving you towards realizing your “kick-ass” potential. Always guiding you towards your innate ability to heal from within and live a phenomenal life. 

Her life philosophy: Be mindfully aware and always within your boundaries of safety, consent, and comfort levels with respect, honour, and trust with yourself first and reciprocally with loved ones, family, friends, and people in other circles of your life. You are always in choice.

Atia was the co-founder of The Sexual Awakening Centre in Toronto, operating as one of Canada’s leading providers in Tantra Education and Events, Sexuality Workshops, Spiritual Inquiry through Relationship and Life Coaching. She is the author of The Active Vagina Guide Book Series, and the first edition: The Active Vagina Guidebook to Female Ejaculation (2013). 

As an international educator for twenty years, Atia helped thousands of women achieve mastery of their bodies and capacity for pleasure. With a focus on consensual, safe communication, Atia creates a space where one’s voice and desires are accepted and part of the realm of sexual and sensual exploration. Atia holds multiple accreditations and degrees, offering a truly remarkable balance between dorky scientific ponderance and mystical philosophizing.

As a certified Yoga Teacher in Laya and Tantra Yoga, Atia offers people of any orientation, gender and relationship status, opportunities to fully enter and experience pleasure in their bodies for ultimate connection with self, others and the world around them.  

Atia has taught on four continents, virtually for the last decade, and offered exclusive retreats for hundreds of people to deepen their relationships with partners. As a private coach, Atia is familiar with multiple ontological and transformational models and always operates in the place of respect for each person’s religion, creed, and spiritual curiosities in order to simultaneously incorporate one’s belief systems on one’s path of emancipation through love, pleasure and the delight of living.  

Atia is currently working with Viktoria of Playful Loving to offer exclusive, small group programs in the Toronto area while completing more books in The Active Vagina Guide Book Series. You can contact her through Playful Loving.

Option 1

Choose to live fully!

Exclusive deep dive immersion!

Celebrate Your Beautiful Badass Self


is your personal growth investment

Option 2

Choose to live fully!

Exclusive deep dive immersion!

Celebrate Your Beautiful Badass Self

$1100 x 2

is your personal growth investment

Cancellation Policy

All sales are final.

We know that a lot can happen between now and the program. If you are not able to attend, you can transfer your payment towards your choice of another program within the same year or private coaching.

100% Money Back Gurantee

We stand behind this program with a 100% guarantee. Because we know when you weave the practices into your life, you will be on your way to being a confident beautiful badass feminine power house. 

All you have to do is practice regularly your new and exciting ways of being and transform any block that comes your way. That’s it. After that, if within 30 days, you honestly believe you didn’t get what you signed up for, email us and we will gladly refund your money in exchange for your feedback. That’s how much we believe this program will help you.

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